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Epidemie Full Album Lyrics

Turbo - Epidemie cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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1. Salvator Mundi (3:58)
Imagine that you have fire in the throat
You hear voices of death
You have leprous soul attacked by
Evil - you die
And you die
And you die
Your body is falling down to the gutter
Down to the gutter - atrocity
A bad card like a false information
You're giving from hand to hand,
Mouth to mouth,
Brain to brain,
Don't forget that
The sting of death - sin
Has attacked us - has to kill us!
Your body will turn in to ashes
Don't want to save your soul
You don't remember - remember that
The sting of death
Is a sin,
Is a sin,
Is a sin!
2. A.I.D.S. (4:45)
Can you see her now?
Vile as a snake,
She hems you in Yes!
You are all hers,
All over you feel her touch!

AIDS - sweet lips of death

Who dared to call her
To bring her in - and ring the bell
Death has come as well
From far away
To get your skin,

Who has rung the bell!
Who dared to call!

You don't really know
If it's a day or it's a night
When she comes at last
Possessing you
And bliss will manage that you'll be hers
3. Ocean Of Tears/Ocean Łez (4:37)
Booze is destruction,
I cannot quit, were I to rot
The days of losing i'll leave behind me
Leave'm in the ocean of tears,

And here you've got me!
You've dug up my must
Yes, I will drink till I bite the dust
But I tell you: Fight!

Look, I've lost, it could be otherwise
You've got your chance
So fight and throw your dice.

Tradition is knocking me down
I talk about Poland and pass the bottle around
Visions and vodka taste
Don't say NO!
When I say YES!
4. Loop Of Time/Pętla Czasu (4:43)
When time throws its loop on your neck
You'll feel that life's just a sec
DAY DAY DAY - you're burning away

Before you manage to turn around
Life'll pass like a dream
- the past will never be found

You feel the end of your days is at hand
The end of your days is at hand
At hand
At hand!
Day by day you're nearing the end
Day by day you're burning away,

Night and day
White and black
War and peace
Life and death
5. Crazy World/Szalony Świat (5:02)
Darkness and bewilderment
World's gone crazy, that's the end
Save me please from the flames of hell

Here's the woman which the scale
A blind angel - pray for her
Madness that results from indecission

Crazy world
Save me please
Crazy world

Adolescent prostitutes
For a dollar, shot a booze
Suffer the disgrace of their bodies

World of anonymous crime
Furtive killing moves of mines
Tons of lies are daily storming at my ears
Every day I flood of human tears
6. Anty N.R. Eve/Anty R.J. Ewa (4:36)
It's your face
Burnt by the glaring sun
On the trodden streets - your rage.

All your dreams
Sunken in the atom ruination
Sing your songs of tears

The first blow
To destroy your precious life
The accomplished move - it's you -
Go ahead
Try to stop with desperate screaming
The scheme of dumb heard,
Sing your song!

Rush ahead
Blinded by the glaring sun
You can feel the pain - it's you -
You'll fall down
Sunken in the atom ruination
Sing your song of tears!
7. Pleasure and Pain/Rozkosz I Ból (4:14)
In the midst of the night
A nuclear pile burns with glowing lights
You are not alone.

With the trembling hands
You are touching a white breast
Touching with your lips in a blazing kiss.

Violence around you, clouds bring no rain
Over the asphalt jungle - pleasure and pain!
Wine of euphoria rules on the stage,
Hunger condenses in painful rage.

Pleasure - if you want
Bodies - if you want
Pleasure - if you want
Color of breasts as you wish.

The smile of pleasure
Of half-naked dames -
Standing there - nameless, with no traits
And dates
Their mocking smiles when they find
You weak -
You won't get anything just free
8. Den of Sorrow/Gniazdo Smutku (5:14)
A big city is awake again,
Streets are full of life - are of pain,
The starving hordes are waiting for
Your fault
Repulsive masses, repulsive mould!


A lousy den of sorrow
Persistent stench of trash
The arms of destitution breed the
Genes of aggression!


A big city where evil thrives
A great society and small individuals
Voracious individuals, terror and fear
If you're different - you're bound to die.

A big city goes to sleep again
Desolate the streets are glazing with rain,
Tomorrow the smell of sorrow,
Tomorrow the stench of trash

9. 13.12.1988 (0:46) instrumental
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