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The Essence Full Album Lyrics

Torchure - The Essence cover art

The Essence

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 11 Duncan TB-6 (2011-10-24)
1. Invisible Truth (4:54)
Hidden from the light
Where no one knows the truth
What I see is an artful hoax
Why can't I see? - My own body
Once part of the dark side
Was caught by the energy of the light
I see my body and my environment
I think I do it with my eyes
But my eyes need the energy of the light
Could I only see - what is ordered to me
Who am I myself? I don't see what I feel
My only power comes from sun
I can't get any other energy for life
If I do it wrong my body falls in pain
So I'm gonna have to scream
Can I see? - Can I feel?
My eyes feel what they see
My mind can't feel what I see
2. Sense of Death (0:59)
3. Sinister Seduction (4:37)
A loser since you were born
You surely think there's nobody to love you
Everything in your life goes wrong
Now you think their promises are true
"Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law" -
It may sound good to you
But it's not worth to strive for
All they preach and promise you plead for
Do everything you want without restraint
Take all you want to get, take more and more
There are no rules, you never will be chained
"There's no god but man"
But don't act like a god for yourself
Never it will be the right way
Behind these lies there's only hell
Sinister seduction - Can't you realize
They tempt you in this trap
To make their own might rise
Sinister seduction
They'll rise and you will fall
Don't follow them into the dark
Never sell your soul
(solo Malte)
Evade their influence, it's not too late
Don't let them obtain might over yourself
You have the chance to avert your fate
Choose path of life and not hell
4. Voice of Power (6:06)
Is - is there anyone? Hear, please help me
My last hope it's last life
Take your chance - now
Don't leave me alone in the dark
Let me do something on the outside
So you'll get much more
Than you ever expected before
Believe me - Follow my directions
Feel me - In your body and -
You will find
Can you find something alone?
Tell me what do you find
You can't find it alone
Follow me - I show you all - Forget yourself
I said forget it - Put your trust in me
(solo Malte)
I'm the fire - The best for you
I'm only power - For me just death
I'm sure - When you have doubts
Take more and more - And let me out
I like to grow in force - I am you killer
If you don't know - what you want
Do what thou wilt - Take my energy
If you stand still
My power brings you death - like me
5. Terminus (1:26)
New values are forming my next destiny
Alive again
I have to travel in another cruel time
Will there ever be a way out of this painful circle
6. No Rest in Peace (4:26)
Hidden in the shadows beyond the light
Far away from my life and from my past
Once man, now a creature of the night
These darkest days will be my last
(solo Malte)
I'm a living corpse, there's no hope
All around I smell the stench of death
My blood flows no more my breath is choked
Putrefaction is the aftermath
Life has left my body long ago
But still releasing death is far away
My last powers fade, my fears grow
As I watch my advance decay
Slowly rotting skin and flesh
A body paralysed by rigor mortis
The repulsive stench of cold excrements
A face deformed a cruel mask of death
It's proceeding day by day
I'm putrefying as I writhe
I'm just a carcass in decay but I'm still alive
Help me! (solo Mario) No rest in peace
I can't rest in peace - I want to decease
I can't rest in peace - Must I live forever?
Or will they let me die?
7. Between the Urges (6:39)
The path we have to walk through our surreal existence
is never what it ever should be
There's freedom just in our believe
Directions are predetermined
By ubiquitous inner forces
We are just led by essential urges
Through so called love, hate or grief
Our freedom is just a lie
Independent we'll never be
Desire's always below our view
True reality will never be - We're tangled
In the strings of death and sexuality
Enslaved is our mind it's weaken our sanity
We're strayed from the domain
Out of wishes and out of fear
So we're altering the truth
The reason's out of gear
Between the urges eternally enslaved
Addicted to the pleasures of the flesh
Our mind is much too weak for resistance
Thanatos and Eros rule supreme
In this afflicted carnal existence
To cleanse your mind is just a senseless trail
I'm sure that we'll never reach control
We always try to satisfy these urges
And we'll continue until we fall
(solo - Malte)
Between the urges eternally depraved
We're tangled in the strings of death and sexuality
Enslaved is our mind, it's weaken our sanity
We're strayed from the domain
Out of wishes and out of fear
So we're altering the truth
The reason's out of gear
8. The Essence (6:02)
My escape to death a trip into the dark
At the end of the way I will know
No chance to return vanished to uncertainty
Vision or reality
Perished in blood or immortality
Your life - Only a trial - For your death
No choice - You have died
That is the essence
I've finished with my life suicide my last refuge
Broken away from my remains
Seeking for my peace of mind
In a land, only dead creatures know
Feel that, which you always missed on earth
Put your mind, in this endless space
And you can feel, what it's like to be dead
you have dived out of your painful life
Into this uncertain existence - No certainty
That you get your redemption
Your life was responsible for that
What you will reach
(solo - Malte)
I can not feel I can not see
Darkness in me is so ghastly
No direction to the light
I get into the claw of hate
The pain returns, my soul get's lonely
Delivered to this infinite faculty
I've no strength, where do I arrive
Is this hell - or another life?
9. Cry of Madness (5:06)
In the beginning the sun burned in the sky
I felt the hate - in the air
There were lots of men waiting to fight
When the sun goes down
Their souls - wait in hell
I see the land and feel the future
I look into the dark see death like never before
No one wants to die no one wants to kill
But everyone will do it - what madness
The good times of life are far away
Tell me the reason for these days for this hate
I see the first man falling
The next one is bleeding out
The third is dying under the sword
In the end they all - are creeping in the gore
I bring death to everyone
If it seems that he wants my life
I will award him the prize of his death
Cause I'm alive and he's gone down
10. X (0:36)
11. Traces (7:09)
It began with creation of man
The history of avarice and greed
Just imperfect - weak points of the mind
Disseminate degrading evil seed
Man starts to kill, to pillage and to rape
To profit by these abominable deeds
Through the ages it leaves its traces
A darkened path underneath man's feet
Gory traces left by man at present as in past
Change the times, conceal the facts
The human brute will last
"The blood we spill... the pain we feel...
The "foe" we kill... must burn in hell!"
Inhuman senseless butchery, unholy misery
The cruelty of man knows no boundaries
Millions of people died in their blood
Horrible tragedy
The cruelty of man knows no boundaries
Gory traces left by man at present as in past
Change the times, conceal the facts
The human brute will last
(solo: Malte)
"Let's nail the saviour on the cross
Pray, Jesus, but you are lost"...
"Let's burn the witches on the stakes
Go, rot in hell, heretics"...
"Let's hold the blacks in slavery
Nigger, feel the whip, you'll never be free"...
"Let's remove the jews from our land
Yeah, breathe the gas, it's your end"...
12. Lost Souls (2:52)
- in memory of Andreas and Thorsten -

Sudden death
You crushed out of life
No chance to flee from your damnation
Your aims - your plans - your dreams
All damned to fall, betrayed
No justice left for you
Only death waiting and longing for your souls
Your joy
Your laughter
Your faces
Haunt me in my dreams
(solo: Malte)
Eternally you joined with your destiny
But in death you will live again
Somewhere we'll meet again...
...my friends
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