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Cavalries of the Occult Full Album Lyrics

The Furor - Cavalries of the Occult cover art

Cavalries of the Occult

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-05-07)
1. Death Manifest (7:03)
Possessed by Infernal Fury

Enslaved as Hell Demands, renegades of Sadistic metal
Bombastic brigade of Metallic destroyers
Curse the masses with our coat of arms
Instruments of battle in hand
Slam the weary souls of the unbelievers
Rabid our aural offering, a dagger in the heart of the faithful
Spreading plague throughout the four corners
of a mysterious globe that's doomed to rot
Gathering black hearted warmongers
Spitting our sonic venom towards the common flock

Demonic instrumentors, Occult armada damned!
Sworn to the insane, Allies of the damned!
Oppressors from the abyss, reap the riffs so true
Thrashing holy fables, with wills of impervious iron
Primeval bleed unbound, merchants of total mayhem rule
Enslaving all with metal sounds

Trapped within the line of fire
Sworn adversaries meet their end
Invoking bestial wrath
From death's dormant dimensions
Psychotic aberrations flay all traitors
Take them down, Absorb the shock wave
of our impervious sound!

Blasting of forlorn messiahs
Erect victorious flags of doom
Overthrown armadas lay rotten on the ground
Offered to enticing vultures
Devastate! With tidal waves of pure hatred!
Assassinate! Condemn God after God
Eradicate! Bombastik be this nightmare
Incinerate! Temples where clerics cower

Trample the battered bodies, make a memory out of man
Declaration of utter violence, purging new found land

Judging the almighty ones, Faith unto the guillotine
Indestructible forever we ride, with catastrophic loyal by our side!
2. Cavalries of the Occult (5:59)
Impending cavalcade of flames
Allies of our wrath soon feast again
Troops of Frost unleash loss
Banish canonical Christly scriptures
Arise from agony, resurrect in utter sin
Supersede conditioned walls within
Invoke the past, Summon the future
Desecrate this present Hell we are in
Become Sin!

Rampant fires scorching the earth
Purification of tirade, the Blackest Plague rebirthed
Embellished blasphemy, recite the inverted verse
Mystifying raptures and Satanic infiltration
Propel the Holocaust, as written within scriptures
.... all that lives is lost
A moral execution beneath the shadows of Hell
Holy execration, the product saviors have fell

Chaos compels the priest to perish
Underneath the proud banner of the Cavalries of the Occult
Deliver doom and profound pain
Unto the petrified pupils of the false redeemers reign

Storming forth towards black realms of certain death
Unleash the oath to all as the vile Kings command
With the pace of lighting forge forth from Hellish tombs
This surge of frantic slaughter, our wretched legacy
Thrashers of faith impose upon the cross
Undermine enshrined bible bashers, we'll grant them loss
Liaise with Lucifer, orchestrating the darkest of deeds
Axis Mundi now dismantled, now chaos ineffably feeds!

Subterrancous torture dispatched to mortal sons of Eve
Foretold fall of humankind, aborted sacred seed

Assailants born of Hell's revolt
At last unbound from Perdition's archaic vault
Infatuated with lust for carnage
grim revelry and boundless assault!

Ride, Mighty
Side with no one.
3. Second Coming Slaughtered (5:06)
Scattered dreams of late revolving
Necrocosmic in origin
Omega calling, recoiling forecast
A stealthy will unhampered springs to life again!

Second coming slaughtered, we praise the sacrifice
Raising high the heads of those succumbed to lectures of Christ
Ritualistic rampage of inconsistent truths
False doctrines dominated by our hammer wielding brutes!

Falsified denomination, bona fide bastards aloof!
Kneel before assailants of ever mounting evil
Choke upon your tenants untrue
Brace for carnage, bow to war
Cause the sermon, discourse no more
Nail the highest priestess of sodom
Pervert precious pupils to praise the pulpits
... of the pandemonium!

