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Rotted Remnants Full Album Lyrics

Torture Krypt - Rotted Remnants cover art

Rotted Remnants

GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-27)
1. Intro (1:08)
2. Obdurate Into Destruction (2:57)
3. Disassembly (2:42)
Ripping through your skull
Chewing out your brain
Shortening your life
East scruption remains
Breaking off your legs and fingers
Draining you of blood
Licking up the curd
Gutting inner shell
Organizing parts
To keep me eating well
Protein for the heart
Performing daily butchery
Domestic or import
Discriminating not
All can be a corpse
Kill to eat - Disassembly
Fresh - No preservatives
It's time to go to work
Seldom seems like a chore
Human variations
Never make me bored
Mental damage immoral fantasy
Professional quality work
Careful with my jaws
The art of parts removal
With no straight edge or saws
Your bones i will strip clean
Devour all the meat
And drinking out the marrow
Nothing goes to waste
Freeze the liver
Before it decays
Those i caused to suffer
Were assholes anyway
Kill to eat - Disassembly
Fresh - No preservatives
- repeat verse ]
Now i'm damaged
Did not see the sores
I feasted on the carnage
And now disgorged
Kill to eat - Disassembly
Fresh - No preservatives
4. Bestial Mutation (2:48)
Evil manifestation into a dead brain
Rancid juice begins to spew
Inside the corpse's veins
Bursting from entombment
With a wretched aura
Darkness of the graveyard
Does not hide the horror
Shredding ruptured change
Chunks rip from cadaver
Possession demon, Bestial mutation
Limbs have ground cracking bones
Vomit stench resurrected
Jagged claws teeth to gnaw
Fueled with hate dripping sauce
Shits a load hunger grows
Find fresh meat walking in the street
Screaming horror of those in reach
Shred and dismember quick feast
Morbid creature reaps death
Globs of pus drip from it's head
Kill hatred beast or die
While he eats drown in feces
Raised from the earth in hate
Festered beast hunts edibles
Stench of organs from grave
5. Rotted Ramnants (3:06)
The feed of parasites
Scavenged through my eyes
Death spawn I reap
Into quivering heap
Worms crawl in moist sauce
Putrid one I've become
Grey meat they eat
Infested tearing me
Fermenting alive
Decompose of structure
Rotting stink is foul
Bowels pour through my mouth
Remnants of the living
Strain for shelter from
The meat coming gouge
Seeing only ground
I shall not be found
Drained of my head (but)
Failing to be dead
Anxious for relief
Endless morbid feast
Tortured volition
Knowing not of regression
My mind lies decayed
Lost through neuro plague
Alone is where I dwell
Into my own hell
Through blood I run
To escape growing hate
Throe caused disgorge
Infected mental pungency
Fermenting alive
Decomposed of structure
6. Pharisaical (3:08)
Do you hear the voice of the infection
Preachers self proclaimed
Offer us misguidance
Mind from which pours purulent perception
Internecine views socially accepted
I decline prefer to see reality
Don't base my life or waste my time
On twisted fantasies
That we could possess salvation or bond
Or Allegiance with the source
Of hatred and deceit
Unsound aspect if you intend
To live somehow content existence
As a human being or have
We forgotten that's what we are
Enveloped in self obsession and will
Dwell in mindset that we are our own god
Subconscious belief
Forlorn plight common now
Turn the back on positive direction
How then can we see
Strength and muccor in truth
I decline prefer to see reality
Avert decay of succinct life
On twisted fantasies
That I could possess all knowing confidence
Independence within reason
Stringently limited
Inflict Burden yourself
Adhere scourging Pusclot harangue
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