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Distressing... Full Album Lyrics

Tristis Terminus - Distressing... cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDepressive Black Metal, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2017-01-30)
1. The Depression That Attacks My Soul, the Horror That Live in My Mind (10:30)
The depression that attacks my soul,
The horror that lives in my mind

Loneliness always is knocking the door
Intelligible murmurings surrounding me

Voices that lie, I feel
The empty is inside me and out me

Who can to touches the mind of the mads ?
Nobody knows which I feel
The world oneself destroys around us
Nobody sees neither says anything

Dreams if dispel with the arrival of the winter
Hopes so deadly as the life
Only the wait and the pain of the wait
That the end arrives right away and everything ends itself

My eyes see colours that do not exist
The cold, the dry leaves of one pale and sick world

One large gray and sad cemetery
In the symmetry of buildings that seem huge graves
So many minds so disturbed that will remain lost
In the time and in the memory

Now realize that the sky is grey and lifeless
And everything is one immense emptiness

Who can touch the mind of the mads ?
Nobody knows what I fell
The world destroys itself around us
Nobody sees neither says anything

One portrait on the wall is only the memory
Of one time distant, already past
And that will never return…
2. Dead Reality (8:03)
Dead Reality

Cold and sad days are approaching
You must kill yourself before the pain makes it
The fear anguishes you at every moment

Hypocrisy and madness are arriving
In false words of hope

I saw statues without life with death expressions
And in its eyes the sadness contained in each soul

Trumpets sound the new apocalypse
Pain and tormented wait us

The crow emits its last shout of omen
And neither all light purify

The pain is bigger than it seems
Specters spy you from the shadows
The figure of fear dominates you
And you feel the strange nature of what is the death

You must kill yourself before the pain makes it

The apocalypse is appearing
And wars and epidemics are approaching
I hear voices in the emptiness
So blasphemous as hypocrites
And the nausea is in its words

The true madness is arriving
What will you do with your children
When the fear beats in each door
And you feel the blood in the throat?

The hope will be deceased!
What will you say to yourself ?
What will you say to your children ?
3. The Triumpf of Death (6:44)
The triumph of death

I do not remember of when everything
become black and white to my eyes
Living of the nostalgia of interminable equal days
Of the fine rain beating in dry branches
And of grey days of autumn

A cold sepulture waits me
With its frozen black marbles

My mind is tortured by the sadness
The horror installs in my mind without I perceive

I have fear of the life and also of the death
But I know that I will see one day

So painful as my empty existence
Without reason or explanation
I believed for much time in deceased hopes

The reality is here now
And dreams are declining.
4. Images of Despair (6:16)
Images Of Despair

All things move around me
Images tear me in my eyes
And figures look at me with scorn and mockery

All the agony and terror are here
Locked in this cursed room
Where the objects move terribly

The pictures in the wall aren’t souvenirs anymore
And the solitude makes me see things
of distant and painful times

This room still demonstrates suffering
Where the objects transmit perversity and melancholy

The dusk is one stage of mockery
Where the peak of my madness
I bid farewell of the life…
5. Retreat Conscience (7:09)
Retreat Conscience

The darkness takes over me
The vacuum of loneliness distress me all the days
My life pass before my eyes without that I realize

I do not know if I can believe in people
Because the heart deceives
Everything is dead and inert for me
And all purity and beauty die in my eyes
Words of comfort are empty words
And the pain is bigger
when if let me to deceive with false illusions

The man who thinks by himself is free
But the freedom brings new types of chains

I feel that the spectrum of death observes me
And my screams only echoes in the empty

Souls are taken by terror
And the sadness is in their hearts
The world is populated of empty people
Of one pile of deserted roads

I feel the solitude that rips the soul
And I have the fear of who does not know itself

Locked in my bedroom my wrists bleed
There is only me, and my despair

The greatest burden of the man is to have of to exist
Because if cannot understand itself,
How it will to understand everything?
6. The Dead Days That Will Come (7:53)
The Dead Days That Will Come

The suffering is dreadful of if to be alone between solitude and tears
The rottenness be in everybody homes
and the alienation reached everywhere

How will grow our children with much madness and pain?

Twisted minds are taken for the depression
And the lament is bigger inside me
One sickly nature take over of my thoughts
And demented see innocent blood watering their gardens

I went touched by ice wind of black abysses
And beheld a future pale and sick
Where the peace inhabit thousands of graves

And no longer there are more happy moments

When the storm to pass same with the hope everything will finish
And no import what if make, you will can not see God in heaven
Drops of blood will fall of your face tired and sad
While the sky break in our heads

Your mind will be terribly tortured
The depression in the will touch once more

And if still remain pure thoughts in your mind
They if will disappear among the ruins of the oblivion
Dreams can also to die
Who will listen my screams coming of the deep of the abyss?

The hope is a sad dream that if discards
And I saw the end looking the stars.
7. The House of My Sadnesses (9:20)
The House of My Sadnesses

The pain and the agony are in me
My soul is taken by the melancholy
And tortured by the terror of the silence
Living in total solitude

More time does not exist for hope
Only the pain and the anguish of the end

The Spectrum of the death jeers of the madness
See one sea of blood and tears further on

All the pains are here
The sadness never left this room
Old and dusty in the middle of memories

Animus meminisse horret
Of that only certainty of life is death
I don’t want to be alone and it’s so dark
Nothing exists for me

You don’t know, you don’t understand!
Does not anti-depressants are treatment are worthless

I have sad and inert eyes in the mirror
And my mind was consumed by the emptiness

I cut myself and I forget all of the sadness
And for some moments, the world forgets me

The scars on my body bleed
But doesn’t have anymore places for needles to enter it
Don’t look at for me, as if I was sick or inexistent
We are all already deceased and you don’t even notice yet

So that to contemplate flowers that go to die soon?
“Memento quia pulvi es!”
I see everything that was
And what does not exist more…
8. The Terror That Precede the End (11:34)
The Terror That Precedes The End

I see lifeless bodies and tormented souls
It doesn’t matter what makes the world dies
Brilliant minds have been destroyed
And the madness and the despair reaches at everybody

The dusk comes with declined stars
In the insomnia which attacks my tortured mind
Words become dust to the wind
While birds silence

Ours souls are already waiting the emptiness
And our bodies are rotting in empty scabs

A sad vision and tired of a morbid existence
Of questions that will stay forever without answer

The fall of the leaves of autumn reveal our sad reality
Everything which is living in this world dies

My limbs are paralyzed by the fear
The depression is destroying my sanity

The sadness astonish my thoughts
If the death is a certainty, why should we wait?

I try in vain to fetch the peace, if is it exist

The blood drains of my face
The reality is injected into my veins
The last images of my conscience are taken
One hate world that I will never see anymore
And until the pain leaves me in this hour
Only remains the horror of the wait
The time seems static and solitude was never so great as now
The arrival of the hour to jump in the abyss
And forget the sadness
Paranoia kill me, Paranoia kill me
Paranoia kill me, Paranoia kill me…
9. The Sadness Is for Me (8:18)
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