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Survivalism Boulevard Full Album Lyrics

The Stranded - Survivalism Boulevard cover art

Survivalism Boulevard

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  91 / 100
Votes :  17
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-17)
1. Blood Like Gasoline (3:39)
Foul figures twisting turning dancing on a string
Glossy carbon hearts and veins of glass, unhuman
Freaks marching on to a better day, sad make believe
Uncharted are the routes that lead us to eternity
And back again

Through candy skies
We are the dead

Suffocating, yet breathing, in a crystal place
When the options are secured the choice is irrelevant
A swine face forcing us to a sole decision
In the name of the future I defy my fate

Come feel the rising of the tide
Calling back today
No wonder I don’t fit into your hiding
Honey, don’t bother to save me / stay
2. Only Death Can Save Us Now (4:29)
Entrance to the sheer process
Of stripping the memories from your mind
Through loss and understanding
Realize you’re just a product of your time

Nothing more than a drone
Stranded, perpetually lost

There is nothing sacred in this world
And nothing’s what I am for you
Still condemned to fight all my battles alone

I can’t rely or repent
For only death can save us now

A gruesome trail of grief
Sedated by the fear of loss and greed
Never lasting, never knowing
Through jaded eyes I see myself dead

What has been lost cannot be restored
3. Blackout Season (4:17)
Now break the cycle
And force a change
For the wings of destiny
Have failed to beat

You never really wanted aid or protection
And never will
You never wanted a fast way back from
The hell you’ve become

Left to wait in vain
Gather hatred till I break
Left to wait for a better day
A real life to come

Step in the unknown
Forget the past
Still far from what you were
Afraid of what you’ll be

There’s no way out
Tell us that we never ever gonna be the victims
There’s no way out
Tell us they never ever gonna betray
4. Ill Will Future (3:46)
Just another perfect day spent in labour
Frantic ants and worms fading into black
I can’t recognize the face staring in the mirror
Guess it should be me or what I was supposed to be

I know – You are way to blind to care for
And I know – You will never realize
I want to know – When the tables gonna turn

Can’t relate to the fact we’re fading away
Can’t deceive these neverending days
Swirling into black
So I cling to this madness calling my name
And to see right through just look in my eyes
Crawling into night
Craving for a future that never comes

Weak resistance and despair, all out frailties
Always on the run never have enough
Still corroding what I am forcing evolution
Till the end of time, I’m supposed to burn
5. Sulphur Crown (3:39)
A better kind of submission
Another silent prey
A new wingbeat of perdition slowly surfing through reveries
Of sulphur skies
Inhaling poisonous vapours
Of truths beyond my grasp I’m slowly choking
In your venom
Through scars and thorns I finally rise

The sulphurous core of my creationg
Won’t leave me cold
And I know
The starlit gate to thy heavens
Lies in my blood

Warning sings we’re unable to see
Blindfolded by our plastic delusions
A small distraction can make you lose it all
But who’s really to blame when the reaper claims its toll?
Dancing on broken bones
A mere conclusion
Swirling through streams of carbon thoughts
I am the dream you failed to breed
The backbone of society

Gathering the memories
I’ve lost so deep in me
Another day to mourn
6. Eclipse (3:47)
Gather all the storming echoes in the breeze
Give voice to chaos a freeride unleashed
No sure companion, no trustable fool
I invite you to seek me chasing the stormwind

From now on everything will be one
From now on, merged into blackness
Idols fading turning the clay of life to nothing

Vultures are feeding on my flesh, circling fast
A new black dawn
Turning the clay of life to nothing
Turn every light into night

Melting, raging, a feast of black swans
Raining on my face
Merging into a black lavic rapture
No more tomorrow, no chance of redemption

Like a raven skin
I invade and curse
Force the end of things
With my every word
7. Carnival Shroud (4:03)
Lashing a curse in the cold acid rain
Carving a smile with the blade of delusion
Colors bright but the smell is the same
The stench of puke that feeds your illusion remains

Whatever comes on the wind of promise
Shall bear the bliss of a thousand curses
Beneath a sulphur sky we’re drowning
We are the breed of an howling furnace
Fed by the tears of the muted masses
Beneath a carnival shroud we’re choking

Grey days replaced by plastic
Colors explode in a million of scars
Grit smiles stained by perpetual disease
Soulsick ride on the brink of suicide

The carnival shroud
Sulphur and honey merge
The carnival shroud
Merciless chokehold

The struggle for at least some peace
Keeps tearing the senses apart

Can’t wait for a remedy
Now it’s better to ignore
Can’t control what is growing in me
Or this cursed lore
8. Post-Human Archetype (5:11)
As shackles glimmer
Beneath the impassible grin of the stars
A scavenger lingers
Sustained by hollowness and plastic gods

Downfall of us all
It’s too late for apologies
Downfall of our souls
Remember what’s meant to be
And that tomorrow still belongs
To the same old mistakes
All that I need is to break the fall
And recover myself

Apathy, the state of grace of the fools
A rabid strain spreading jackals loose
Funeral torch the collapse is universal
A cycle’s end, dress the world in utter darkness
9. National Breakdown (4:12)
Bloodred ribbons, candymen and methadone
Allure suspicious wails, here comes the chant of drones
Cross the stars I’m drunk with radiation
And all I need to see is just the bitter conclusion

What if the world’s nothing more than a lie
An holographic pool in which we wallow blind
What if reality’s nothing more than an obsession
Of a sick eerie fuck on the verge of submission

What do you see?
What do you feel?
Raise your head
Now the celebration has begun
What do you want?
What do you breed?
Slash your flesh
Now the celebration has begun

Liquid grins, glassy eyes, plastic bones
An army of fools in shiny uniforms
The monster parade goes on through the night
An horde on a leash, mass mental suicide

What’s the world, only jewels and blood?
An endomorphic state in which we grow cold
Fed with lies till the end of duration
I refuse to take part in your sick celebration

Blind to reality spinning backwards
Forcefed with lies from the day we are born
10. Survivalism Boulevard (2:58)
And there, alone, in complete silence and despair
He crosses the entrance and stands in the cold
A lifetime away still feels like home
But now the time has come to never be alone again
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