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The Age of Dajjal Lyrics

Tholomat - The Age of Dajjal cover art

The Age of Dajjal

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-07-10)
1. The Age of... (Intro) (0:54)
2. Ad-Dajjal (4:21)
With marked eye
And a sparkling forehead
The bold letters reveal it all
The planet will be cursed

"O my friends come to me!
I am your lord!"

The apocalypse is near now
In the age of Dajjal

Forty days of blackened spells
One like a year
One like month
One like a week

Siege, death and destruction
And Miracles are reborn
To tempt the masses
When the prayers die

"O my friends come to me!
I am your lord!"

The apocalypse is near now
In the age of Dajjal
3. Mass Extinction (4:04)
65 million years ago
The earth vomited itself
Ultimate destruction
Mass Extinction

Now we are here
The earth got sick again
Ultimate fate
Mass Extinction

Humanity will be crushed
Like a worthless insect
Ultimate adjustment
Mass Extinction

The history repeats itself
The patterns never change
Universal revolution
Mass Extinction
4. Universal Dust (3:48)
The planet opens its arms
Embracing the universal cancer
With leper soil and boiling dust
The planet is turning to dust

Universal Dust

Everybody is screaming
Panic and horror fill the lands
The flames are spreading
We're dying today

Universal Dust

The hammering sound of volcanic rains
Is deafening our existence
The buildings are melting down
The earth is surrendering to flames

The frightening circle of life
From dust to dust
These seven frail skies
Won’t serve you forever

Universal Dust

The planet is infected now
Consumed by the universal cancer
With leper soil and boiling seas
The planet is turning to nothing
5. Brace Yourself (3:54)
The trumpet can be heard
By your torn decayed guts
The time has come
Brace yourself, the end is here

Collect your believes and watch
The skies rape the earth
No time to comprehend now
Run you coward creatures!


Pre-historic ages
Wrote verses about today
From lifeless matters we once came
Into total disorder

From a small seed of dirt
You ruled nature for centuries
The earth expired today
Turned into a gigantic grave
6. In the Midst of... (2:24)
7. Jaheem (4:54)
The mighty eternal flames
Swallow the earth and rise
The human time has come
Wash this place up


All the sinners will burn
The skin will melt from the bones
The screams will fuel the lake of fire
Dungeon of torment and suffering

You hypocrites, you all will fall
Into the darkest corners
Dance in immortal torment
The gates of hell are open
8. Morbid Corruption (3:57)
The chaos rules the earth
Death is taking over
Humanity's clock is slowing down
The extinction is near

The skies will be burning stones
To write the end of all
Morbid Corruption
Malicious creatures

The day of reckoning is near
All your worthless lives will be taken
The day of reckoning is near
All your decisions will be faced

The books can’t describe
The horror your flesh will meet
Swallow your eyes and soul
Feel the sea of flames

The earth will be crushed
With your bones and ignorance
You arrogant creatures
The extinction is here

The skies will fall down
The planets will collide
The harmony will finally break free
And chaos will reign again
9. The Long Sleep Is Over (3:41)
Wake up from these tombs
Stand up with your remains
The time has come again
To die all over again

Join the coward living fleets
Enjoy the rest of the show
Get crushed get burnt
That’s why you are here

Your disfigured faces
Your stinking remains
Will be embracing the beauty of death
The charming world destruction

Rise from the deserts
Rise from the seas
Rise from the north
The long sleep is fucking over

Ages of silent corpses
Centuries of peaceful graves
The screams of decayed throats
Will be your apocalyptic music
10. Biological Error (4:04)
Demons will be walking
Through the ruins of your cities
Laughing at your greed
Laughing at your stupid ways

You make extinction easier

The harm the human does
To its own species
Is worse than natural disasters

You make extinction easier

You killed the poor
You sacrificed the weak
You divided the world
To satisfy your greed

You created diseases
You slayed your own race
You're a failure
A biological error

You make extinction easier

The weapons and the license to kill
Won’t save your existence anymore

The universe has its methods
To wash away the failure
To start all over again

You make extinction easier
11. Tholomat (4:18)
When the sun expires
Ultimate darkness will reign
In a sea of black light we'll get lost


Life will crawl and weep
The night will be eternal
Warmth will fade
And coldness will rule

Your pathetic civilization
Will eat itself
Under the frosty light of the moon
Chaos will lead the creation
Into total extinction
12. 75:114 (1:09)
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