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Motherless Full Album Lyrics

Trial - Motherless cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-05-05)
1. Motherless (4:59)
Torched streams foam and welter down the aisle
Whirling veins intrigued to be pierced
An impenetrable mouth, Howl! Howl! Howl!
A cornigerous newborn brought to tears

Motherless infant shrieking through time
Decantate against the wall
Branches out up the colubrine spine
Inject to reject to recapture it all

And cries are lost to constellations of space
Ambassador of the richest silver moon
Pour elegance upon your child’s disgrace
And a son may become marooned

Motherless and breathless misled in line
Smothered beyond recall
Reaching out for the tasteful wine
Neglect to eject to enrapture it all

At which rigid state wherever may spawn
Whole and thrice stabbed in the heart
Separated flesh tainted by laws
Hollow as oceans continents apart
2. In Empyrean Labour (4:33)
All of which transpires; is now strayed
Unmasked by the tangling furrows
Slayed in multitudes of repudiation
Becometh; the procreator in lust of sorrows

Once in labour and filled with ardor
When the bowing vertexes halted the promising dagger
Imposed by curling supernovas
Whose confessions conceived a firstborn Cain

The grandest lapse deprived by its own values
and lashed the heavenly bodies to quiver
Relapsed into a miscarried embryo;
Fated to dispel all untrodden mountains

The scarlet fluid boiling through the chambers
Crushing every wondrous valve
Confronting each vital angle
Which dies without shine
To avert the adamant stream

Breathing the churning fumes which reeks of dust
Reframed by two sealed lips spread legs
An ophidian appetite clenched within the chest
Therefore, furthermore; scattered the chimera
3. Cold Comes the Night (4:30)
Drowned in the wake of its splendour
The narrow window opens to close
The virtue of life, a reflection of naught
Begotten in the harvest of emptiness

Out in the fields of damnation
Outside the borders of creation

Vultures circle limbs abandoned to lay
In winds of un-change claiming its prey
As the sun goes up shimmering in deceit yet again
Cold comes the night, without remorse, to kill the light

Out in the fields of damnation
Outside the borders of creation

All of I gathered at the gates of twilight
To release and obtain the sharpened steel
Grinded to cut the unwanted grains of growth
To awake and to sleep for eternities yoke

Towering, walls rising high
Closing in, a blink of an eye for a ruin
Abandon all hope ye who enter
The prison you built for yourself

Out in the fields of damnation
Outside the borders of creation
Shadows call for transformation
The echoes of liberation
4. Juxtaposed (4:24)
A fallen seraphim loveless at last
Barreled forcefully into the ravine
A temple transgressed to ashes
Amassed the grains that waited in vain

Raging adorations in sordid pallor
The mad laughter strangled its grieving brother
A brute allegiance painfully pledged broken
Heed the wanton deathblow to the soul

Every stanza to be chanted blind
Into the quaking of deceit
After the fullness of the moon
Reveals its gloria to the last quarter

Recreating the deranged beauty
With empty hands croaking for more
The keystones of a flamboyant palace
Upraised by dreams repressed by love

A sonnets nakedness grew hymnless
Not even of this perplexed world
Marred by decaying transfusions
And prophesied for anti-blisshood

For being balmed with sobriety
In an arid vessel shut under pine
Each betrayal; an own personal gain
The gap of two halves growing apart
5. Aligerous Architect (6:14)
Fire - For a silenced dreamer drowning to choke
Lingering dies the breath immersed with poison full of bloom
Exhibit the golden stars ascension in a caliginous garden
A lonesome path down the halls of marble

An aligerous torso in graceful posture
Orchestrated by fractured sculptures
Illustrations mortally punctures
Bestow our wildness with uttermost rapture

A thirst so quenchless elevated from a grave
Hands tied by the ignorance of inborn rupture
Elusive patterns destroyed by patterns lost
Architects and brethren! Immorals crossed!

A defiers dance so peacefully entangled by lust
and excarnated from a hallowed dystopia
The quintessence of all that is abandoned
... and foremost a mockery of a flooded lounge
6. Birth (6:11)
An oceans waves and a lidless eye
A serpent fire in their pride
An astral sea, fruitful with seed
No bridge woven yet of me

Lend me a glance at the door
Dressed in celestial splendor
A substance of aerial poetry
Left me in the streets to bleed

Open wounds from the claws on my back
A serene sky slowly turning into black
How much for this strive of creation?
Barely a reward, and no salvation
7. Embodiment (9:09)
Does the night call for you at dawn?
Does it still call when it's gone?
Am I there to crawl up to my feet and answer?
And evoke the holder of the lightning scepter?

A chance to grow whole by breaking
A kernel cracks in order to start aching
Is it even up to me to falter?
To delude myself and live without bother?

I am the act of life, supposedly its seeker
Chasing the fire as the uttermost preacher
I must let go of the grip and faithfully slide
Show me your impious ways to which I abide

I dove into my own desires, to where it grows
Lived by its doctrine, too reluctant to let go
On a stage set for fractured wings to rot
And to harvest the light, it took all I've got

I see a snare around my neck in the shadow
With the rope seemingly tight
I stand alone in a cosmic meadow
that hovers over the night

The world dwelt in us
We only had our bodies to give
Crowned with transcendental lust
Embedded in something I can't outlive

I was your anointed vassal by Saturn sworn,
Longing for a solution to be reborn
I have sacrificed myself too many times
Yet this time I will surely die

...and fade into bliss
To contemplate the value of living;
I've measured the meaning of strife
We parted ways and ways still to part
Forever a higher self at heart

At the coast of an unyielding cry
A lover blended a senseless goodbye
And set sail from a deserted bay
Into the arms of an unchaste grave
8. Rebirth (7:34)
I needed a way for self-expression
To find a day without exceptions
I found a maze, and stepped right into it
I discovered a day, I was supposed to exit

I leaned too far over the edge
Reaching for anything to fetch
I grabbed seven ladders to climb
and brought ease to a desperate mind

I saw the ash of a fertile garden
Just as life in absolute death
I've seen the end of a thousand lives
and the beginning of a million regrets

I hold possession of this world built below
Kissed by the dirt as a fallen crow
With elixir enveloped in a pair of feeble palms
Yet drained be the piper for playing His psalms
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