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Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation | Full Album Lyrics

Thornafire - Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation cover art

Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsIbex Moon Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-04-24)
1. Curse of the Supreme (5:18)
To those who disregard
What in heaven was a design
To a race made from mud
The sword in flames in the soul of a human being

In fire & in hell we were created

Those created at resemblance
Of a demon with a halo in his forehead
A gift that was grafted in his soul
The key to human race condemnation

Take the present of the Supreme Reason

The reasonable animal
Exact copy of his god
Envy & lie with his brothers
With his gospel prophesying revenge

With the word of a human being
Written in the dialect of the ancient book of horror
Takes in his hands the lives of those don't follow him
Listening to whispers of the damned Saviour

With the obsession of some power
Takes in his hands a piece of human flesh
Lay the foundations of self defense
It sheds blood of his brother

The curse of the Supreme Reason
2. Eve's Flesh Delirium (5:12)
In the beginning of myth & time
Under the knowledge tree lies
The serpent & Eve's vulva

The beginning-(the sin)
The serpent-(the flesh)

With her life created to the sin
Along pleasure & not to engender
The serpent gets close & touches her feel
As well as it did later with Mary

Love,devotion & reason
Are the clauses to eliminate bestiality
But forgotten to enjoy anal sex
Are the keys to condemn humanity

The serpent Eve
Ancestor of the world
Exile from paradise
Mary wanted

Her innocence sold
Through the god
Penetrated & fertilized
The descent from Adam

Creator of sin
And the mediating of the beast
Got the wisdom
That his own creator

Repeat Chorus

Your perfect God
Creates a female
To be condemned

The serpents shows her
The pleasure in her body
The real path of perdition

The God is ashamed
Of her naked body
And her taste for pleasure
That makes her forget

Her faith in Him

Eve's shame disgrace
3. Offering and Desecration of Mosheh (4:36)
The great moralist with his erected phallus
Showing power & asking for submission
With deception of salvation ask his flock
To follow the profaned command of his God

With illusions the beasts that follow the shepherd
An epitome of domination was given to them
Strangely hidden to the flock
To conceal that Mosheh did it itself

Law of domination
Submission & supremacy

With the flock sunk in total ignorance
Ignoring the false origin of its law
The worship the newly invented Saviour

And creator of law
Is not God

And creator of law

Jew's Saviour at right hand
Mosheh ling of lies at left hand
And the center lacks of a powerful God

The Jew's Sviour with the crozier in his hands
Sitting in his throne laughing at his flock
Teaching the beast about the worst of sins
Ask her town to kill at his command

The Jew's Saviour with the tables in his hands
Used as a large sword gripped
Dominates an ognorant & inhuman town
With a faked story of a anointed Saviour
4. Clergy's Betray (4:48)
In the past,a msall group of aged men
were devoted to achieve wisdom
and not to get power & wealth
They are a latent menace to pontificate

A small town that don't lives from charity raises
they don't adore altars or images also
Don't need to faithful to an oath
Neither to believe in suffering to get salvation

Clergy starts to envy them
those unable to wield their power on them
They instill lies & tell them to be heretics
Falling on them the reign of terror

Official:His Holiness how may I recognize
believers from true heretics?
Inocencio III:Kill them all,God will know his owns

The reign of terror

Clergy forgets its miserable origin
And their years of slave ness by the Roman Empire
and as every guilty one,they wait for salvation
But they are condemned from the beginning
of their formation

One hand on the cross & the other on the sword
The pontificate unleashes its envy
Their Crusade respect no sex or age
Christians burning their brothers because of faith

Official:Job is done,His Holiness,there were no respect for age,sex or social kind

Betrayed & killed
Raped & deprived
Your own brothers
5. Mata Que Dios Perdona (0:55)
6. From Dominated to Dominators (4:47)
In a desperate group of Jews
Slaves & miserable

The idea of an anointed Saviour is born
To free them from their misery

A religion in oppression
Full of myths & illusions

His vow of poverty becomes a myth
From dominated to dominators

The theft of rites & commandments
From other religions begins
They promise the end of suffering
While their churches are full of it