Soldiers of Hades arise, baptized in battle
Bestow bloodletting and cruelty unto the masses
By Death's revelation abide, full tribulation arise
For None will endure the three plagues
... Summoned to come!

Fodder for the beast, swallowed whole by the serpent
When dire deeds are done and death has become
You'll spend forever writhing in utter agony
With painstaking precision a new world shall unfurl
Terra Firma that's drenched in the blood of man
Hollow out the heaven's for victory's nigh
Seal maniacal spells with the gore of the mortals, blood ritual
Invocating the imutable icons of the past
Infuriated stalwarts demonstrate their ghastly crafts
Possession! Besmirched offerings

Incalculable catastrophes, upheaval without end
Herds flee, seraphs bleed, in agony all shall be
Dismantle every synagogue, erect temples built with bones
The oracle revealed in stages
Deciphered through the destruction of souls

Uttering unknowns concealed by ages!
Absolutes in the eyes of the storm!
4. The Flames of Fate (5:03)
Enshrined evermore
The Grand Magus of Death shall arise!

With forthcoming force the denouncer of knowing
Shatters the world comprehensible
With aphotic fury and ethics undone
Batter birthplaces of divinity
Smearing the sacred, the scourge of the self
Conquer the internal mountains

Lunge into broiling fires, die before it's too late
Writhe upon flaming embers
Cleanse the rancid soul to the core
Succumb to egoic damnation
Fall upon acuminous swords
Another offering for the almighty
Another troop for the incoming war

In Pandemonic pyres, surpass the second death
Idolators agonised by the unquenchable flames of Hell
Sacrifice the liar, compel your fate to ascend
Invalidate in euphoric spasms finally unfurled
In the lake of Fire, perish in absolute peace
Burnish so called blasphemies
with unwavering ease
Defy the cripples methods of messiahs

Breaching the gates to the untrodden chasm
Techniques of the ungodly masters unfold
Body and blood vile feast for barbaric beasts
These mortal masquerades
At long last will cease
The wheels of ablution turning
Sickness a thousand fold
Storm the heavens uninvited
Armed to the fucking teeth
Battling towards pure mayhem
Bow down to timeless oaths
To penetrate Armageddon
I muster massive legions bold
Commemorate the fallen sire
Impervious, the Christ Devourer
Slanderous serpent, condemned to die
Whisperer of unimagined blasphemy!
5. Storm of Swords (5:37)
6. 30 Year War (5:38)
Central Europe is burning
The Holy Roman Empire is disintegrating swiftly
Famine and disease are scourging the populations
Bohemian Kingdom mighty at last buckles to its knees

Thirty years are marred by destruction
Religion is poised to kill again
Cuis regio cuis religio
My faith decides when and how you must die!

Lutheranism battling Catholicism, Calvinism consuming Germania
Unprecedented flux of intolerance shatters the holiest of notions
Sweden and Denmark are hankering for control of the Baltic Sea
Spanish imposition upon Deutschland
Dynastic domination of death it must be
Devastation dealt profound
Populations rotting, forever dead, left underground

Hallowed Grounds under fire
Heir's inherit sheer torment
Catholic councilors are ditched to their death
Bohemian vengeance now impending
Uniformity of faith the ideal solution
Merge messiahs with firepower
As pestilence ravages the faithful combatants
Witchcraft persecution runs wild

Sabbaths brewing, possessed bitches die by flame
Sadistic superstitions endorsed by arcane demons

Inquisition, coucil of Basel strikes again
With moral panic surging
Malefzhaus muffles the screams of the heretics!

Looting, extortion, rampant slaying of sacred life
Thirty long years, succession of ceaseless strife
Calculated chaos reigns, strategic proud horde
Death to them all!

