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Satan's Wrath Full Album Lyrics

Thy Infernal - Satan's Wrath cover art

Satan's Wrath

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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1. For the Glory of Satan (4:45)
Upon this foul land of Jehovah
We are the wolves among the sheep
Triumphantly we stand defiant for him
Bearing the marks of our master
We are an abomination of god

The temples of god that burnt so violently
Yet shall burn eternally
For the glory of Satan

Hail mighty Satanas !!
Lead us in battle, guide our great swords in war !

When the sons of Nazarene
are raped of their dreams of heaven
And their holy lord
is slain upon his throne of gold
Behold the triumph of the horned one
And the kingdom of god shall see
The crowning of our unholy kings

For the glory of Satan, Hell's fires ablaze
Sending their ashes to heaven
For the glory of Satan, we malevolently kill
Storming the land in a blitzkrieg
Of fire and steel

And for endless milleniums we shall glorify
2. Descention (3:56)
Oh, great Death
Tiumphant, yet so cold
Rape this mortal shell with your bitter grace
Take me
From this curse called life
Where nothing brought me pleasure
But my dream of thy will

See my life spill in crimson streams

Behold the end of strife and misery
On this dawn of my blood soaked salvation
Feel the steel upon my flesh
As I greet the arrival of Death's cold embrace

The anguish of years passed
Shall never haunt me again
And the sun shall never rise before my eyes

Oh great Death
No longer do I feel
The pain of my mortal existence
Descend below
Beyond the gates and Satan's fire
Where I shall dwell by the side
Of my master

3. Behold the New Age of Lord Satanas (5:22)
Mighty lord of the blackest hate
The night has finally come
To spill the blood of holy men
To wage unholy war
To crucify the flock of christ
To blaspheme evry soul
To desecrate the throne of god
And rule the Earth once more

Lord Satan
The new order shall be fullfilled
To slaughter every righteous son
Destroy the reign of christ
Onward to the massacre
Of feeble fucking pigs
No man of light shall live to see
The cleansing of our world

Behold the new age

Darkest, hating, evil Lord Satan
Jehovah lays butchered
Heaven is burning
4. Satan's Wrath (5:07)
Rise unholy one
Come forth in all your splendor
Unleash your fucking vengeance
Upon the man of god
Raise the mighty sword
Bring death unto the christian
Dethrone the bastard son
Bestow your doom upon the Earth

Triumphant immolation
Rape this world of sacred life
Jehovah's fucking children shall be rendered
Limb from limb
Merciless Lord Satan
Thy glory shall usurp the light
Behold the fall of god
Death shall be their salvation

Endure the fury of Lord Satan's wrath
Pain and suffering shall torment thee eternally
See Jehova's golden kingdom perish in
Hell's flames
Bear witness to the devastating
Storm of Satan's hate

Rise upon the dawning of a new age
Riders of a blackening storm
Hatred surges through this demonwings
Triumph of the Ancient One
5. And to the Devil Six Sons (3:32)
6. Our Past Victories (3:25)
7. Black Magic (Slayer cover) (3:39)
Black Magic Night
We've Been Struck Down
Down In This Hell
Spells Surround Me Day And Night
Striken By The Force Of Evil Light
The Force Of Evil Light

Under His Spell
Blinding My Eyes
Twisting My Mind
Fight To Resist The Evil Inside
Captive Of A Force Of Satans Might

Fighting The Curse
Break It I Must
Laughing In Sorrow
Crying In Lust

My Strenght Slips Fast
Soon I Must Fall
Victim Of Fortune
My Sources Grow Small
Life Slips Away
As Demons Come Forth
Death Takes My Hand
And Captures My Soul
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