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Hreilia Full Album Lyrics

Tongues - Hreilia cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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1. Perennial Waves (7:18)
Perennial waves smash into my mind's harbors
Dark waters form seas of golden tears
Lost in waves between the cosmic shores
Icons and mythos of forgotten ages
Washed down by the tide of time
Washed down...

Death comes in perennial waves

Mirrors from within the self
Revel in mysteries
Reflecting the gulf between flesh and spirit
Descend into the blackened depths
Into the inner caves of self-illumination
Pulsating through the locus of the soul

Ceremonial offerings of rotting saviours
Pillars drenched in eerie glow
From the shrines and temples
Forged in flesh and blood
To the outermost regions of the void
The hearts of men shall howl

So gather me up from the watery pits
Let me find the strength to reach the shore
Let me see the sacred soil rise in the horizon
And bathe me in the light of blinding flamessssssssssss...
…the hearts of men shall howl in the ocean of all souls!

Death comes in perennial waves

Before I shall drown in this inner sea
In the ocean of all souls
Death comes in perennial waves
And to the outermost regions of the void
The hearts of men shall howl
2. Theophagous Wounds of Earth (6:49)
Burning pages in pearly towers
The mantis eagerly lie in wait
Ashes descend into mouth of men

Touched by divine madness
Slithering tongues of fire
Crowning the skull of the corporeal
Alethea; the veil has been lifted

Seraphs become larvae
Crawling in mud, devouring
Dawn become dusk
Sun become moon
Soil lifted into high heaven
Becoming of Man
From clay and unto rotten earth
Hierophants become agents of amentia
Ophidian worship by lofty prophets
Becoming of Man

Abyss of obscene principles
Writhing, grotesque cosmos
Thousand eyes in each molecule
Staring into the souls of the condemned
Evening star has faded
3. Interlude (1:10)
4. ...and the Ever Watchful Clouds (5:55)
I am towering over mountains of flesh
Laying bound upon themselves
And the ever watchful ashen clouds
Cast their judgement in silence...

Feed me my incessant hate
Of great spires and thrones
In all their splendor and glory
I see them fall against my wrath...

I am forging gods from bone and clay
In my throne room of dancing shadows
Craven idols stand on pillars

By my grace they shall receive
Spiritus vitae, et carnem de morte

To be watched in awe by progenies of ruin
I cast them into the heavens
To glimmer like the morning star

Cast their apocryphal light upon the waters
For all the desolated cosmos to see
And the seas all burn with their light
A perverse glory for me to keep
5. Grove of Mithridate (7:44)
6. Acumen Numinous (9:22)
Unseen hands shepherd the accursed lineage
Towards the evergorging darkness
To shed the wretched skin of man
And step into the body of light
Luminous drudges and blinded slaves fall below
All in the name of the king

Suspended over the pits of eternal torment
Flanked by numinous guards of faith

All paths marked by living statues howling
Ivory figures of godhead, grotesquely luring
Enthroned on foundations of ancient blood
Huge as mountains, the pillars of this barren earth
Scorched and burned to the core

The eyes that see, the ears that hear
The parodies of holy objects burn away
Letting the black light pass onto my coil
Undying, unliving
A mockery of his creation

Suspended over the pits of torment
Flanked by numinous guards of faith
7. Hreilia (3:29)
...Og Helvede sig male i lystens mørke sale
Og om tiggerens leje skal det for evigt dreje
Og Djævlen kommer altid nærmere
Med spidende latter og tusinde piner
Som talende slanger,
Angeren æder og pisker dig
Tilbage til hadede dage
Du fredløse omstrejfer
Vanvid skal opløse dine sanser
Formørke livets kilde
Så jord og himmel ej spejles deri
Den evige orden forrykket
Sandhed og løgn
I perfid symbiose
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