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Vessel Full Album Lyrics

Trial - Vessel cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-03)
1. Vessel (3:11)
From stain to pool, I traveled by blood
In a single slit, united with mud
On the verge of thickest oil to enlighten
A vermins disease continuously widen

They offered the world, at the shore so bright
Only I stand here with feathers, lost at a height
But nothing's clearer than in flickering slopes
The torn out splinters in the lungs of hope

I am a sunken vessel, The loathed purpose
Who drank the whitest drops and silenced the thirst

I crafted the sculptures wich hostage a lifetime
I painted the words that were lost in a rhyme
2. To New Ends (5:48)
Can’t you feel how things come to an end?
How the blades are sweeping through the air
How the mountains turn back into dust
When the night cry out for eternity

There lies the mysteries unseen
Buried deep ‘neath the earth
As cherubs shoot broken arrows
As bones rest in their shallow…

As the shadows change their form again
Swaying through the mist
A voice echoes through the fires
Fortelling everythings demise

Vivid dreams unfold and swirl throughout
Every single plain of existence
Killing everything to live
Through bodies breathing still

The teeth of the night are gnawing through time
As certain as the visions of mine
The ghouls they spoke and from their tongues it came
“You know me from far away”
3. Ecstasy Waltz (7:19)
Come closer, a step towards wisdoms told
Just an inch more and throughout the cold
I can see your vague judgment dividing your thoughts
You are lost, take my hand, whatever the cost

I see beyond the depth of your eyes
Into your ailing mind, corrupted with lies
How a pounding heart divorced the soul
A barren void, a neglected whole

I sense a longing to dine in the halls
To surrender completely when your master calls
Now I am calling for thee, I am the echos in the night
I'll exile the clouds, I'll plant vision to your sight

A tree is growing in a downwards spiral below
With life above, with nothing to bestow
Will you choose from a branch that bears fruit?
Can you choose to handle its content of truth?

Take my pale hand and waltz with me
A beauty in frenzy and ecstasy
Solemnly, a journey on the wildest tides
At the end, were you able to capture your life?
4. Through Bewilderment (8:44)
Crossing the vast chasms raging source
With the foundation from the womb of worlds creation
Named and wed before the dawning moon
A devoid of time, ignites the crudification

Metamorphosis - Aenigma to a guise
Before thee raises - The abode of Kismets walls
As the incarnated moirais in robes of white
Spinning and cutting the twined thread of life

Usurper of the netherworld, a servants matter
Aberrant and lone with past tracks shattered
In search through the hollow and winding maze
With the cicerone carrying the adept through the grades

Further beyond
For thirst bounds the flesh to life

Farther beyond
For thirst of death to life

Where Tehoms breath caresses the neck
A sense of enlightment deep in an emptied chest
A sudden blaze burns out blackened eyes
But the eye ahead sights a devoted child

Traverse the pathway of concealment within
With the loyalty of night's heroin
Unwrapping the seals of a third blighted orb
With the deeds of our righteous lord

Further Beyond
For thirst of death bounds the putrid flesh
5. A Ruined World (6:31)
Across the naked heavens a lonely lodestar finds its path
A beacon of infamy and Pride, See the sun is blocked and bleeding out
its last streams of light
Beneath it we rest in debris of Night

Through cracked earth & shattered bones it radiates
Where thunder rolls like death it emancipates
We are the ones to follow it unto the end
Straight into the space beyond the stars

Silenced - our cares, without desires we are free
Desolate hearts singing deafening
Of bridges past & burnt black with endless love
A labour of definite awe

In misery's omen we found our selfes in pain
Fallen, broken - thus everything to gain
For through naught is All possible & so became
the ruined world, In wich we burn as outcasts, never to return

From the fangs of the Serpent, a most welcome poison
We are of it's kin, a blessing from within
The outer havens where cold streams of death
Flow motionless in pace with Our breath
6. Where Man Becomes All (6:15)
For even in the garden of liescan the tree of wisdom rise
On which grows the forbidden keys to enter beyond
The serpents seed was planted in this soil
And from within His venemous fangs
shall spread the poison

The hidden keys to freedom
Growing in the garden of lies

For even in the most beautiful gardens grows the most poisonous fruits
Take one bite and become the murder of all creation and life
Take a path that leads to nothing, for nothing is freedom
And true light shall always conquer, the weak and enslaved

So hear me now, awaken my spirit
Let the words be spoken forever
So open for me, the gates of the abyss
The shrine where man becomes All

For when the flames awaken, the fire will spread
All is nothing on the path I tread
Entwined in circles, the serpent and its tail
7. Restless Blood (13:11)
Morbid transit of eternal damnation
Unveild is the genesis, when the stars ablazing
Exodus of death, cradle me to sleep
Eternal eyes glare, to attain the highest deep

Enlightment that ends the illusion of life

The Serpents dwelling in the great abyss
Captivates me in perpetual unity
Us - The adorers of Lunacy
Succumb to plenary rendition

Entangled cord rejoice at salvations end
From the coiling crown the image ascend
Excavated truth with cloak descend
It is restless blood, feel it transcend

Across the forest, where the phantom absorbs me
It channels the doctrine and knowledge of the tree
Enfolding itself through our bodies proclaming
A vanishing smoke, a dogma ascending

Initiation with the debris of death
In slumber waiting for the great edifice to erect
The double-edged sword dictates through the mouth
for it stands written both within and without

Manifestation of the prophecies
Through emanations from bottomless pits
Us - The Destroyers of plantings
Sounding our trumpets over dried up rivers
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