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The Silence of a Blackening Abyss Full Album Lyrics

Twilight Fauna - The Silence of a Blackening Abyss cover art

The Silence of a Blackening Abyss

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Ambient
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > T > Twilight Fauna Lyrics (37) > The Silence of a Blackening Abyss Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-07-26)
1. The Fall (intro) (0:38)
2. Centralia (8:22)
There's a town in the forgotten hills, a fire burns below
And no one knows, how it got like this

death and destruction bubbled from the ground
poisonous fumes filled the air,
water became red with the blood of the innocent

Centralia come into darkness, slip under my skin
your bloody streets have been abandoned
you shall have your revenge

Smoke from the church, children in the cemetery
the devil sits on your doorstep, the fire burns beneath
I see faces in the steam, give me your disease

There's a town in the forgotten hills, a fire burns below
And no one knows, how it got like this
3. Old Ones Arise (8:39)
Explore the dangers of this realm, end the life that never was
they will blot out the sky, no more mankind
old ones, old ones arise

People hide in their homes, someone screams and chokes
fire falls from heaven, this is the end of us all
our time has gone, old ones arise

They call for god, I am god
I will take your god from you
twisted into bloodless shapes
I can take away your humanity
old ones, old ones arise

The darkest abyss holds the answer, to the depravity of the mind
the darkest abyss is the answer, to your spirit
in the name of emptiness, I pronounce you man and spite

Recite the apocalypse in the chapel
all must return to that which was
once dirt and meat
feel the presence of death in me
4. The Imperishable Flame (11:22)
Destroy the white tree, unmake the maker
upon the western shores, stands a beacon to the old gods
cast off your sin, sin is no burden
die with me, ride with me

Enter the great beyond, without fear
do not humble yourself, do not bow down
rise with your might, meet the blood stained tide
to victory, to victory

Unchain the giant, from the imperishable flame
forever burn with the fire, worship the ones who bleed

Do not fear the worms, this will pass
float in the abyssal sea, return to the grove
where we were first made

Bask under the twilight of a burned out sun
the northern stars will be ours once more
5. Magnificent Isolation (9:42)
Whispering winds in the dark
in this diving suit, cut off from man

the icy fingers of death, beckon me into twilight
time goes by, I want death
give me death

Death reaps but the dead harvests in the world alone
Death reaps but the goat harvests find your way home
Death weeps, Death weeps

Pluck out my eye, it cries for no one
the black sky, rots the earth
bearers of light, extinguish your flame
we are all fallen angels

In this suit, I am alone
I float in the depths of time
Do not reach for me, I am alone
in the great black abyss
6. Eulogy for Earth (5:03)
7. Dead Mountains (4:39)
In the dark forests, blood in the air, he has returned

The moon runs red with blood, of dying angels
await your fate on your knees, you will be struck down

Behind the dead mountains, burning churches ignite
arise and leave your soul behind
8. Pact (outro) (3:05)
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