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Book of Dreams | Full Album Lyrics

Tortharry - Book of Dreams cover art

Book of Dreams

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsTaga Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > T > Tortharry Lyrics (93) > Book of Dreams Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-01-15)
1. Arrival (5:54)
My eye - a frozen wasteland
Darkness flavoured with an essence of pain
I´m fallin´ into myself
As I drink the mother´s poison

A distant tiny red hand
An unnoticable motion inside my brain
Desperate try to catch me
And now - the lord´s got no son

No name is bigger
Than life itself? And life is so small
Purposes are canceled
Forgotten scars are starting to call
And here I go

I breed no understanding
My body melts under the pressure of questions
Our lord is seeking for faith
As the hand is smashed by glass

There´s no sound to hear
There´s no god to fear
There´s no aim to near to
All is just me
There´s no truthful word
There´s no just fair court
There´s no enter to the world
All is just me

And here I go
2. Late (3:53)

Don´t try to find me
This time
I´m walking my own path
This time
Don´t call my name
Don´t stretch your fingers
It´s too late now
Too late

Don´t try to call me back
This time
I´m heading to my choice
This time
Don´t suffocate my resolutions
Don´t mess with my hope
It´s too late now
Too late

Accept the breath of this night
Watch the unlight heal my heart
The last red silent thank
Accept it
And than
I´ll leave you alone
Too late......

Don´t try to find me....
3. Tell Me (4:06)
I saw you up there
Shining like a bule
Covered with dried flies
I saw you up there
Rockin´yourself in a cradle
Hung on the jesus´cross

But tell me
Have you ever tasted the feeling
When you are let in
And she sighs?

I heard you singing
Amazed waves nailed my ears
Onto the wooden floor
I heard you singing
Covered with dust from the last pope
Who was caught praying

But tell me
Have you ever tasted the feeling
When you sigh
And you are let out?

I saw you and i heard you as well
But tell me
Have you ever tasted dying?
4. All of That ... (3:24)
I´ve been everywhere where I´ve been
I´ve seen everything what I´ve seen
I´ve felt everything what I´ve felt
And all of that makes me melt
Just like the snow
And then I´ll flow
5. Stain (5:03)
Swordless king
Rusty crown
I do bring
Myself down
Pain won´t think
Bleeding clown
I impersonate my life

Cannot quit
Cannot hide go
Gods commit
Into the pit
I threw my pride
To look at me - it hurts

I´m the one outside myself
I´m the cancerful soul
I´m the innocent stillborn one
I´m the waste that was let out

Take me to the edge of pain
Erase the fear from my brain
For being empty i feel no shane
I´ve just done it to stay sane

Hostile saint
Pool of blood
My soul did faint
It starts to rot
Was I meant?
No, I was not
To satisfy is hard
6. Just a Feeling (7:27)
Broken pieces of candel
Lying on my soul
Time is too soft to handle
And the mirror is so cold

I have pictured myself
On the streets of the universe
Red rain is falling into my head
And all colours seem to be mad

I´ll hold the fire
Until it burns my face
A slave of desire
On his endless race

I have put my thoughts
On the altar of hope
And the battle I have fought
Is lost no time for god

Broken pieces of candel
Lying on my soul
And no man is here to handle
My life as I´m growing old
7. I'm Not Sure (5:03)
I´m feelin´
As if my life´s the last thing to do
Here, on this earth
I´m feelin´like livin´for someone else
Don´t ask me when
Don´t ask me why

I´m feelin´
As if I´ve crucified the day
The very day of our birth
I need to judge myself right now
Don´t be ashamed
Don´t be afraid
I´m just feelin´

These are the smashed corners
These are the animal floors
These are the thoughts
Shot down from heaven into your head
And now they´re climbin´it down

I´m feelin´
As if the first door is open
And the second one doesn´t exist
Somehow the god failed to kill
Don´t ask me when
Don´t ask why
8. Dumb (5:02)
Thousands eyes of rain
Smashed on the pavement
Screaming their innocence
Crawling down the walls

These thousands eyes of mine
Erased by people as they pass by

I´m screaming for the night
I´m screaming throuhg my eyes
Voluntary dumb

Thousands eyes of rain
I have turned them upside down
To stop their screaming
These thousands eyes of mine
Roaming through my hopes
Screaming for the night
9. Don't Ask (6:19)
Don´t ask me
Whom I´ve killed the other day
Don´t ask - it was not a being
It was just one of my feelings
One of my inner secrets
It was my hope

Don´t ask me
Why I still don´t use to pray
There´s no logic reason
It´s just my dark season
One if my inner secrets
My killed hope

Don´t ask me
Don´t touch me
Don´t eye me
Just leave me
Just hurt me
Just kill me

Don´t ask me
What kills me from the other day
Don´t ask - it´s not a being
It´s just one of my feelings
One of my dark secrets
My killed hope
10. Strach (4:28)
Dech je to, co si uvědomuješ
stejně jako, bolest svou
i někoho druhýho
tváříš se, že nic
a přitom všechno

Hnis a smrad, šílenství
nahlodaný kosti, tvejch myšlenek

Světlo je bílé nebo žluté
nevím, asi je bez barvy
ne, někdy je žluté jindy černé
vždyť je to stejně jedno

Čeho se bojíš, to kdyby jsi věděl
smrt, prázdnota, nic
to jsou jenom pojmy
v prostoru času
jak zvláštní, tvůj čas je uzavřen

Chodíš do práce a z práce
takovej divnej koloběh
včera sis objednal místo
v rodiným hrobu
není to příliš brzy

Hnis a smrad, šílenství
nahlodaný kosti, tvejch myšlenek
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