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The Primordial Temple Full Album Lyrics

Trial - The Primordial Temple cover art

The Primordial Temple

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-03)
1. Flaming Fate (4:39)
As being touched by the cold hand of the night,
The stars begin to falter (this is the hour)
Thundering heavens and churning seas
Acting by the pulse of unearthly disharmonies

For centuries they’ve watched waiting to return
Being thrown into the abyss
They’ve gathered there and learned

Wisdoms kept from mankind
Though a few of us have yearned

The wind whispers riddles in the dark
They tell of nameless fears and agonies
Emerging from the spark
A forceful mass who hearkens only to its master’s call
A flaming fate that has come to redeem us all…

A black void reappeared, where we once lived our lives
The rain twisting and turning
Across the last evening skies
Memories of times long gone are torched upon the hill
Returning to the state of emptiness
According to their will

Wisdoms kept from mankind
Though a few of us have yearned
To search the hidden halls containing scrolls of secrets
…and the fires that once burned
2. Witches (4:41)
Break the cosmic chains
Released into darkness
On nights like these
The flame burns brighter than
ever before

Behold as they gather
In the midst of the night
From the abyss
Rise! Great destroyers

Witches chanting...
Witches praying...

The path that's enlightened
By the black flame
We must wander
Into these eerie chambers

Witches chanting
Invoking the dwellers
from beyond
Witches praying
For a new aeon to come
3. The Primordial Temple (5:07)
Black raindrops are falling from these luminous nightskies
A voice from within telling me to leave this creation of lies
To wander the vast deserts in dreamlike trance
Spirits calling my name to join them in their dance

Transcended, transformed into shapeless form
I sink in the raging rivers that flow...so far below!
Above the barriers that always seemed to hold me down
There I'll meet my master and my spirit becomes unbound

I seek the primordial temple, the ever so desolate place
I'm leaving this world behind, without any trace

Corpselike birds welcome me into His abode in the dark
On mountains high, trees grew strong and tall bearing his mark
"This is my home, I'm here all alone" I thought...
Falling deeper into the unknown
4. Progenies of the Avenger (3:49)
A cavern in subterranean lands
Protects and holds the Serpent Men
They escape their past and devastation
And worshipped a new dimension

The curse were cast (and embraced)
As a retribution from a familiar face

They fled from their city of ruins
In the fading country of west
They came from above (and beyond)
To the acceptance of an other god

Forcing his remaining followers to vanish
To live and perish in a lightless place
Away from the children
who were led astray

The passages would remain but the en-
trances were sealed
Avoiding the profane, from underneath
5. The Sorceress' Command (4:29)
I fall unto my knees, possessed
At the sorceress' command
Under a spell I'll ring the bell
That summons the ancient ones

A symbolic light appears in the night
The storm calls the demons
Crawling souls from the past that came through
Repressed shadows

With eyes wide open I Gaze into the sky
Oh Starless night, nothing but darkness in sight
The earth divides, on the plains below
I light the pyres, for the final sign to show

Oh, in the night, I await the spell
To unleash its wrath and inject me hell
Oh, on this night, the gates open wide
Engulfs us all, drowned by endless tides
6. Opener of the Way (4:17)
At the threshold, waiting to take form
Lurking as the key and the gate
The call of your name could revive the dead
In divine incantation

You are conterminous with time
The past, present and the future
Your shape will appear
In a conglomeration of spheres

The cosmic entity possessing great powers
And the malign globes abides as a glow in their eyes

You hold the knowledge within, that all learn
Without oblivion, awaits our turn

The crave for eternal servitude
Sacrifice is offered unto you
7. Phosphoros (12:58)
In a distant place,
with dark trees surrounding me
The absence of the moon,
so beautiful yet haunting
In the dead of the night,
her presence never
seemed so clear to see
Through gateways unseen
her keys unlock them brilliantly...

In times of transition,
we call upon thy name
To crush all illusions,
we are glad that you came
Into our lives, to guide us on our path
The leaves began to fall,
The mother murders all...

A mother who changes the seasons
A mother tears are falling
From these darkened skies
So sorry 'bout her daughter,
the harlot of Hades
You can bring her back
- now step form the shades!

Kept in the underworld,
shrouded in mysteries
Awakened now,
by her faithful emissaries
With flaming torches
she grants us the light - what a sight...
Please guide our steps
on this crimson night

Once a year a sacred meeting,
for whos face is nothing but three
Once a year a sacred greeting,
this praise we sing unto thee
A joyful dance under the beautiful
light of a crescent moon
Join us now in her sanctifying gloom...

Oh goddess of night,
unlock the paths before me
Please hearken to my call,
I will not disappoint thee
For opportunities given,
a light in the dark
I thank you now and forever
with the whole of my heart

She's the bringer
of the most vivid dreams
The cord in her hand
holds the secrets of life
She has the eyes that can look
through the schemes
Great mother please guide
my steps on this night

With burning eyes, igniting the fore
a message from beyond and through her
the aura around you
keeps us in your sway
within the circle of truth and far away

From the evil of the stars the queen
stepped out, telling secrets profound
- I had no doubt
That she had gained control
over me once again
Oh mother, maiden and crone
lead this body of flesh and bone
To learn what you have taught,
the seed of truth now finally sown

With stream of wisdom
you brought to our strive
The oath is sealed and given life
The locked gates behind me,
yet forever open
For your guidance and spirit,
always awoken

Kept in the underworld,
Shrouded in mysteries
Awakened now,
by her faithful emissaries
Light the candles sing her tunes
Set the myrrh on fire
dance in the smoke

Within the circle of truth
and far away...
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