The god new,the end of suffering
The bad one,all dies because of this

With a church representing pain
with horrible torture pictures

The main symbol of their church
It is a man dying in a stick
7. Deification of the Four Fallacies (5:21)
Chroniclers from the first Christian century
They mention nobody beating death
The observant of the astronomcal phenomena
They saw no eclipses or starts in Belen


It will be remembered through history
but history says nothing about his life
Will be remembered as the son of God
But suffers as the son of a human being

If a Jew doesn't worship a human being
How a man can be son of his God
If they use the language of myth
Writings speak nothing about his story

Because it doesn't exist his flesh to Paul
His faith is in crucifixion
If their acts were completely divinized
Why he was so slowly deified

Now read the vague writings
You'll see the myth removes the historic register
Try to find a non catholic testimony
And see all those chronicles to the stake were sent

Christians has existed for centuries
in slave & working races of the past
Devoted to finish their agony
No need to other crucifier

No need to suffer to be faithful
Because suffering is what we have most in this World

Repeat Chorus:
8. From Punishment to Advent (5:37)
Chained & naked lies
The gnostics born of the darkness
Surrounded by fire they remain
Waiting for his last breath

His laments
And his stink
His screams
And his skin-shattered

With his naked body facing sky
And his eyes looking at the torturer
Who cut off part of his sex
Now look at him as if were a bastard

With their dying souls they remain
Cloistered with torments by a clergy
Those who get Eucharist from God
And justify torture by faith

The Nazarene looks at them with splendour
How they suffer as he also does
To know more lifes laws
Were the menace of the divine creator

The mystic ministry of horror
Forged in fire

Invoking-the fire
9. Fertility Initiation (6:08)
A weird woman trapped in a myth
In her first fertile period
Who is supposed to be with a Jew
Supposedly fertilized for an angel

Forgets her capacity to f**k
Forget the original sin

Exacerbate her fertility
Is she able to f**k with winged one?

If the original sin is the creation of a female
How Mary is the Immaculate Conception
Accepted as the mother of God
She is trapped in the incest of her own son

Possessed by a white demon & fertilized for a sectarian The serpent is manifesting- and now sleeps under her feet
Showing the denied beginning-of her fertility
With the stink of her blood-and her weird beauty
The Nazarenes are attracted - to repeat the sin

To eradicate the original sin
The demon of the vine is invoked
To hide its malignancy
It is called Holy Spirit

And the beginning the Jew's possession
Look at the serpent at the virgin feet
If Mary engendered the son of God
Why wasn't she deified immediately

Trapped in the myth of the grace of the Holy Ghost
10. Deflagracion (3:37)
Mira al rededor todo el pecado
Con el pasor de centurias en sufrimiento
y tu entregandote como ofrendo para absolverte
a un intermediario entre la bestia y la luz divina

Mira en el pasado todo el sufrimiento
Por la expiacion de transgredir lo puro y divina
Con el sacrificio simulado de un jumano
y por tu virtud de creer sin comprender

Mira el humano coronodo como Dios
En un ejemplo de agonia y sumision
y justificado por un sacrificio simulado
Estas en paz por la redencion de un ser humano

Mira a Jesus como a un cordero al ser faenado
y no a un Dios que expia culpas para salvarte
y al no entender todo sabre su ley
Estaras fuera de su Fe

Mira su vida en el pasado
y velo ahora colgado de un arbol
Mira su sangre y su cuerpo dasgarrado
Y veras que la agonia es igual que la Fe

Suprime tu cuerpo y vuve en sufrimiento
Un pedazo de carne en la cruz lo hizo
Tu descendencia Adamatica y el bautismo
Te condenan igual a la muerte

Combate por la Fe y por esa causa justa
Que todavia quedan almas que quemar
y elimina a todo aquel fuera de tu ley
Que tu hermano hereje te muestra la verdad

La Fe-En Fuego
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