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When Darkness Reigns Full Album Lyrics

This Divided World - When Darkness Reigns cover art

When Darkness Reigns

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
Album rating :  45 / 100
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2013-03-30)
1. The East and the West (2:21)
As I put my destiny in your hands
This is so strange but so redeeming
I fall to my knees and I cry out
In my brokenness
Forgive me

As I open my eyes I am alive
For the punishment has been lifted
I have been given grace only a sinner can understand
I am free, liberated

As the East and the West walk in opposite directions
So will I

Blow a heavenly wind
Carry me in a new direction to you
For my ways are below your ways

I fall to my knees
I cry out in my brokenness
Forgive me

Send me in a new direction back to you

My sins are on the ocean floor
Ocean floor
2. Falling Stars (3:15)
The great deceiver leads the elect away
With false prophecy and false doctrine
And in the end he doesn't care who dies
Because in the end we all are crucified

Like dominoes their statues fall to your lies
Falling, crashing to the Earth
Welcome to your temporary inheritance

A giant hand sweeps the darkness across
And the sheep run but the Shepherd is strong
Much of this world caves, and is led away to a broad road
Filled with luke-warm waters, drink to your heart's content

Oh deceiver, oh liar, oh falling star
Your cunning lies are not enough for me

I will enter through the gates from where you fell
I will walk and live where you will never walk again

You are the father of lies, your heart's the birthplace of sin
You are the father of lies

He will regain all that you stole
Where Love is you cannot go

Where I am destined you are turned away
For the Gatekeeper will not know your face
As you have chosen to not know His
The gatekeeper will not know your face

You are not able to return
From where you fell
For you have chosen
The path of pride that leads to Hell

Lies are your eulogy
3. In Her Heart (2:40)
If you knew what love was
Then you wouldn't have to ask

If you knew what love was
Then you wouldn't have to ask
I'm giving you a chance
God is your only chance

The prince of this world would have you choose
Bitterness, lonliness, emptiness
But I know what you're looking for in your heart

What you want is not what you need
The foundation is cracked
Your hope is built on castles on sand

But there is a rock built on truth with joy, unspeakable joy
A place wherein contentment lies

Your brokenness will fade away
Your pain will be washed away

And in your storm He'll hear your voice
He'll hear your voice

You will never be alone in this world
You will never be alone in your heart
In your heart
4. Unconditional (3:05)
When thoughts are pushed away
And the blackened backdrop still remains
On this clear starry night
It's you and only you tonight

A question begs
What is your hope tonight?
Is the emptiness of this life too much for you?

When thoughts are pushed away
And the blackened backdrop still remains
On this clear starry night
It's you and only you tonight

Have you seen enough now to make you want to change?
Who holds our faith in place?
Only one can hold our faith in place

For just one moment examine yourself with me
There's no one to lie to but ourselves

Is this mirror a picture of conviction?
Of condemnation or are you free?

As water reflects a man
So a man's heart reflects a man

Who is staring back at you?
How far will you run to try and outrun yourself?
What is the condition of your heart tonight?

The Unconditional
5. The Doorway (2:59)
What do you wake up asking yourself?
Do the questions drive you to the end of this world?

There is only One and He will come
To separate the wheat from the chaff

Where does my destiny lay?
In His hands or in my own?

Eternal decisions have eternal consequences

And this life has only one real question
Will you receive life?

But your heart is hardened
The question is the answer
And He will point you to Himself

For ask and it will be given unto you
Seek and you will find
Knock and the door will be opened unto you
But will you walk through it?

The hallowed ones will wake in the living waters
This world dies without the Living God
6. War Exist (1:46)
7. When Darkness Reigns (3:53)
From the beginning this ground was cursed
The works of our hands for our selfishness
This can't be the meaning of our existence
When will the truth be found?

You think you're running from a lie
But the truth is looking to be found
Few will find it in this darkened world
When darkness reigns

Earth quakes shatter and sin is victorious
But only for a moment, only for a moment

Dead and risen, He is King
Even when the darkness reigns

He was betrayed by every man and woman
We were the killers of our LORD
My sin weighed heavy on your shoulders
But you cast it away and remember it no more

The violence has begun to fill this earth
The prince of this world wears his crown and holds his scepter high
Dark clouds remain

And this may be
The final outpost
The final lighthouse
The last encampment

The darkness reigns
But we are victorious
8. Redeemed (3:01)
You chose me Father out of love
In desperation I saw your hand as it reached out
To save me, save me

How did you see what I would become?
My life is a shameful stain with imperfection at my center
The god of my flesh reigning over me

As you gave me new life
And you gave me a new heart
As you called me to your mercy
And you called me to the light

I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ
Who died for me and said I'm worthy
Who said that I am worthy

The only good thing of this life
Is Jesus Christ

For I am a liar
A mindless pleasure seeker
Searching for the gratification of the moment
The simple answer for today
But you know me LORD
And you call me yours
I am Your child, I am Your child

I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ
9. Compromise (3:33)
How can you live with only one foot in the kingdom?
The generation will rise and you will fall away
The workers are few, the harvest is plenty
He calls you now all of the world
Turn from this impure love from a harlot's mouth
I have not been called to this life with half a heart

We have been watered down

Burn away my impurities as I move forward
I will finish this race that I have started

Though the destruction sought me
The LORD is strong enough
To pull me from the stream of lukewarm unbelief
The doubt that leads to the worship of Mammon
I will not store my treasures here

For this is not my home
It's not my home

No compromise

Brothers and sisters be strengthened and give up what remains
10. Vessels (3:32)
Be pure and undefiled
A vessel for the perfect message
I will not forget that I am Your witness

Keep me close as I enter within this perverse generation
To speak of love and truth
And as You have me I will give to You

This is the message given through the Son
Carried to the Gentiles and multiplied forth
I am only a messenger of a Messenger

This flesh and blood will carry only truth
For my words are unoriginal
I'm a lamp post
I'm a lighthouse on the shore
Calling out to those lost in the darkness
My only greatness is the One that I serve
But I will boast all the more in it

I desire to be known by Him
To be recognized by the same Love offered to all
The universal, unconditional Love
God please send me where you will

To all the nations
To the ends of the Earth

Send me where you will
Send me
11. Lies of Grandeur (3:08)
This life is a meaningless vapor
All the kingdoms of this world cannot compare
To the glory of the Father
Blink and it's all gone

Why do we waste the little time we've been given?
We always turn from the only thing that matters
Father give me Your secret joy while I remain here

Remind me of the value of my time on this Earth
The flash of lightning that we call life

For when this life is over let it be said
Well done thy good and faithful servant

The empty life
The empty lie
The hollow shells we've become

The lies of grandeur

All that our hearts chase after cannot compare to
What lies in wait for those who truly know You
And when it feels so hopeless like we are failing
If we don't faint or give in we will overcome
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