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Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy Full Album Lyrics

Unbirth - Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy cover art

Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-04-01)
1. Embrace the Permeation of Plague (3:54)
Four billions of wasted bodies. Too much breathing around him, unaware. Repulsion carburizes his womb of hate. Despising the leading anthropocentrism, just methods of containment permeated by subliminal choices. He is guided by the light of nature,not bare misanthropic lust. A serious conceivement of human repression. To save the created do not overpopulate. Pouring madness in his purest form. In the goblet of science. What a shiny future needs are dreams of epidemic apocalypse. Let them walk, let them breed. The days of reckoning arrived. The plague. Where organized extermination has failed the great ancestry of saviours will succeed. There i felt a great wind of domination. Flourishing between strives for hegemony. Pervade the holy establishment, nurturing strives for hegemony. Common graves are waiting. Once I have embraced the plague I shall be their end.
2. Will of Atlantis (2:56)
Storages of materia collapse in spere of inconceivable ancientness
Mankind weeps in its last hours
Decayed at its feet
Demons are almost come
With outstretched arms, driven far by blindness, seeking refuge through ruins of a dark past
I summon forgiveness, the one that cannot be conceived by our witless mind
The dominant impulse
To hide behind the shades of madness
Here any pain can reach what we’ve built
A metaphysical paradise
Light loses intensity, vanishes
It will never lead us again in this dark world
The will of atlantis
Ruination of progress
With outstretched arms wrapped in biomechanical umbilical cords
I hold my last breath waiting for the end
Storages of materia collapse in spere of inconceivable ancientness
Mankind weeps in its last hours
3. Sterile Planets (3:06)
I tried to seep the void of omnipotence to discover its delusive nature
I’ve been so close to achieve the secrets of time that time itself calculated its own paradox
And I burrowed myself deep within the scorched icons of my imagination
Where unders layers of ashes hide the ancient empires that witnessed the day on which jupiter’s eyelids reopened
Beyond revelations of forgotten entities I witnessed the birth of light and darkness
Vanity, vengeance, redemption
Claimed by a dying divinity to preserve its authority
Vanity, vengeance, redemption
I wander through sterile planets
And now the observant heavens gather to create multiple dimensions on which doors of infinity open
The breath of centuries and reverse cycles of incorruptible dogmatism reveal their celestial oligarchy
Tears shed upon my astonished face show the atonement of my spiteful soul
A gathering of millions sterile planets within one single atom
4. Entitlement of Scourge (3:45)
A scourge has corrupted our souls and it hides under our asymmetrical perceptions
Whole planets collapse
The quintessence of fear is reflected in our cowardice as sloth and indifference devour us from the inside

In restless sleeps dreadful nightmares warned us
But how could we sense what we didn’t want to hear ?
Mental torture
A dreadful instant that unfolds into a suffered last breath
Devoted to the cult of the dead
No certainty, this world is lost
Devoted to the cult of the dead
No way to escape
I can sense its moan piercing my flesh

In restless sleeps dreadful nightmares warned us
But how could we sense what we didn’t want to hear ?
Mental torture
A dreadful instant that unfolds into a suffered last breath
In seek of salvation

In the last seconds of life of this world, homeless
I was gazing at the bleeding skies above the ruins of our pride
And then nothing

