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NihilReich Full Album Lyrics

The Loom of Time - NihilReich cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-12-02)
1. The Ashes of Your Fall (6:39)
You did not see this coming,
You did not know we were here at all.
And now that we've awoken,
We will rise from the ashes of your fall.

This planet was the crucible for your failure,
Groomed from birth to be doomed to regress,
We were forged, smelted from your apathy,
We strive for more because you've striven for less.

This was not forced upon you,
You chose to be naught but a worm,
Wallowing in every excuse you created,
Incompetence was something you lusted to learn.

And now that God is dead,
In the minds of men,
No morality remains,
Only anomie is left.

What is it that you desire?
To achieve the goals you set for yourself?
Let’s solve the final equation,
And find that your life is still worthless.

You say that we're winning,
Whenever someone's theory turns out to be true,
You say that we're amazing,
Because of something someone else can do.

You think we're making progress,
But you don't realise how far we've got to go,
You think your life is adequate,
Only because your standards are so low.
2. The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy (4:40)
The intrinsic worth of human life,
Is a construct of archaic dogma,
Science has shown us the way,
We're fundamentally worth no more,
Than the atoms of which we are made.

Standing at the pinnacle of hypocrisy,
Conveniently you have forgot,
Why it is that you still act like you believe,
That we're made in the image of God.

We are the new order!
We have come to set you free,
No longer be constrained by the culturally ingrained,
Concept of morality!
There is no good or evil!
There is no right or wrong!
All of your decisions are simply a function,
Of the universe's composition!

Rape is the answer,
To genetic variation,
Murder is the answer,
To overpopulation,
Euthanise the weak,
Using up all our resources,
Abort genetic diseases,
Being passed on down the line.

Succumb to the bias of being a human,
Defending others to protect yourself,
When will you let go of the beliefs of your forebears?
Admit that mankind has no sanctity left?

You stand tall with the pride of unbelief,
But then you quiver with religious compunction,
Pulled by the poles of your dichotomy,
You flounder in internal inconsistency!
3. The Cries of the Weak (5:32)
Trust you,
In your padded little world,
With your riches stacked high,
And your friends paid well!
Trust you,
In your sheltered little world,
To think in mankind's heart,
Aren't thoughts of himself.

Do you truly believe,
Without the threat of punishment,
That the world would keep ticking over,
Everyone just trying their best?
Hell no!

Push the idea that mankind,
Should be free to do what he wants,
Then watch as those that weren't born as lucky as you,
Stand by and watch the world burn!

You were raised, isolated from brutal necessity,
Your self belief is a total delusion,
We've taught our young that they're worthy of credence,
A falsehood that has lead to this conceited confusion.

Safe in your tower,
At the pinnacle of civilisation,
Below you, witness, our evolutionary roots,
We're all born selfish, a vital realisation.

"But we can't help it!"
"It's just the way that we are!"
Come the cries of the weak,
When they see that the path is hard.

We're doomed to stagnate as a species,
Until we admit that it spells our fall,
It's not just a deviant minority,
It lives in the heart of us all.
4. The Greed of Lesser Men (5:24)
The wrongs of others against me,
Shall not inspire me to act in kind.
I will not morally bankrupt myself,
Because of a culture built on lies!

I will not let the greed of lesser men,
Reduce me to a thief,
But the things that you would covet,
Aren't even things you need.

A petty race we have become,
That we would steal from others,
It's immoral, but it's easy,
Click of a button.

You never took anything from me,
So why would I give a damn?
It's not so much the act itself,
But what it means for man.

It's a sign that in our core,
We're broken,
When given the opportunity to fail,
We do in droves.

When you decide to take from them,
Who cares if it's right or wrong?
The moral code you claim to bear,
Is suddenly gone.

Your peers all seem to do it,
And I suppose that makes it right,
Because it's easier to lower yourself,
Than it is to stand and fight.

If you don't believe we're worthless,
Then you know we can do better,
Let's push towards a better us,
And see mankind unfettered.

It all starts here,
With me and you,
We will look back on ourselves with pride,
Until the end, no compromise, we'll see this through.
5. The Peons of the Cosmos (6:42)
Life is a fad,
And the universe will shed it sooner or later.
So scurry about with your hands over your eyes,
Pretending that we might actually exist.

Do you create your own meaning just by living your life?
What great authority you must wield.
While you're at it, why not also create a pantheon,
Full of deities that sympathise with your ideals?

Or better yet,
Elevate yourself, and be your own god,
And you'll be just as much a slave,
To all your natural faults.

A time will come when all of life will end,
When everything you've ever known will be lost,
Not a single shred of evidence that you ever existed,
Or ever did a single thing that you claim to have done.

We are the peons of the cosmos.
Slaves to the whim of an unthinking machine,
Reactants in a process,
Reaching equilibrium,
Where nothing will remain,
Except space and heat.

In the face of oblivion,
We concoct subversive fantasies,
Like "life is what you make it",
Or to exist is an achievement.
And we grant ourselves the power,
To give meaning to our lives.

At some point you will grow weary,
Of these egomaniacal delusions,
And join the chorus of the hollow,
On a road to nothingness,
But you will take solace,
In that at least it was your choice,
And then realise it was dictated,
As choice does not exist.

Those neurons fire,
And thoughts manifest,
Because your brain is configured,
To produce them,
And your brain is configured,
Because of genetic precursors,
Built by the conditions,
That preceded them.

Choice is a lie,
Freedom is a lie,
Meaning is a lie,
Your life is a lie,
So you close your eyes,
And you close your mind,
A defence mechanism that keeps you alive.
6. The Fight for the Subhuman (5:21)
Down through the years,
We've been asked to stand and fight,
For the ones that our peers considered less than us.

First it was the colour of our skin,
Then it was the gender we were born with,
And now it's whether we've been born at all.

The fight for the subhuman has come to this:
Each generation faced with a choice,
To subjugate those that were beneath them,
Or to give unto them a voice.

Each time we have been shown,
Through scientific rigour,
That these creatures that look just like us,
Are somehow inferior,
And every single time we were wrong,
Just because the evidence,
Shows us that they're different,
Doesn't mean that they do not belong.

When our children look back on what we've decided,
Will they forgive us for erring on the side of convenience,
Instead of human liberty and life?

The freedom to live,
Outweighs the freedom to live comfortably.
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