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Vermis Full Album Lyrics

Ulcerate - Vermis cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Odium (2:45)
The parasites inhale, devour and discard
2. Vermis (5:59)
Before an empty gaze
Stand to proclaim the end
The corrupt control and deliver fate
Bring ruin upon us

When we lie abject before them
Erode our being
Denounce the visceral
Absolve our fear

These are the depths of the repressed
Condemned to descend further

Awaken to the manifest
The air devoid of honour

Stained truth will blacken all
There is no more light
I will die before I succumb to indoctrination
Declare war

Revere; exalt
At the word of the vermin

Weigh on the complicit
A black mark
Indelible shame
Their names to endure suffering
The judgement laid before me
It will not rest

The ground cannot be upturned
To retract the past
To bury sin
Our error will bear consequence

Misled by the spineless
Silenced by the callow
We cannot retreat

See the evil, falling dark
Hear the evil in clear warning
We dare not speak
3. Clutching Revulsion (7:04)
Lost in the implicit unknown
Impetuous dissent
Reject the cold and lifeless order
Offer nothing but reproach

Devalue the thoughtless waking breath
To belittle unseen dejection
Beyond concern of the impassive
The unavailing diminished

Adrift in salvation
Enraged to affliction

I am beholden to no one
The world disavowed
Deconstructing adversity
In fear

The aggrieved are without claim
Without sentence
Clutching revulsion
For those whose fear is just

Reckoning is upon the meek
4. Weight of Emptiness (7:42)
The drones march through barren wasteland
Without expression
Broken souls corroded by fear
Deprivation exhausts the last fire

Their will is buried
Within hearts of black ash
Gasping for air
Beneath the weight of empty minds

The paralysis of isolation

Exist in parallel
Exist in ignorance
Divorce and dismiss

From deep in the abyss
There is no release
5. Confronting Entropy (6:38)
No pity for the destitute
Of the land stained in blood
Left deserted to face futility

We must not dream of virtue
Us poisoned elite
We are void

Decry the willing
Decry the resolute
The desperate grasp releasing
In refusal to subsist

An endless aperture
Is the essence of their disposition
Obtuse at the surface
Pernicious in being

Cut through the superficial, cursory effusion

What is ignored in the present
Will be resurrected

The forsaken confront entropy
Alone, helpless, wandering toward demise
6. Fall to Opprobrium (2:24)
7. The Imperious Weak (7:24)
Eyes of the viral and absolute
To never be met as equal
Pollute the masses
Their past ordained
Their future annulled
For the dominion of the vain

Dictate the righteous
Inhuman decree
Boundless hate and callousness
Spare no blood
Not the congenial nor kindred
The austere concede only to their means
And their ends served only in death

Inside the fractured mind lay decrepit convictions
Embedded and never erased

The imperious weak

Becoming damnation
Assure the path to infamy
Fall to opprobrium

Within the prison bereft of hope
Collapse is determined

The imperious weak
8. Cessation (7:02)
Hallow guise of the betrayer of man
Lead us blind
Immersed in contempt for all
Embodied; consumed by their dogma

The doctrine of nothingness

We have reached a dead end
The idle are no longer ignorant

Pull us through the path of dirt
To be admonished
Drag us under the current
To a slow death

Embrace the resentment
Withdraw from the mind
Be cast above the masses
Command on high


This end long written
Under thin skin of the self-serving

See through the enduring
Denounced from beneath the burden
Owed not another word
9. Await Rescission (7:32)
Call upon apparition
To answer a fervour for cessation of time
So thinly veiled yet resolute
Submit and become worthless

Unchain totality
And be witness to chaos

Cold and vacuous
Sink under its power
Swallow those within

They of unjust order


I am released
Upon acknowledging our terminal nature
Liberated from immortality

All that has amassed
May not be long of life

Disown in vain
Await rescission

We will remain stagnant
Before observing the reflection without prejudice

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