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Vampyric Magick Full Album Lyrics

The True Werwolf - Vampyric Magick cover art

Vampyric Magick

GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal, Ambient
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-20)
Side A  
1. Vampyric Magick (7:51)
A spire of worms as a horn from a sorcerer's skull
Conspiring for resurgence of carnal knowledge
The yet unseduced flower awaiting in virgin's rump
...and it's concealed sinful putrid fragrance

Chained on the chantry in servile waiting
A beauty adorned in onyx shining garments
With sacrum facing god's heaven in spite
Ready to swallow a scepter of flesh and skin

The concotion of sanguine essence and cystalline seed
Ordained by the eternal crown of night's kingdom
For the revival the black soul of the vampyric immortal
So that once again the blood of the weak fills the chalice

Vampyric magick dicatates the law of darkness
Blood ornaments reveal the will of Satan
The pentagram rotates and convolutes the abyss
Blood of the weak fills the chalice
2. Malevolent Ascension (5:10)
Subterranean demoniac howl shrieking for my rise Echoes and surges within my rot
Awakening the senses that have lay dormant since my imprisonment
I begin to writhe and squirm within my tomb
Buried within the rancid stinking earth
Surging to the rhythm of the (maniacal) roar
Life and death intermingling as one
Faint crimson glow crawls into the fetid sludge that was once my eyes
I peel away what is left of the thick putrefying carrion lids
Revealing my ravenous, lifeless staret o see the glow of sigil runes carved on the casket lid
Burning with the infernal flame of Satan's eye
Wooden lid encrusted and sealed with pus is all that stands between me and my ascension
My decayed boned and bloodied stump pounds and tears at the molded prison
Thick yellowed nails peeling back ripping away from what is left of the flesh
Blackened viscous blood fall onto my death grin and runs onto my sore covered throat
Filling my blistered and diseased flesh cavities with festering abscess juice
That feeds the parasites crawling within and from my pores
Offal, vomit and liquified fat slosh around me as I thrash and tear my way towards rebirth
My decaying limbs hang and dangle by mangled filth
Worms, centipedes and maggots that swarmed through my veins are now baptizing the death soil
Beneath my cracked and shattered knees
Sinewed veins of rotting beauty dripping from stone slab crucifixes
Lick and caress me as I crawl towards the monolithic altar
Miasmal stinking fog swells and cloaks all that is not my key
Lit by the lunar blades that shine through the skeletal limbs of cemetery trees
I see what I have longed for since my descension into torment
Sacrificial blade pulling across my neck
Spilling what is left of my life onto this twisted and mangled nothingness
My offering and gift have transferred into this monument before me
We are now and forever intertwined in malevolent ascension
Side B  
3. Kreaturen der Nacht (5:48)
Auserkoren von dem Bösen, was sie ums Leben gebracht
Ihre Seelen versuchten der Dunkelheit zu entfliehen
Der Toten Fleisch von den Knochen gekratzt
Einst Jünger des Lichts, jetzt Kreaturen der Nacht

Wertlose Opfer, geschlachtet auf Satans Befehl
Fleisch, um zu ernähren die Dämonen der Nacht
Erschaffen um zu dienen, dem Herrn der Grausamkeit
Untot in alle Ewigkeit und in Einsamkeit

Im Schein des Vollmonds kriechen sie hervor
Kreaturen der Nacht, Voller Hass und Wut
Als Krieger Satans auferstanden von den Toten
Ziehen sie umher durch Katakomben aus Blut


Chosen from the evil, which took their lives
Their souls tried to escape from darkness
The flesh of the dead scrapped from bones
Once servants of the light now creatures of the night

Worthless sacrifices, slaughtered by Satan's command
Flesh, for the demons of the night
Created to serve the Lord of cruelty
Undead in all eternity and in solitude

In the light of the fullmoon, they crawl out
Creatures of the night, full of hate and wrath
As soldiers of Satan, risen from the dead
They strife through the catacombs of blood
4. Arkut (5:52)
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