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Used Future Full Album Lyrics

The Sword - Used Future cover art

Used Future

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock, Stoner Rock
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-04-07)
1. Prelude (0:26)
2. Deadly Nightshade (3:01)
Deadly nightshade
Poison hemlock
Feathered serpent
Born from teardrops

Some say she's crazy
To others she's wise
To you she brings trouble
In a beguiling guise
The answers she seeks
You pretend to know
But the path she walks
You cannot follow

Wild and free
Like waves on the shore
She may love you for a while
But she will never be yours

Her promise is empty
Though your love be true
Her heart is full
And there's no room for you

There in the cards
Dealt by her hands
Is written the fate
Of a heartbroken man
3. Twilight Sunrise (3:07)
Glowing paths to the left and the right
Middle is hidden in between the lights
Unseen voices beseech you to heed
You must choose which way to proceed

Will it be fire?
Will it be frost?
You made the bet
Can you take the loss?

No forethought or hindsight
The world you wanted is a fantasy
Sunrise at twilight
You see exactly what you want to see

Perform your rites and sacraments
Pray to gods who came and went
Mortal man can’t understand
Who shakes the hand that shook the hand

Will it be famine?
Will it be flood?
You’ve got the thirst
Who has the blood?

Without forethought or hindsight
The world you wanted is a fantasy
Sunrise at twilight
You see exactly what you want to see
4. The Wild Sky (3:34)
5. Intermezzo (1:32)
6. Sea of Green (5:37)
In the lateness of the evening
In the quiet of the night
The emptiness can overwhelm you
Until its banished by the light

There are no signs of life around you
All that you see is dead and grey
What was your home is now a wasteland
It's all dried up and blown away
So seek a path out of the desert
And find your way to the sea
Point your ship to the horizon
Into the rolling waves of green

Trees reach for the sky
Like waves frozen in time
Walk into the sea
Drown beneath the leaves
7. Nocturne (4:03)
8. Don't Get Too Comfortable (4:13)
The gentle summer breeze
Becomes the chilling wind of fall
And nothing seems to last as long
As the wait for winter's thaw
Time is a mortal's master
Just a word to the wise
Don't get too comfortable
It'll cut you down a size

If nothing seems to go your way
No matter what you choose
You might think you shouldn't press your luck
But what have you got to lose?
If you're sleeping on the street
Or sitting high on a throne
Don't get too comfortable
You might not be there long

The truth is hard to see, my friend
From where you choose to view
But just because you don't want it to be
Doesn't mean it isn't true
From joy and happiness
To heartbreak and pain
Don't get too comfortable
Nothing stays the same
9. Used Future (4:21)
Woke up in the future
But nothing's shiny and new
The world of tomorrow
Looks battered and abused

Robots riddled with rust
Circuits gathering dust
Waiting in twilight
For you

This is a used future
You thought it was yours to explore
This is a used future
Feels like been here before

Lights on the horizon
May not be what they seem
Can't remember a time before now
That doesn't feel like a dream

The promises of prophets
Are not enough to stop it
The odds are getting narrow
That the target hits the arrow
And no clever retort
Will suffice to deflect it

Hold tight
All night
In the morning you can look around
And see

You're in a used future
You thought it was yours to explore
This a used future
Feels like we've been here before
Used future
Everything that rises must fall
It's just a new suture
On an old wound that cuts through us all
10. Come and Gone (3:38)
Exploring oceans alone
So far from home

Drifting down from the stars
Forgetting all that we are
Until the day that we rise again
Looking up at the sky
At the clouds passing by
Until we learn how to fly again

When the time has come and gone
Move on
11. Book of Thoth (2:50)
Reflecting in the water
Looking down
The moon comes out
From behind the swiftly shifting clouds

On wings
Of white
High above our heads
The ibis taking flight
Always keeping secrets
And always keeping time

Once awoken
Cannot sleep
Lying in the moonlight
Trying to remember what seemed like a portent dream

On wings
Of white
The sacred ibis shines
Frozen in its flight
In space
Watching over all
Never showing its true face
12. Brown Mountain (5:25)
13. Reprise (1:40)
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