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Ashbled Shores Full Album Lyrics

The Shadeless Emperor - Ashbled Shores cover art

Ashbled Shores

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-02)
1. Oaths (1:04)
2. Ashbled Shores (5:31)
“We’ve betrayed our kin…
We have been banished from what we used to love,
Into this foreign Land.
Eternity seems now to fade.
And as the night withdraws,
We are condemned to the grave.
Oaths are treacherous I’m told.
They should have never to be taken.
In our futile effort blood turned into stone.
Ashes shined before the shivering dawn light.
At the shores from beyond the stars had made a pact
And we were eager to listen
No more, No more…
Will the stars sing this song of Woe?
Will the oceans reconcile with our own goal?
Will the shores caress these words?
Will the dawn light ever cover up the dark?
But Solace is not Deliverance
At the shores from beyond the stars had made a pact
And we were eager to listen
No more No more…
We’ve burned our sacred Oath
As we forgot who we are.
I saw pain, beyond these bloodstained shores
The pain that never fades away.
Far from Home,
Fled as kinslayers and outlaws
For Our Goal
To find the gems of precious starlight
Sorrow may cry,
With my forlorn and tearful words.
I saw the end, beyond these bloodstained shores
An end that’ll never be fulfilled.
And I bled Ashes, across these wave washed forlorn shores.
Ashes that dawn itself had felt."
3. Sullen Guard (4:35)
The moon betrayed the sky and screeched upon its throne.
A voice emerged with pain with fear and disbelief.
It seems a gathering has caused those dire emotions(a small commotion of reasons).
Then Chaos Spoke. A shriek of absent words that reeked of burning flesh and bone
The smoke engulfed with flames.
A sacred pyre that glimpsed on the tarnished serenity.
It was sour and bitter, the taste of serenity’s lips.
How Chaos Claimed Her Heart?
How Chaos Claimed Her Heart?

Unearthly souls with baleful sight emerged this painful scene.
A sullen guard following orders from their king.
Their lives lived no fear, no witnessed any pain.
They only prayed on the living and the living did live with their hate.

The moon itself surrendered to their cause
And forced the sky to drop its tears in awe.
How Chaos claimed their Heart?
How Chaos claimed their Heart?
4. Homeland (4:55)
Beneath the great vast Land
There is a subterranean realm
Dwelled by Drows and other sinister creatures.
Underdark’s a place for those who seek their burdens their vices and obsessions.
Deep into the caverns across the giant mushroom forests,
Lays the great Drow City-State.
Oh, Treachery, hostility and war
Are nothing more than a game of social reconnaissance.

Queen of Spiders
Matron Mothers pledged their allegiance in the services of their Unholy Goddess.
Even brothers kill each other, in order to gain the favor of their Spider-Queen.
“Oh houses of our Homeland, Let’s worship our protector Llolth.
Disgraceful Creatures wrapped in deceit.
And thus a futile war begins.
Menzoberranzan, you betrayed your own children.
5. Shades over the Empire (5:00)
The earth is shaking as the evil archon rises.
Galbatorix, Dragon rider, and Conqueror.
For many years suffering has plundered everything, as soldiers delivered:
“Kill the riders live none alive,
For we shall obey our master,
Go forth empire, unsheathe your swords.”

These words of darkness were floating in the air.
Evidence of the new Era of a Tyrant.
Empire of Doom,
Empire in oblivion.
Flames Arose.
The Shadows had covered the Wooden Realm.
Urgals took over the mountains
Because Dragon riders won’t sing again.
And Dragons won’t cry with glory.
Galbatorix, Dragon Rider and Conqueror
Fate has chosen you as this lands parasite.
As long as you sit on that throne,
Shades will rise all over your empire.
Blessed be the one that will make you suffer
Blessed be his name.
The gods will choose that one to vanquish all the flames your gloomy crown has shed.
And when that time will come,
Light will cover the night
and death will be ashamed.
6. Duskfall (3:54)
This is no Oath, but my own Testimony.
As night gathers I am the sword in The Darkness,
The Watcher on the walls.
I hereby declare you I’m lying down Dead Cold and soon you’ll follow.
In Ignorance you’ll fall as peril is nigh.
I was the horn that waked the sleepers the light that brought the dawn.
And now my watch is ended as your realms will burn alight.
7. A Few Rotten Words (2:10)
8. Helios the Dark (6:33)
We left behind the monarch's imprisonment
For we must live in peace.
Those chains although turned into arrows
From Helios torching bow.
I should have listened to you.
I should have done that once.
And now as my dreams are falling with me,
I'll rest inside the arms of the sea.

