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Naomi's Solar Pumpkin Full Album Lyrics

Ty Tabor - Naomi's Solar Pumpkin cover art

Naomi's Solar Pumpkin

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-05-08)
1. Had to Move (5:48)
Will the sun shine forever on the place where I was born
Or will they ever stop to notice that the record has been worn
There black is black and white is white, there is no human race
Some of them (are) determined to be proud of their disgrace

I had to move

I moved up to Missouri and went to school a while
I learned a truth that shocked me
Anywhere a miles's a mile
I saw the highest honor seat for those I love the most
But walked away from all the rot I saw and headed for the coast

I had to move

Now I live in the big city and I see the same things here
Everything is on a larger scale, a sea of doubt and fear
Here the battle rages and the fallen angel rides
it makes me easily feel that I have to take a side.
2. Her Palace (4:44)
She builds her palace in the view of everyone
Behind the door she shares her honor with no one
Down deep she has a feeling of belief
Tho the palace echoes loudly her defeat

She walks into her garden and she bends to pick a vine
And when she's finished there is nothing left behind
She's dealing mainly with the curses of her mind
She's all alone

She takes her car and goes out looking for a friend
And when she's back she can't remember where she's been
Many memories scream loudly in her ear
Walking proudly, gritting teeth, she shows no fear

She walks into the courtroom, accusations all around
Holding tightly to her pride and to her wit
And in public she is too proud to admit
She's all alone.
3. I Know Everything (4:48)
The air that blows beyond that sign upon the hill
The wind you feel just when your beating heart stands still
Monday, Tuesday, any time within the year
The smoke that covers where the unknown will appear
I know everything

All plans and knowledge and the reason for the war
Every mark and movement in the crack upon the floor
One day, any day, the time before the dawn
All knowledge brought before scattered on the lawn
I know everything

So weak and tired and looking for the key
Well look no further, you've just run into me
We'll walk beyond that door, well love and dance and sing
Last time I looked around, I knew everything
I know everything
4. Walk with My Love (3:37)
If I dream an impossible dream it's ok, if you're with me
I can play anything that I want to play, if you're there
I go walking along a summer's day
I don't have to think of what to say
I just walk with my love another day

Call my name and I'm already there.
It's ok, I am with you
When you sleep, I just look at your face in the night, I am there

We go walking along a summer's day
Nothing to do nothing to say
I just walk with my love another day

And we stand in the ocean, feel the waves
Look at the years just fly away
I'm in love with my love another day
5. Hollow Eyes (4:45)
Don't bring me flowers
Your time in hours
The blood line sours
Wake me up but don't bother me
Don't call me brother
I'm not your mother
I'm something other

Oh, there's stillness in the air
I hear the voice of passing strangers come from everywhere
Oh, the lifeline flowing thin
It passes over, goes behind, and there it is again

Hollow eyes, looking thru hollow eyes at the world

A simple action
The main attraction
No satisfaction
Wake me up but don't bother me
My strength in numbers
No mortal hunger
I'm feeling younger
Oh, the blackness I can see
The sunlight burns into my veins but death's no guarantee
Oh, the lifeline flowing thin
It passes over, goes behind, I'll do it again

My time is coming
Wake me up but don't bother me
I can't defend it
The last descendant
One way to end it
Walk right out into the sun and let the fire in
6. Live in Your House (4:37)
There's a long dark hall with a door at the end
There's a dressed up man and he calls me friend
And a big Fat Lady stands up to the microphone
There's a colourful billboard overhead
There's a massive crowd and they all look dead
And the Fat Lady turns so we all continue home

I want to live in your house
I want to live with you some day

There's a dog that howls in my neighbor's yard
And I'm trying to think but it gets real hard
And I want to get out but there's too much on TV
And a man stands tall for the one true God
an evolution has said it's a pile of wad
and the scientists' dogma seems awfully religous to me
7. Without You (4:11)
The time went by so slow today
If I can just get by some way
Well the world keeps turning, that's nothing new
But I never thought I'd be without you
Without you I'm no one at all

Your love was always there to give
I thought I needed something else to live
Now I stand amazed at how blind I've been
Just a fool on the hill once again

Summers gone, it begins to rain
Where there was love I am left with shame
And there is no one but me to blame
Without you, there's no one at all
8. Boy to Man (4:13)
When I think hard I see my boyhood place
When all my dreams were about now
And I think back I see the smiling face of all the people standing around

I wake up and see the time is gone
...the things I don't understand
But the road leads on.
Carry me from boy to man

Making choices, learning lessons well
I went to find what I could see
The missing pieces of the puzzle fell
within responsibility
9. Wouldn't You Like to Be (2:52)
It doesn't have to be the way I'm thinking
It doesn't have to be my way at all
And time seems to cover things
but they won't go away

But wouldn't you like to be
Wouldn't you like to see another side besides your own
Or do you like to be alone
Oh, standing on the hill

I hear a voice and someone's loudly speaking
I hear a child who cannot have his way
And time seems to cover things
but they won't go away
10. That's All (3:14)
My friend's got a monkey
It's not a big one but it's there
He likes his heavy music
and he'll never cut his hair
He says "That's all that I am and that's all I'll ever be.
That's all."
They sit around and pass the mushrooms
and pass around the bowl
And talk about the same childhood stories
and pretend that it don't get old
They say
I've been out on my own lately
kind of left it all behind
I'm wondering about God and life and things
got a lot on my mind
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