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Exuvia Full Album Lyrics

The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-06-10)
1. Exuvia (15:27)
The forests of earth should not frighten me
But o Mother Gaea, what is this light?
Mother Gaea, all those visions - my blood boils!

Through feculent warmth
I creep on ancient soil
Recollection so vivid
Let me chant in intoxication...
I shall rest here forevermore.

Gaia speaks:

"...and what if I told you
That we've been on a glade here
And the grim trees ahead
Are none of my creatures
And those golden rays are not thrown from a sun
And your necrotic scales merely struggle through lava
...would your eyes turn cloudy?"
2. Surtur Barbaar Maritime (8:51)
At night, the storms gripped our fleet
Arctic monuments burst asunder
Never surrender the choir of Gods
With beasts on our side we enter land

Do not ever dare to roam the sacred grove unchained
Now, as your path is lost,

Hordes o hordes...destroy the temples of the North
We shall set sails ahead!

We are now presentees on the ship of the fertile Vanr
Offered a fest of slaughtered goats
Bare the precious marrow, bawl with strength
Midgard is ours, ad arma!

Surrender your limbs to the wrath of Midgard's defenders
Now, as your motion flags,

Hordes o hordes...as bones of the beasts of burden crack
We shall set sails ahead!

Barren shores loom, wretches bark at a devoured moon
Now, as the wolf's unleashed,
3. Maere (On a Stillbirth's Tomb) (11:22)
Draws the dusk through the eyes of an insect
Salivates for the whore Echidna
Thirsty glance up the sunlit towers
Leaves it doomed and broken in the end

She is no deity, no saviouress
Not in her monumental splendour
Not in her ashen malice
And as the Maere on a stillbirth's tomb
Once again, her virgin dress is draped with shreds of flesh

Mildewed prison, candlelit barely
The whore Echidna, suckling
A salacious glare in its eyes
Sore limbs, sore teats, savage tongue...

She is no deity, no saviouress
Not in her monumental splendour
Not in her ashen malice
And as the Maere on a stillbirth's tomb
Once again, her virgin dress is draped with shreds of flesh

Regurgitate with greed
She won't let it starve..

Six legs lead it astray...in circles...astray...in circles...astray...astray...astray...astray...

Has it now passed the years that could have left it blind...?
4. The Pythia's Pale Wolves (14:34)
Our proud Arkadia celebrates tonight
All circles ablaze with torchlight
Our masked, splendorous patron
Shall stare into the lidless eyes of our cattle

Zeus...burn my mind!
Sing, Priestess, sing!
Your eyes, your chant, your ecstasy!
Pythia, sing to me!

Zeus...punish me!
Dance, Priestess, dance!
Your herbs, your breath, all agony!
O Pythia, pour it all over me...
5. Towards Malakia (9:39)
This map's dead point
Grows in the eye of abhorrence
Old and yellow vellum
Will you guide me?

Rise as an avenger
Cast your grey and brown
Aspirate your bewitching tone
Flood your moats with acid
Let me ennoble your brave disciples

On waves like flames
Await my coming
Ablaze yet silent
6. Takitum Tootem! (Trance) (7:45)
Thrones...as far as the eye can reach...thrones
Rotting ungarnished, an unsavoury patina
As if it was given a genuine voice
In a strident elegy for the shame of Kings

Bones...a landscape of bones
Here, at the junction of old roads, old dust raised
Welcome our Kings in their iron chariots
Acclaim them in humility, and form a guard of honour

Skeletons of the underbrush
Beasts of the mountains
Ghosts of the sea
Bury your hearts in obedient silence!

Pride devours pride
King devours king
Dynasties of miserable sleep -
Finally haunted by animal eyes
Finally fallen!

Here, at the very end of all bacchanal frenzy
Behold our Kings - naked, ashamed, abased

Hubris! Hubris! Hubris!
No nightmare left undreamt
Hubris! Hubris! Hubris!
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