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Reborn Full Album Lyrics

Tortharry - Reborn cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-01-15)
1. Chimerical Agonies (3:32)
Remember me, when the night steals colours
Remember me and all that was ours
Remember the dew-tears i cry at dawn
And ask me why my moonlight is gone

Dreams cannot die
Reach for the sky
I'll be waiting for you

Come, meet me where the shadows lie
Come, meet me where the day will die
Come to my chambers of velvet and marble
And carry out the revenge which i have to harbour!

I cannot die
The stars passing by
I will whisper for you...
2. Return into the Void (2:45)
Night without silence
Frost without bite
Love without violence
Moon bathes in light

All the tracks they have vanished
All the words have been said
No more dreams left to banish
No more fears i once had

Hand in hand with my dead friend
Hand in hand with dead self
Sifting grains of the wet sand
Memories on the shelf

Kingdom of ice opens its gates
A silver haze that never fades
Abandoned place, the one-man land
All what remains - an empty hand

Flesh without weakness
Eyes without tears...
3. Night Hunt (3:35)
The full moon, you see
The spirit of lust
Don’t be unjust
To me

Run through the broken door
The hunt that seems unending
I’ll fall on the floor
And scream that i’m surrending

The full moon, i see
Wide opened eyes
Your hunger lies
In me
4. Confession of the Void (3:21)
Confession of the void
Reckless shade
And the morning is too far
Far away
For a soul trapped in the jar
In the jar
The tomb of thousand flies
Moon-shaped scar
And no-one hears your cries

No-one hears your cries
When the world's caged in silver
New god gave you lies
False faith - it's time to kill her
5. Chasing Emptiness (2:38)
Silver night bids me to change
Silver knife cuts back my chance
Running wild in the fields and woods
Hungry howl on the search for food

Scent of man makes me insane
My only aim and yet my bane
Nostrils filled with the sweet fragrance
Overwhelmed by the sharpened sense

There's more to moon than melancholy
There's more to moon than just lunacy
The hollow heart sets instincts free
The rage and lust are its progeny
6. Dorotheum (2:04)
7. The Moon Hall of Lady Tanwó (3:20)
Grey ashes
Black crows
And silver tears
On canvas

The silk and web
The looking-glass
And the night
Falling down on us

With human eyes
And ears
Slender pillars in rows

The moon lady's
Grey ashes
Black crows
8. Tennosei no Tenshi (3:34)
Waiting for you
On edges of doom
The sun is gone
My clothes undone

Crying for pain
It’s darkest allure
Drops of blood burn
Allow it to rain!

Wings of the angels
All sharp like razors
Innocence gone
My skin undone

Cut me and bleed me
My sweetest angel
Disciple of passion
Allow me to be!
9. Inverse Reflection (4:38)
Enchanting drowned girl
Looks from the lake
Her hands clasped tight
Her hair milky-white

Behold the drowned girl
Her smile cold and fake
Her anthracite eye
Reflects in the sky

Beware the drowned girl
Sleeping with wraiths
And sleeping with ghosts
A child that is lost

Don't trust the drowned girl
Her slender waist
Untouched by mortal hands...
You'll sink with your confidence
10. Night Mist (4:08)
The mist
Falls from your eyes
My mistake dies
With all that i've done

The night
Falls from your lips
The nightingale sips
But yet you are gone

I'm... writing your name
It's all the same -
The tormented calls
I'm... counting your words
You left for strange worlds
And the mist falls

And never take back
The prophecy's ache
Of what i have seen

The flight
From forges of hellfire
The token of desire
Our child could have been

I'm... writing your name...

-Dedicated to wieland
11. Commandments of the Void (3:11)
A hand-shape cloud covers the moon
Like sky itself is deep in grief
A thought too loud, the end of june
No sign of death, hope or relief

The tunnel's long, the light is dim
But wide shut eyes will find the way
The shortest life, the longest dream
It's hard to tell silver from grey

Night ages with me
I'm blinded to see
Through the heresy
Confess, slay, set free
12. Japanese Night (5:56)
Sharp as bamboo shards
Cutting the dark
Instead of seeing eyes
Hands scratch the bark

Serpents of smoke
From incense sticks
Poison the air
And memory plays tricks

Hear sing the princess kaguya!

The stars
Fell cut out from the clouds
To light the fox-trail
The bars
Echo with the sounds
Of a forgotten tale

Serpents of smoke
From incense sticks
Poison the air
And memory plays tricks

The song of princess kaguya!
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