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When the Memories Are Free Full Album Lyrics

Tortharry - When the Memories Are Free cover art

When the Memories Are Free

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-01-15)
1. If I Was (3:32)
I've broken my eyes
on the wall of my dreams
there's nothing to give, my friend
there's nothing to take but another minute
to the end
I've pictured myself
in many rules of life

if I was a girl
I think it could be fine
if I was a man
everything would be done
till now

bu I seem to myself like a vision
could you imagine that?
my friend, the sunrise comes
it's time to leave the dreams bed

but still I think of it...
if I was in another place
if I was in another time
if I was... or
if I wasn't
2. I'm Afraid (5:31)
something in my soul
something bad or good
please, find it fast
something in my soul

because I feel so empty
because I feel so bad
because I'm afraid of the emptiness
in my body, in my soul
it was the sacrifice
accepted by my lord
it was the sacrifice
I was so afraid of
it was the act of faith
nothing else, nothing more
I've commanded my soul
to the hands of the unknown

I believed that he exists
it was a bad surprise
when I looked in his eyes
and found out they're mine

bad way
I was going the bad way
now I'm afraid of the
next way

I went through a mental suicide
and now I'm rising again
but I'm afraid
because I remember the time
when I've opened my soul
and I've lost my faith

I'm afraid
of the future days
of everything what will come
of the way I will choose
of the future days

I'm too empty to live
I'm too scared to die
I'm too weak to fight
I'm too strong to cry

R. .....
Now I'm afraid of the next life
afraid of the.
3. Day Has Died (3:15)
the day has died
over my head
my cry was born
and has killed my breath

the day has died
forever in my brain
something has changed
my life becomes my pain
the lonely man
scared like a little boy
his life is damned
looks like a broken toy

does someone hear my soul
does someone see me
lying here alone in cold

does someone think about me
does someone think about
about a broken man which is too
scared to be

the day has died
I'm forever flying in the night
the day has died
I wanted light but I've lost my fight
the day has died
4. The Noble (0:23)
5. Inner Frost (2:59)
Dark - that's all what's in me
and somewhere deep inside there's my heart
I can't, I really can't find it
in this darkness - I'm afraid it's too hard

the cold wind is blowing somewhere in
drying the tears which were born in pain
I've eaten the sun to light my interior
but its heat makes me go insane
my ears seem to be two gates
crumbling down under hits of the voice
which wants to heal myself
but it kills me, no there is no choice

I'd like to start screaming
but my pain is quiet
so no one can see that
something's not right
all seems be so good
at the first sight
no one can help me
my soul
has already died
6. Clouds (4:48)
I have lost my sun he said
stay cool boy it's only dream
you're too young my son
too young to even say
that you've lost your sun

but he really does
he is not joking at all
he has lost his light
and now he is so small
his world is filled by clouds
coming from north, south, east, west
only darkness filled his mind
and the fear - this silent guest

clouds are coming down
clouds are coming near
clouds are blinding sun
clouds are bringing fear

he was afraid of these clouds
clouds of sorrow and happiness
but nobody trusts him
no helping hand - only fist
he started to be afraid of life
he wants run away from the clouds
so he used the knife
to make the way free

they said he was crazy
we wash our hands over this
they were empty and they had
already learned to miss
their sun

and the clouds are still spreading
in the world where are living
so many boys which are loosing
their sun
7. Sunshine (3:54)
has blinded me with its razors
I feel empty
and forever unfillable
it's mine
the sorrow that pushes me to the ground
and silently
the time of forgetting will come

I was searching
for the dark, where I could hide, so long
but the light's found me
in the form, in that none should see me
alone and sad
without mind armour, that should cover
the entering gate
to my soul, that was searched by me for hours

and now it's attacked
destroyed by sun
destroyed by sound
destroyed by feelings

destroyed by me
destroyed by you
destroyed by human beings
8. Thirtees (5:58)
9. Moonlight (3:03)
swimming in a moonlight
and fearing I have changed
not the man I used to be
not the slow-worm king
his majesty is dead
away is his inner cry
his kingdom falls down
under hits of emptiness
10. The Lost One (2:55)
I've crucified my feelings, put them all away
(I've done it and now I cry)
and I don't see any reason here, that makes me stay
(if there were any, they're so far)
everything seems to be yesterday
tomorrow is so high
I'm crumbling in my inner fight
my fight

I've been looking in the mirror, searching for my soul
(I don't know what will I find)
my heart looks like large, gray and empty hall
(I'm walkin' around the walls like blind)
I've lost myself and there's no way
how I can be found
I'm looking for more light
more light
that was guiding me all the way
and now it's gone
I am lost in deep inner night
soul night

soul night
last fight
no light
just me

in vain
my brain
bears pain
for free
11. When the Memories Are Free (4:37)
you're surprised by this sight
you're sure you have seen it before
the situation
which has already passed
a vision from another shore

your subconsciousness
knows all your life
it perhaps even knows
when you will die
you are scared by the idea
of seeing future
without understanding

the future is the past
the time is not so fast
as it seems to be

you see
something what seems so well known
you know
which way the things will go
but you shouldn't be proud of what you can see
because it is all only game of eternity
you can play with insanity
but you can't beat fate - you see

the future is the past
the time is not so fast
as it seems to be
for this there isn't cure
and you can't be never sure
when the memories are free
12. To the Death (5:33)
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