Optimism would make you suffer not
If you'd defied yourself just once.

Those chains I bore...
Those tears I've shed...
All for nothing...
My blackest fear has come into life
Oh Helios the Dark while Darkness spreads her gaze,
I declare you culpable for not being bright enough...
Who should have covered the shame of the world?
At least I will be free...

'Εργον εμού ο σκώτος υμών,
Έργα υμών το φως εμού

Oh Sun, Burn the shames of all mankind.
Annihilate if you will the purity of candles.
And darkness with your petrifying gaze
Embrace the torture of Illumination.
9. Olethros (5:15)
We served this kingdom
We’ve fed these lands with sweat and blood.
We saw a glorious rise
and now we face its fall.
We’ve conquered many lands
Defended what was rightful ours.
But now we pledged our submission to the gods.
“As we Fall”,
Gods from realms to men Unknown,
“They want to save us all”
Save the land from its demise.
But we are pawns let’s face it.
This kingdom of grief be ruled by the gods.
We prayed with arms wide open
To save us from our misery
“Oh Gods we’re brave and strong but we all suffer”
We beg you all to come
And give us all your woeful aid, to rule this ancient land.
And we will grand you our freedom”.
Annihilated, we’re annihilated forever.
Upon our throne they sat to offer salvation
Upon our throne they sat to conquer our freedom.
Annihilated, we’re annihilated forever.
10. Too Far Gone (4:53)
It seems that consciousness makes a man to feel numb.
It really feels like you surrender.
Virtue endures in space and time.
It never dies, unless you surrender.
Death is the cleansing of life
Death’s a redeemer of life’s flaws
Death is a question in time,
Which answers seem to corrode it.

A man, a noble man, was told to tame his feelings
(A sacrifice for his son)
A man saved his son, to protect his beliefs
(He was a victim enthroned)

And at this dreary time, that seems so blurry,
It feels the man forgot who he was.
Surrendered to his primal instincts.

A man, a noble man awakened from his deep sleep
(As a specter of life)
A man under command was told to slay his feelings
(Was too far gone till this time)
A man, a noble man, denied slaying his feelings
(As he refused to exist)
This man saved his son and then relieved his spirit
(He was a wraith till this time).
Until this fragment in time, the man had lived with sorrow.
11. An Ember Gale (8:46)
In this infernal barren land,
Where souls of men disgrace the light,
Ages amend the deeds of men,
Sorrow declares a grand demise.

Darkness bowed before the birth of terror
A shadow named king, the king of the damned.
A thousand years of torment adequate were not.
The Fire burns, and thus the fire burns this land,
with flames sempiternal.
The sky is hallow
An Ember Gale embraced the land
While souls await to be redeemed.

And in this dreary woeful night
A thousand years seem to have passed,
Flowers bloomed with thorns like fangs
And souls emerged from mouths of Hell.
Silence shuttered!
A Mouth of Hell growled!
Oh, a Mouth of Hell screeched and cried
in the sight of the king of preposterous terror.

To claim the throne as king of Pamfylia,
the tyrant, the ghost, the ghost without soul,
have slain his kin entirely and proud then he was.

Crowned with blood on his hands and the blood of his fathers.

Guardians then saw the king the beggar
A beggar, no king the beggar of woe
And dragged his body onto the thorns on the road.
A king was dragged into abyss
As thorns have marked his disgrace.
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