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What Will Prevail Full Album Lyrics

Thornbridge - What Will Prevail cover art

What Will Prevail

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-30)
1. Intro (1:21)
2. Blow Up the Gates of Hell (4:54)
Once an old man spoke these words
To his courageous knights
Now I'm here to preach these words again:
Days of thunder lie ahead
Pain and misery
Go out now - Taste the evil breath

Demons are reaching out
For your mortar life
Show them the answer to their lust

Flames touch the sky
And fill the night with a horrid war cry
Now the world will end once and for all
'The Underworld awakes
The final chapter has begun
Command: Blow up the Gates of Hell

Now the hell is burning
Make the sign of holy cross
We are ready for the final blow
Against the last adversary
Put them all in chains
Crucify; Blow up Devil's Door

Crimson eyes are staring
'Through the darkness of the gate
Evil voices calling
From the ministry of hate

Paradise, we'll bring it back again
It is not too late - not too fate
3. The Dragon's Reborn (4:33)
High on the mountain, fire and flames
A sign of the impending doom
Unknown invaders like creatures of hell
These are the days of the storm

The curse of the past has come back again
The circle of evil leaves traces of pain

The nightmare is back, we'll never forget
The days of the storm, the Dragon's reborn
The nightmare is back, remorseless attack
With fire and ice, an unholy hell-creature reborn

The dark dragon flies, impaled by the king
The dark lord is casting a spell
Break up the lines of thunder and storm
Stand in the fire of hell
4. What Will Prevail (5:31)
For all the years of torment
For all the innocents
For all the ones who suffered for their dreams
For all the aged and infirm
For all their liberty
For all the memories haunting me

Don't lose your mind
Release your soul
We'll find a place they’ll never know
Whole insanity has lost control

Reach for the might
Of the eternal salvation
Ride back in time
To the ocean of life
Join in the history
The never ending tale
Mortal decay
What will prevail

For all the great illusions
For all the little things
For all the ones who realized their dreams
For all the lost and victims
For all their charity
For all the memories goading me

And for all who stand beside me
On this hangman's puppet stage
And for all who hang beside me
On this dead man's judgement day
5. Coachman's Curse (5:27)
For a thousand years
Hell's opened its gates
To send the coachman into the world
When the moon is shining
With a broody, red light
The Coachman will guide
Our souls out of life

The last ray of light like a silken thread
Expelled by darkness
Night of the damned
In the dour of the Coachman's Curse

He was enslaved, a servant of hell
Undead forever
He's on the cent
For the souls of the fallen men

To every battlefield he rides
Seeks out your soul with burning eyes

The Coachman will guide
Our souls out of life
Final stop on earth

Beholder of lifetime and hunter of souls
We can't escape
The Coachman's Curse

His cowl full of dust
And the smell of death
Backbreaking silence
He patiently waits
The battle has just begun
And when the deathgame finally ends
His voice is calling
The souls of the damned
He's left with no choice
He's lashing his horse

In the gloom of night
We can see a glowing light in the dust
So we will follow him
In Coachman we trust
6. Symphony of the Battllefield (2:27)
The wind is blowing cold
Black clouds at the sky
Our souls would cry in silent prayers
Our hearts prepared to die
Face to face with the enemy
We can't win this fight
Our eyes filled with tears
But there's no way out

Voices of fellow soldiers
Their blood soak the ground
The war like a deathride
With a merciless sound
Theatre of war
With a curtain of fear
I see their arrows fly
Now our end is here

The hour has come
Thousand souls leave their home
To follow their father's steps at dawn
We promised to fight
For a place in Valhalla
With clashing steel
One last time

And never again
7. Eternal Life (5:03)
I built the door of heaven
I blew the gates of hell
I killed the wildest beasts
But found no lasting peace
I touched the fallen angel
I locked the seven seals
I stole the spear of lightning
And walked the rainbow bridge

A thousand years of fire mountains
A thousand years of ice
Rage and anger rises up
And leaves me hypnotized
I brought rulers to heir thrones
Some others to decline
Weak now, I want rest in peace
Bow down and resign

