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Forevermourn Full Album Lyrics

The Temple - Forevermourn cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-03-24)
1. The Blessing (5:15)
It was a painful day of summer
I was thinking wicked thoughts
My mind was full of hatred
And my emotions were running low

My hands started trembling
And my heart was beating fast
My vision became blurry
And the anger spread like dust

A moment of pure silence
Something blazed in the sky
A lightning split the daylight
And heavy rain burst out

I was in deep frustration
As I was watching to the void
And then a shade approached me
And she told me that I was lost

She said that she could help me
It is my inner self I thought
I watched her apparition
And she had turn into a white dove

Her words made me shiver
As I was watching her flying away
Serenity inundated me
How peaceful I became in the end
2. Qualms in Regret (7:29)
Desperate in the night of eternal grief
I try to leave my memories behind
Looking for signs to condemn my guilt
Penance is the only way to suffer

Longing for excuse
I disturb my sleep
I wake up in tears
The dream’s exiled
Facing once again the reality
The qualms will never vanish
From my mind

Withering in front of
The justice’s light
Thinking what I’ve done
I can’t believe it

Forgiving all the moments
One by one
Sorrow melts my heart
I start sinking

Accepting my own fate, it tears me apart
I can’t accept myself, my life is fading
For all these things I’ve done, needless to say
The qualms will be forever there, prevailing
3. Remnants (7:21)
Fire, unholy fire
Neverending pyre
Burning my memories
From her

And all the pain relieving
A peaceful life considering
Without her poisoning
My heart

All my love exaggerating
When I look into her eyes
But all love lost
And deeply erased
With a cold and empty smile

All the ambitions now retreat
With bladed words
She’s killing me

Can’t escape from her swirl
Time to move
And set me free
4. Death the Only Mourner (8:50)
Oh my God, there’s nothing more
So grieving and so sorrowful than loss
To be with one, you dearly love
And suddenly to realize is gone

All the pain
That you experience
When you are all alone
The memories
Which bring you back
The emotions
Are all so black

And what really hurts me more
Is that I know
This absence will remain
So permanent
Until my turn
To join those who passed away

Can time be the healer that
So kindly I expect?
Or I have to be strong enough
To face this cruelty?
5. Mirror of Souls (5:57)
Looking the world today
Everyone’s in sorrow
The smile will not present
But I will wait tomorrow

Sunshine within their heads
Grief inside their minds
Fighting each other every day
Another hopeless time

All I need is this
A mirror of souls
To absorb the evilness
And let the light to show

Oh my God what am I gonna do?
The flowers won’t grow
They are like people’s love
Which is changed against their own

But the mirror is seeing it all
And decide who to forsake
No, it’s not their destiny
It is just a way to learn

Waiting for the mirror of souls
Waiting for the mirror of souls
Waiting for the mirror of souls
Waiting for the mirror of souls
6. Beyond the Stars (6:56)
Beyond the stars
There is a light
So please tell me why
You can’t stop crying

Forsaken thoughts
Rising through lamentation
The time is being frozen
To shed a tear for longer time

The world is yours
Just hope
And believe, and achieve
What is meant for you
What if you died alone?

Now you are made of stardust
The one I know
So caress me
No dirge to be

You are my godsent savior
My guardian angel from the sky
You live within the stars
Please tell me one day
We will meet there up high
7. Until Grief Reaps Us Apart (12:31)
Chapter I
The Separation

Love can’t you see me
Can’t you see me dying in pain
Between words
Is there any place I can stay
Where grief can’t
Reaps our souls apart I say
I fade away
Bound in solitude I remain

Here are a few words
Words stronger than vows
I claim
Back when we
Still believed in destiny’s fate
The promise
Has now been neglected
And denied
As long as you let grief
Control our demands

Chapter II
The Torture

Now in the darkness
Where are you and where is myself
I lost you
Please tell me
When it was yesterday
When we said
Love will be eternal in days
You ran away
From happiness
You chose to regret

And what is this life?
Sadness and temptation every day
Without joy
How can I go on
I’m betrayed
Seems unreal in vain I dream
I wonder
If you’ll ever be with me?
Until grief... reaps us apart…
Reaps us apart…

Chapter III
The Salvation

Until grief… reaps us apart…
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