A scourge has corrupted our souls and it hides under
Feeding on our vanity
And then nothing
Silence anticipates the reconstruction of infinite inaccessibile worlds reborn
I wander through costellations
Life is again within me
Devoted to the cult of the dead
No way to escape
I can sense its moan piercing my flesh
5. Incestuous Warpath (4:15)
I tormented my existence with incomprehension
I've learnt to trust not the horizons
Any waiting is vain
Time covers all, slowly absorbs and grinds
Every breath, every memory is artificial prothesis.
When the new one forges ahead I feel myself swept away
Anger, irradiant through the void
A star without a soul
Deaf, we live on imperfection
A useless tragedy suffocates us
Against the violence of emptiness let any architecture of sense collapse
Against the frost that burst behind every light walk down, walk down the warpath
Ancient thirst of vengeance
Nature turns against its own essence
6. Crowding at the Edge of Cosmos (4:37)
Icy blades fly in the darkness of silence. Launched by the gnashing of colliding events. Galactic pillars and archs are made of rioting souls that crowd at the edge of cosmos. Time, space, destiny. With closed eyes I admire the blaze that comes over.
Despite being imprisoned in viscid meat, I hit the nerves of antimatter. Several steps up the ladder of deceit. What are we made of? The approximation to the absolute is a root of malignancy and sinks deep into human flesh. Until time breathes. It may be because of us. It is part of us. Down, in the eternal abyss of imperfection it judges us. Preach for your sidereal self esteem. I lay back this time, go, drowning through wonders of illusions. Consumed souls screaming into the void. Memory would preserve the meaning. But it's lost through the wind and the earth. Are you a slave to the flesh?
7. In Absence of Form (2:45)
Settle yourself, you’re one of us now
Be patient and your questions will now be answered
A new unbearable reality is waiting for you
Your sight will soon get used of darkness
Revealing you the most dreadful horrors of our world
Here is nor hell nor paradise
A whole existence could never be enough to understand it
Here lies the conceived unborn souls
Trapped, between space and time we float
Dead never born
Conscious of the unchangeable infinite Tomorrow
We await for disillusioned
The judgement of a god that’s not aware of us
In condition of absence of form, you will drown within yourself
Stuck in the abyss to a life of useless pain
You will dream of each second to briefly escape from the glare of the wandering infinite
Infant mind
Victim of adult and foreign sufferings
You’ll regret the warm amnion that once embraced you
Antechamber of life
Unaware of the worst
You were waiting for the light
8. Truth Beyond the Sands of Dogma (3:11)
Umpteenth state of trance
I feel cold once again
Collapse of conscience
Visions from an unknown past
Ancestral possession
Senses paralyzed
Hidden dominion
Over-dimensional control
Inoculation of informations
Vital injection
Intravenous truth
Inducted awakening
My eyes see for the first time
It's an eternity froen in time
A supernatural call
A voice speaking from the infinite creeping under-skin
A young sun is warming my face
It's mere oxygen what I breathe
A dream more real than truth itself
Beyond dust of crumbled dogmas I behold my true roots
Rulers from the unknown plunge gold in our fathers' blood
It's a reality hidden in time, a deafening whisper
A voice speaking from the infinite waking up its servants
9. Last Glare Before the End (2:49)
Dissecting the last moments
I give new life to reassuring recalls
Memories of a world never-ending
Till yesterday
Sitting in the first line I follow each frame of the last episode
Facing a horror that withers my spirit and cages my sight I cling to my last left sensation
That total resignation that's shuttering my legs
Giving up my essence and taking my breath away
I'm counting up my last istants
I breathe ranking air
A feel of somehow palpable death
Staring at the sky I take the hand of the terminal ghost
Memories of world never-ending till yesterday
Will you ever find tears to pour, hands to hold tight ?
Such a terrible end to destroy any soul
Nevertheless all this is just humanity
Grown up moss on a sunny rock
Just the perception of reality
Do you have a god to pray ?
10. Towards Eternal Silence (3:10)
I've seen with my own eyes what lies on the horizon
Desperation and sorrow swallow me again
Bleeding skies open towards me
I lie and rest
Waiting for your judgement I breathe in
Sons of men
Adepts of nothingness
You breed horrors
Conceive malignancy
The unborn demonic fetus claims his feeding
Inside a fiendish womb he knows
He awaits
I turn my eyes to a distant universe knowing the end is near
Within deep ruins evil takes its form
Will I bear all this ?Tongues lick my innumerable wounds
Self-inflicted bleeding, infected
It's the nightmare I face everyday in my dreams
A world without you made of eternal silence
Bleeding skies open towards me
I feel the dreadful passing of time
Beneath the lunacy of human vanity and even beyond the parasite hides under my skin
Mankind refuses to believe that a tomorrow won't exist anymore
World devourer
In your eyes only destruction.
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