Total devastation upon entire regions now drenched in blood
Bankrupted pillars of power grovel when all is said and done
Male populace of Germany falls a harrowing forty percent
Mercenary soldiers unleashing the cruelty with zero repent
7. Rampage upon the Rational (6:49)
Storms of the sun raging way out of phase
Ritual of cosmic banter rise to slay the faith
Summon psychopathic sorcery
Through phrases blessed by fire
Exact the intangible
Birthing powers beyond belief

Rampage upon the rational
We believe that nothing is true
Commanding forth the opposites
Disambiguate the worldly broods
Armoured with intolerance
Wielding high the Helms of Awe
Coefficience of weirdness becoming
Subjugating all natural law

Malcficium that rages beyond time
Hallucination where eternity begins
The impermanence of pious rhymes
A self apparent flaw
As the essence floods in
Vile miracles begin
And the soul becomes a seed in your hand

Dualities resolved, tossed to the terrorfire
Angels of death encircling
The carcass of the soul
Starving senses failing bracing for the end
Lifeless blood is boiling all over earthly sands

Perched high on the wings of despair
Travelling fast but going nowhere
Simplicity in all that we see
A dynasty of ecstasy finally unleashed
The scars of ages we will wear
Stealth assassins conquering, killing, unimpaired
Gurus of the dark blasphemic arts
Conjured up in the belly of the beast

Eternal fire melts the mold
Necromantic massacres
Reveal the truth forever old
Pin bogus martyrs to the cross
8. Fomes Peccati (4:31)
Lust born from flesh is abhorred
What to do with Impulse's within?
To burn with the passion is to burn within hell
A tinder for sin?
Or outright damnation?

By mastery over passions
Gain exemption from a thousand deaths
With fidelity firmly intact
Will God escort you safely to his heaven?

The way of all flesh
Spells the fate of all that lives
Flirt with the flames boiling below
And fuck your life away
Ceremonial sexual rampage seals your fate
Mysteries of Eulis are looming
Restoration, strength and ascension
Secretions of the highest order flow
Submerging the sickness found in faith

Orgasmic fever
Antidote to abstinence unleashed
Chastity in its final hour falls to armies of the erect
Animistic pride willing and able
Is roused by slightest flux
Storm the walls and claim full access to
The Immaculate gates to everlasting condemnation!

Equipped with in
Enshrine this phallic battleaxe almighty
Exterminate lascivious sirens eager
Necrolustic strongholds remain firmly intact
Claim the glory of euphoric empires
Slumbering silently beneath layers of eager skin
Secreting vile perversion, the first of deadly sins
Bypass divination horny and almighty
Rampant ejaculation is crowned as king!

Herald the sickness in Man
Psychotic this serpent forever
Corrupting each new breath
Fornicate in Hellbirthed fire
9. Totaliterror (8:36)
Propagate the perishing faith
Persuasion of the masses, this mortal game
Controlled transmission of Human waste
Systematic slaughter upon your obtuse innocence
Whispered utterance of order is denied
Propagate the barren parody of fickle life

Crippled nations agonized under the sword
Information bought by the lord
Infestation of unbridled reprimand
Battle stations shrouding the land

Indecipherable enemy
Subjugate empires of the adversary
False flags waving high, polarized yet bound by strife
Social sanctuaries set upon by elite echelons

Killing's what they do and power's all they seek
Defenders of religion invincible
Corporate congestion swelling
Democracy contracting
converting mindless slaves
into obedient mercenaries
Revel in their Holocaust, a terrifying reign
Hades incarnate, plague of media to blame
Invented adversary, paranoia does its job
Temple of corporate terror, mankind's new domain!

So begins the final war, nothing to lose but loss itself
Insurgents of a fake empire reveal abyssic pits of hell
Tactics devised the big brother
Selling war across the entire land
Evangelism finally smothers
Religion and politics hand in hand

Desires automated, aroused at their command
Fates predicted, nothing left
Assailants guarded behind towering lifeless walls
Skyscraping monoliths of death
Trade the souls for a counterfeited currency of fear
Warborne wealth is regarded high
Gloating barrons of planetary extortion supreme
Putrefy within coffins made of gold
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