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Mortus Tenebræ Surrectus Full Album Lyrics

Thornafire - Mortus Tenebræ Surrectus cover art

Mortus Tenebræ Surrectus

GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-16)
1. The Arrival (of Ablazed Hordes) (2:42)
Thunders far away, announce the arrival
Of the shadowed forces, that brings with them
Suffering, destruction and death
To their step, expands burning waves
Of fire destructor, for each place of this world
Leaving only remains of cities, temples
And their pathetic form of life.

The planet is dominated
By the might of the flames & pain
Putting end to all wrong way of anterior dominion
That never will rise again!!!.
2. Avernal Empire (4:51)
Throughout the times
Was known the accenssion of misfortune
Prophecies told of it, thousand years ago
And now his commandments have being to come real.

Demon's hand, express his will
Through the fleeble mortals
Iniquity is the new rule
Hate gnaws the mind, like a violent fever
Great plague of destruction, venom flowing every earth
Death and tribulation have no end
For repent there's no place
For repent there's no place.

Triumph of decay, rage and falseness
Will be the principle of the avernal empire
Essence of evil flows in every drop of blood
Eternal horror's possessed of each living being
Elder prophetic insurrection
Have been breed in this world.

Iniquity perpetual rule of this planet
Precense of the hell fire's
The devil possessed my world
Fire eternal flow in my veins
3. Scorching Iron Thorns (3:36)
Up high at the tower, I open my senses
Surrounding coldness, invades my inner being
And I shall not feel any remorse
Standing here, I behold my evil creation
Wars spreading in every nation
Peace, just a sad memory.

Blind armies fighting in dreadful battles
Extermination, showing up in every where
Like a destructing fire, consuming every nation
The dark clouds of holocaust
Bring shadows and acid rains
Which gnaw the skins of the weak victims
Penetrating their bodies like
Scorching iron thorns!!!.

The roar of destructing machines
The crushing of the thundering bombs
Lethal annihilating bullets
Suffocating toxic gases
They shall all raise to divinity
This awful creation.
4. From Grand and Darkest Conversion (5:31)
Crowned in dense darkness
With curses, strength and grand mystical knowledges
Praised in the altar of dead, born to the shadows
With dark aura, as a new entity
That engulf my whole being
That engulf my whole being.

When the night has come
And the dark haze cover this world
I'll fly over the land covering them
With my influence and pathetic intentions
Cloack of shadows if formed
Leading my legions
Towards destruction of
World's decaying dogmas
World's decaying dogmas

Shadow's embrace
Has mourned the spirit
Of every human being achieving them
Grand and darkest conversion of this souls
To the eternal shadows of the abyss

When the night be gone
And the dark forces of dusk
Have conquered the earth
Will end the splendour of your elder god

All legions will claim
Victory outreached
Establishing forever the
Grand and darkest conversion
5. Risen from Somberness (3:34)
Anointed by shadows
With annihiliation in command
The cursed falseness of this world
Steer by rules of my dark spiritual realm
In total despise of light
Swarms of demon's and beast
Fight by my side
Cleaning the earth from all scum.

Risen, from somberness
With destruction in my hands
Wrath, beating in my heart
Extermination, I will be...
Risen, from somberness
Outstanding the beginning of the end
With great suffering in heaven n' earth

When the pain has been unleashed
And the winds of death
Blows in eternity
The deep shadows of the Averno
Will establish in the summit of the world
The reign of terror
Will celebrate the beginning of his dominion
6. The Hallucination (6:04)
7. Those Funereal and Sorcering Voices (5:02)
Eager for stopping to bear our existence
In inequals belief
We'll leave the reclusion
That ourselves have created

Magnanimous knowledge, that at least is revealed
That show us the monotonous and small world
Of every times

Over sea of darkness at least, we'll ship
Leaving behind those sad falsities

Do you hear that whispers, funereal and sorcering voices

Death, greatfull goddess, spill your bane to comfort us
And carry us to the eternal mirth
8. Outro (1:15)
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