The longing for your heart
Is tearing me apart
But your graceful spirit
Leads my poisoned mind
And if your silhouette
Will vanish in the haze
I will recognize
There is no end in sight - Eternal Life

I pushed continents apart
And I burned Babylon
I asked the oracle
Why my life leads on and on
The course of immortality
Gives Eternal Life
I would endure anything
If you could be revived

Dark is the sun and I feel I am strong
I know the pain will soon be gone

Eternal Life

I am the creator
With the power to reverse
I will let the world collide
With the core of the universe
I am the creator
With the power to reverse
I wilt let the world collide
With the core of the universe

Now it's time for terror and destruction
I enact the sinking of the world
I destroy all life and my existence
Rising up, reach out for your hand
8. Neverwinter Nights (5:27)
Built in ancient times
And now the warlords weight my fate
With an aura of life ever dying
This forsaken realm somber shade
And all the blood frozen to ice
The many thousand I killed

Courage, hate, pain and tears
The battlefield of kings
Autumn so long ago
The winter spread's its wings
Madness, death and terror facing me
As my warriors fair to their knees
When the cards of life were dealt
My heart - an empty shape

Here inside the walls of winter

Warlords way my fate
Forevermore the darkness reigns
Over a place of eternal death
And running blood

Kill - Neverwinter nights
Kill - Warriors standing tall
Kill - When the hammer falls
Kill - Brave warriors sacrifice their own

This will be a rotten place, never rotted
A dying place, never dead
Hell rides across the frozen plane
Covering all in death
And your wish of Neverwinter Nights
Is buried in the graves
Of your warriors
With eternal wrath
9. Under the Ice (5:55)
Hundreds of spells
I've learned through the years
Dust on the scrolls
And candles burned down
My movement, my knowledge
The chapter is closed
And now the journey begins
To the last point of my mortal life

And when the daylight fades away
I see a light under the ice
The destination, my way
Time stands still

Beyond the horizon to nowhere
Standing in front of the snow-wizard's ice
Moments of unspoken words
I get the badge of the runes
The runes under the ice

Almost I gave up, my body frozen to ice
My last dying breath
And so it forced me to my knees
I was lost in the cold winter reign
My damnation
I was lost in the cold winter reign
My damnation failed

Now I lay my hands down on the runes
To charge my witchcraft
Magic runs into my vein - I am alive
10. Tower of Lies (4:42)
An ash-coloured moon
And a pale candlelight
An affliction encases the tower
Watchman is calling
"Come closer my friend"
Find a way of life

He gives me a chest and a lantern
"You must stride through the maze of doors
Every lie of your lifetime will face you
Take care of yourself, find the truth"

Fakes and cruel illusions
I'm the lord of lies
Come into my tower
I'll debauch your mind

Stars in the sky
Enlighten the Tower of Lies
Invisible watchers controlling my mind
When dark souls wander

Tower of Lies
I know the secret inside
The truth is my weapon
And faith is my shield, tonight
Tower of Lies

On my quest I discover a mirror
Shows me pictures of a forgotten time
It's a world full of fantastic landscapes
But I feel the spell in my mind
11. Galley of Horror (5:00)
Now hear my tale from a town by the sea
Scarred by the recurring fear
Before the darkness falls over the land
People are praying to the cross
And as they're looking out to sea
The waft of mist is blocking the view
The waves are breaking against the rocks
Demons on a ship rowing
In time with the choir

And as the ship came in sight of the coast
There sounds a laughing scream
Thunder and lightning dance on the sea
'The sails are smeared with blood

Tyrants of light, navigators of night
The Galley of Horror is sailing in fight
Together they stand on water and land
Mercy or death lies in their hand

The valley is burning, crying and dying
Destroyed by the devil in disguise
Horribly murdered, a land of the dark
The evil passed by fast and hard
No one could defend his own property
All goods and chattels spoiled in the fire
The ship sails away, the valley is lost
And the demons are rowing
In time with the choir
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