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Lo mas Morbido de la Realidad Full Album Lyrics

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Lo mas Morbido de la Realidad

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > T > Toxodeth Lyrics (17) > Lo mas Morbido de la Realidad Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-08)
1. El mensaje (1:19)
We came from other planet, from other
galaxy, from other dimension, to bring a message:
Die!, and leave the goblins and gnomes alone in the forest and mountains. We told you in the past and you people didn't understand us, you people have so stupid interest and ways to live, so you do not respect the universe rules, we have so much things to show you: pain and death!
2. Lo mas Mórbido de la Realidad (5:28)
People watching people imagining morbid things.
People looking for other people, sexual acts in their morbid minds. crooked sex in one's as violent in others, sexual abomination in their rotten minds, thoughts I couldn't tell they are right or wrong, some women fantasizing and wishing being raped. bastard homosexuals craving for their bastard wishes, others wishing pedophile, necrophile, coprophile, urophile, ?????, others wishing murder and rape. Sexual fantasies in their brains, thirsty of lust and morbidity, women imagining doing it with as many men as possible at once, other bastards thinking of doing anything that's rotten. But then again, after all those looks, it all turns into the apparent reality, the apparent reality...
3. Convulsión Extrema (6:59)
Looking at the horizon, full of hopes, real fantasies, memories, dreams, where this rotten world makes everything change, change to evil and death. All changing, nothing gets back to be the same, just madness is the same and growing, rotten worlds beings, dying in life, dying in their hopes. You keep growing and you never saw that painted sky again, and the forestal landscapes aren't the same anymore. Misery, the riot reactor, extreme poverty, guilty: the damned no organization, corruption always on the lead, social disorder, misery: builts up. The fool dies because of ignorance and not because of lack of strength, the other fool lives playing smart and getting away with it all. Death for all human beings: the solution. Life: for animals and nature, otherwise it will all be a rotten world an extreme convulsion is needed...
4. Remembranzas del muerto (4:44)
A whole town intoxicated by cyanide, impulse will lead them to death of death's, reasoning's dead, just the impulse works, violent and brutal feats spark up everywhere. Dementia lets you think on more feats, beastie, sexual feats which later will get to abomination, a group making more morbidity and madness up, which will get to killing one another. Other fighting to death and tearing into pieces, at that time they don't see the madness, they just look forward to satisfying the intoxicated impulse, but the death of death's is closer to the whole town. But this is just a tale, mankind doesn't need cyanide to make all this happen...
5. Impulso (6:03)
darkness, light, that dead one starts to flash back, to recall his life, those memories within himself. Where childhood was worthwhile, then experience had arrived. Once the felt a could emptiness, and no more fears, he'd already grown but then the rain and the cold. Looking at life the way it is: real, he would live joys and sadness, he always was the different youngster, few would understand a life would keep on going. He'd begun to grow old on feelings, those fantasies had started to be forgotten, life itself would move him forwards coldness, one day he realized so many things. But it was already too late, though not so late because he would still return...
6. Llamado antiguo (1:53)
7. ¿Cuándo van a morir? (2:16)
Living day by day, spitting at one another, sanity seeks the majority, who likes living sick? People don't help anybody, they would just do it because of some interest, look after your people, they won't eat you alive, dawn people always planning on fuck-ups. Life gets tougher day by day, how to find sanity when spitting at one another, olympic games are just wars in disguised ways, disease builts up, hard to heal when there's no faith. But who's got faith in this shitty times? When are they bastards gonna die? That day we'll be happy!!.
8. Profundo desconocido (6:08)
Thoughts that change as time goes by, and just time won't tell you how long, creating the moments and experience, time passed by so fast. Watching times and ages go by, travelling to the astral is not impossible, once you've done it, you won't want to come back, things I know and like to say. We're not alone mystic sounds call, things you see and they do happen, which may be unexplainable, but they do happen. Watching people talking, that may not matter to anyone, fastline everydaylife, may monotonize and the brain blocks itself, but then again, those are just things that happen, if you know a place you like, it may exist in fantasy, or it may exist in reality, but this are things I know and I like to say...
9. ¿Qué hay en esa mente sucia? (4:18)
We see people passes by, we see people walking around, just masks on their faces, for different usages in life, but: what's down deep inside them? Rotten realities, dirt, morbidity, lust, bestiality, corruption, hunger for power, fights and competition, war, all kind of interest, unhappiness, stupidity, fuck the others, mental and sexual disorders, hate, superiority and inferiority complexes, infidelity, bastardness, intoxication, diseases created by negativeness, shit and garbage, crap, all in all the negative energy of this and other universes. But what else are those dirty minds? We'd never finish pointing out so much shit, no one gets away from it...
10. Locura del Vudú (3:35)
Ancient rituals, ancient devil's usage, they look for the pleasure of pain, black spirits in search of the victim. Hate and revenge, is the creator of his endless search,endless, hate and revenge from far away, In strange forms they show up, bastards, cowards have paid for it from far away, science doesn't find solutions. What kind of bastard is this? It's just the mass faith on madness, on voodoo madness, no faith on voodoo: there is no voodoo...
11. Lla Danza de los Gnomos (por la muerte del ser humano) (2:08)
12. Repetición de la Bastardez (1:08)
Life of crap and lust, sodomist, whores, lust and bestiality nearly in every morbid mind, sons of a bitch bugging up, got to be killed a world without human beings is the same one, no human being is therefore happiness exists, but morbidity calls up, life's not as pretty as they think It is. Crap is everywhere in this world. People wishing to see goodness where just evil reigns, world of unhappiness made up by economical interests. An explotation of everything around, there are good economical methods to make a living but the bastards aren't willing to use them, to keep providing more and more crap, and trying to rule the masses...
13. Castillo de los Duendes (1:25)
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