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A Judgement Divine | Full Album Lyrics

Torii - A Judgement Divine cover art

A Judgement Divine

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Doom Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-06-30)
1. Army of Sand (7:11)
The scorching heat burns upon my face
As I witness this tireless, futile charade
Millions of people are standing out in the middle of a wasteland
Shouting their loud protests which are heard by no man

I stop and wonder to ask if they really care
As I feel the heat of this blazing, burning Sun
Why would so many individuals stand out in a horrid climate such as this
To support a cause that they'll never enforce?

I can still hear them shouting, with their dead eyes and scornful tongues
Like puppets on a string, they spout the same fodder that they've been fed

“Oh, please! Won't you support my cause?
Can't you see that I care about it so?
Though I'm standing in the middle of the desert with nowhere else to go.
We've got to fight against injustice!
All you have to do is take my hand
Become another grain in this pathetic army of sand.”

But you're all fools (The best kind of slave never notices his chains)
You're all tools (for an agenda that you only think you've tamed)
For their rules (which you'll follow, to never question if you're sane)
Escaping your dusty cage (Only to find that you're trapped in another)

Loud protests filled with hopes and dreams (Can't you hear the combat boots marching right over the army of sand)
As they make promises that they cannot keep (Can't you hear the tanks trampling right over the army of sand)
Their voices silenced all in one frail scream (Can't you hear the sounds of the gunfire as the bullets pierce right through the army of sand)
This corpse of revolution has fallen on deaf ears (Can't you smell the stink from their rotten bodies as they start to decompose into the sand)

Man's machine remains triumphant again
The systematic destruction of another uprising
A crushing blow to a directionless army of sand
Yet all they really wanted was to be a unified army of man
2. Theory of Existence (6:41)
Am I really here?
Do I really exist?
Not even your deities can tell me this
What lies beyond, if anything at all?
Perhaps it's nothing more than a dream
Do we exist if we believe
Or is it all an inherited disease?

Is there really a God, is there really a devil?
Is there more to the end than dirt and a shovel?

Is this all a dream?
Every night I try to scream
But nothing happens and I fall asleep
Who is to say that I am not clay?
Who is to say that I am not the I am?

Is there really a God, is there really a devil?
Is there more to my life than this filthy human hovel?

3. The Grand Banquet (6:25)
There has always been a foul thing lurking within this shell of a man
My desires would often go unnoticed as I sought to blend in
I grew to despise these walking carcasses with each passing night
There were so many that I'd simply love to watch struggle and die

As my body mutates into this hideous Hyde
These desires can no longer be contained
I must devour, I must destroy
I must wipe them out, these feeble human toys

Look upon me with fear
The angel of death has appeared
More meat for the slaughter
I'll devour your sons, I'll devour your daughters
I love to hear the screams as I pull out their entrails
No one can stop me, your bullets can't harm me
I am an entity that transcends your kind, and my only desire is that of your demise

You're a herd of cattle, mindless and bumbling
Fattened and filled with a chemical flavoring
Mankind is but a feast, a banquet piled high with steaming meat

Your weapons are as useless as the hands that hold them
Come at me with your steel armaments, my teeth and claws will break them
I love it when prey charges directly into these gaping jaws
With the more that I consume, the larger a predator I become

Send your tanks to battle as I thrash buildings overhead
Planes and helicopters flying into the mouth of dread
I am a deity and now a mile tall
My rebellious rage will not subside until I've consumed you all

An insatiable demon lurks within me
Endless jaws for an endless feast
There's a monster waiting inside me
Hungering for the succulent taste of human meat

Onward livestock! Come charging into me!
Offering an ambrosial feast
You can never hope to vanquish me
I am a living horror, a god of death and disease!
4. Dirus Serpens (4:18)
5. Gates of Paradise II - The Cold Masque of Romance (6:38)
Failing to grasp paradise, I sought another method by which to alleviate my lonely life
To obtain another fix of dopamine, forever the addict to pleasure that I am
Always searching for new avenues, to unveil this cold mask of romance
Though I fear that it has no name, nothing more than a hollow frame
All I want is another shot of pleasure, another relationship, another state of bliss
Give me this endorphin flow that I crave to exist!

And everything that I've ever loved – I watch it disappear – like a fading hourglass – there's no reflection in this mirror – everything that I've built – crumbles down before me – an empire made of chemicals that crashes down upon me

I've heard about the ecstasy that lies behind this mask
Though I fear that it is cold and empty, a still life beneath the glass
I am just a junkie, looking for a rush
All I've desired is the pleasure, though there is no one that I trust
Enraptured by false beauty, the glamour of the eyes
Manipulating my neurons with such a clever disguise
The heat and passion of romance causes my heart to burn and quicken
Though there is nothing on the other side of this side of this curse of which I've been stricken
The mask lies empty and blank, I surely fear that it hides a shadow
Everything I need is dopamine, for this injection I shall follow
Follow into the deep

As I tear myself apart, gnawing out my heart
strangling myself in my intestinal tract
I look into the black, knowing that I'll never get it back
Al the precious time that I've wasted, looking to get behind the mask
All the time I've wasted, looking to see what they see.
I see their bliss, through eyeless sockets
I see their dreams through a mindless skull
I see their faces through a fragile mask
Though what I see, they cannot see at all

And everything that I've ever loved – I watch it disappear – like a fading hourglass – there's no reflection in this mirror – everything that I've built – crumbles down before me – an empire made of chemicals that crashes down upon me

And everything that I've ever been – I watch it disappear – likea broken hourglass – there's no reflection in this mirror – everything that we've built – crumbles down before us – an empire made of chemicals that crashes down upon us
6. A Judgement Divine (7:13)
Exiled from paradise
Cast down into the abyss below
A realm plagued with ignorant materialism
Where classist doctrines are the rule of law
A world of slave and master
Of servant and of King

Feel the procession
This existence
Fighting, endless fighting
Familiar footsteps
Leading onward
Buildings, endless Buildings

This realm cannot thrive for long
It will soon be at an end
As neighbor turns against neighbor
and friend against friend
With ideologues their weapon chest
Wars fought on several screens
Worms who fail to notice
Their surroundings are slowly withering
Enduring the onslaught
Wearing away
Searching for life, stretching our lives
Vicarious suffering
Unwavering reckoning
Meaningless lives, lost for nothing
The innocent suffer
With the corrupt
A judgement divine

Kings who market warfare for their mercantilist Gods
None aware of the falling debris as these buildings fall apart
A judgement divine, cast out into nothingness
Technological security, a great farce of loneliness
Communicating with the shadows, such promising masks they wear
The monstrosities behind them filled with anger and despair

All is lost through numb fingertips
Grasping at grey memories
Clouding my mind
Slowly my feet move
All paths lead here
Lethargy overcoming to the end
Staring inward, My limbs inert
Myself removed, what lies beyond?

Feel the darkness, Writhing tension
Coiling, endless coiling

Serpent spirit becoming one
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