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Genómasis Full Album Lyrics

Theurgia - Genómasis cover art


GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-07-10)
1. Genómasis (2:41)
2. Eden's Infamy (6:22)
Today thou seekest the truth, after stabbing our soil with thy blood
Night would fall before the heliopause announced the opening of its skies
And the time of men would unspeakably bring the eternal sleep
With visions with no mornings, drowned in false promises.
Open thy eyes. We are heirs of the condemned one, children of the great father!
Him, who roamed for centuries through invisible strokes of our blood
Leaving behind the stench of death as a path, on the left of the creator.

We dress sin in silk and change the skin of paradise
Thou wantest the grail of revelation
but thou drankest from the chalice of treason
Thou pretendest to hear the cosmos at unknown frequencies.

Ethereal vibrations, absurdly perfect!
But Eden’s infamy impregnates fools with hope
Removing from sight accepted, unquestioned truths
In vain thou sworest to the name of God,

An immeasurable lie thou believedest, livedest, and prophesiedest as thine own.
Adopted and adapted.

Now the past will make his way once last time depriving you of any sense
As the nightmare of inexistence invades your body, devouring the soil beneath you.
No tree grows enough without its roots touching the depths of the abyss.
We were the forbidden fruit, but now we are the ecstasy of darkness.

Cain is my name; ours, his, theirs.
The name of us all, but not thine.
3. Her Watery Depths (5:55)
Unexplained forms unveiled your ascent
Being the last memory of the depth's tumulus
At the seventh day, the black waters held your azureus ether in cosmos

Where earth was formless, empty; and the darkness lay upon the face of the abyss
The spirit of God posed over the face of your waters.
Darkened as my soul, a vast whirlwind at the ocean around the profound hole
Images of all I know floated, wrapped in ominous blizzards, unending, unimagined!
The vertigo of your vortex dragged me, following the footsteps of Tabaet

"What faith expelled was essentially correct. How did I not see it?
A universal wisdom controlling everything that surrounds it, yours.
A deity in the form of a particle, I've seen it. You're the mirror.
The negative side of thought, the cyclic serpent latent in my blood!"

Darkness brought instead of light, death instead of life, and vice versa!
I shall bring you back to the earthly plane, consecrated!
Immaculate primordial abyss.
Reverse the universe!
4. Thresholds of Cosmos (5:53)
Thus spake the verb
Reminding us that his canticle was not in vain
That the stellar whipping would stab like a dagger
The most recondite corners beyond the imaginable
Shattering, dragging, tearing and purifying
Every vestige of knowledge, safety and comprehension
Believing to hold the key to the heavens
Still deaf to the echoes of our failures

Here the silence quelled the threshold of the cosmos
Where nothing ever existed, all was a vacuum
Not even emptiness formed part of something
The only shield was horror
The same fears you never confronted

I'll be your judge, the silence of your prayers
I'll be the eye in the firmament
5. Lucem Sequimur (6:12)
Thus, at the furtive moment
The light cuts the shadows of reasoning
Like the creator's scalpel tearing the flesh of the fallen
Chained to obloquy. Judged, denied. Doomed!
Expulsed beyond the firmament of the heavens.
Thrown to the deepest of his senses, but you found the essence
For refusing an order, envy turned into disobedience

You were born perfect, at image and likeness,
A mirror image of each morning splendor.
You are the latent wound of God bleeding over the horizon
Disemboguing into a sea of wrath and shame.
It's the devil's hand that traced our path to follow.
Crafting the evil, within you and me, and in no other place.
Let your torch enlighten the infinite multiverse in absence of the essence.
With no science. Sapience!
Take my body. Take my blood. My mind and spirit
As the genome of primordial chaos
You're the key to the sun - Mortal, fervent and forgotten

Son of the Tartaros!

You're the delirium of the dawn
Burn, like fire does and raise your dagger!
Lucem Sequimur! Renatus!
Sic locutus est serpenti!
6. The Archetype (6:05)
Energy follows thought like hounds chasing their prey
As liberation comprehends the cloister with tied hands

I've seen entities your tongues couldn't even interpret
An arcane, the third one, dressed in gold at the third hour, darning my eyes
Leading to a dreary night so clear as daylight
Building bridges between the horrible and perfection

Showing me passages through endless labyrinths
Where the fathomless eye would guide my trail
A limbic resonance makes us one only
Death, the flaming sword and the black dragon

Leaving traces of an essence with no context, but reigning
I am the spirit of a descendant fire, transcendental paragon!
They call me with their trisagious chant a thousand oracles.
The shadows forthcoming the divine archetype!
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