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Melody of the Planet Full Album Lyrics

The Aquarius - Melody of the Planet cover art

Melody of the Planet

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Symphonic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-01)
1. The Melody of Planet (4:04)
In cacophony of the machines
Just for part of time
Stop the noise around you and hear
And listen strings of Truth now

Whisper of grass and harmony waves
March of the winds on their ways
Flows in hearts without any lies
The Melody of this Planet

Listen to symphony of ancient woods
Rustle of grey fallen leaves
Songs that were sounded prior to towns
Everyone will remember motive

Let centuries take us to nowhere
And give our souls to Eternity
It's giving life and taking death away,
Let's fly with Melody of Planet

Leaving the patterns on ancient stones
Earth's slowly dancing in this cosmic waltz
2. We're Alone (4:14)
We search for truth together
We wonder in the dark,
We find and lost the friends
In our endless path.

Only darkness, only coldness
Go with us on our way,
Can't hide pain in universe,
We're all alone, again.

Cry in the stream of lives,
We're lonely till the end,
Who's gonna hear us,
Who will understand..?..
3. he Great Migration of Peoples: Siberia (7:16)
Our home is broken,
We have no shelter,
The continent sleeps beyond (the) remains
We need Siberia
We will search for land,
Ark saved our souls

Woods of taiga – New Eden’s here
New paradise – Super-New World
It will be ours – for hundred years
New Colossus – will rise again

Rebuild everything,
That slipped from our hands
We’ll become gods on new land.
On blooming grazing
We will find stone oil,
It is our god

Woods of taiga – New Eden’s here
New paradise – Super-New World
It will be ours – for hundred years
New Colossus – will rise again

Dead thicket suffers under our sins,
Clean rivers run with the acid cry,
Keep, ancient lands, our storied plastic,
New order’s coming to change wild taiga.

Here no taiga,
(towers of glass stretch to the sky)
Here no love
(money and shows became more valuable)
Rain of fire
(breaks down from skies as it was last time)
Ark will save
(you’ll search for new homes again)

Our new Sodom,
New Eden fell – burned to the ground
Super-New World – get rid of us
New Colossus – the wave wiped out.
4. Key for the Centuries: KC (4:30)
I'm looking for you through this song
I sing your name
All ghosts still whisper in my head
I'm trying to forget
(куплет 2)
I remember every touch
Before last cruel dawn
Sunrise is flaming circle
In which you will burn
You're the key
For the centuries
For my memories
Just remember me
You're the key
For unending life
For all sacred doors
My forgotten dreams
(куплет 3)
We have another faces now
But why I have this mind?
Fall into chasm of memories
Reincarnate the Past
Never stop to wonder why
Once I'll find you in this life
(припев 2)
My secret memories
Of all my lives
Show your face
It burns in fire, FIRE!..
5. Artifical Sun (6:08)
We kept the order of the sun,
just like a parts of Universe,
but in our longing for the skies.
We changed the turning of the earth.

we simplified our every step
with generated science comfort,
We have improved the DNA,
And nature's genes were turn to nothing.

Artifical sun is rising,
Tecnical rays.
Artifical sun is shining.
All around you is a fake (everything is a fake).

We've lost the part of ourselves.
On virtual web intersection.
The decorative world is dying.
Under artifical selection.
6. The Rape of Europa (3:36)
Upon land, native one,
Rove the beast from other side...

Ruin all, make us sick,
Crumple our proud hearts...
He will throw poison seed,
It will sprout among us.

The rape of Europa.

Lied, that they came in peace,
Now I can't find white skin.
Beast as horde stand the ground,
Sister-Russ, help me please...

Forasmuch Beast seemed tamed,
He had took me away (from here)...
7. East Wind (4:32)
Eternal force is dreaming
On frosted trees,
The world forgot his name
And eastern fears

But he will dart from here
And gust like pursuit plane
His aim is in the westward,
Against the seven winds

One hundred forty millions
wait for the eastern wind,
From under iron curtain
he will return to win
He'ld crash the borderlines,
Would open every way,
His flag will rise in heaven,
And fly ahead

Under the skies
Over the world
From the heartland

Across foreign seas,
Through the mountain ranges,
Our east wind blows,
It brings his strength

Will break into peaces
the colours of all winds,
Will carry dirt and dust
from the planet,
And nation, that sleeping
In endless permafrost
Will be awaken by
the east wind
8. Far and Away (4:00)
If you search clarification,
You should go to Far East,
If your heart is calm and frozen,
South will extremely heat.
If you need a lot of money -
West will give you all, you want.
But when you'll be brokenhearted,
North is welcome you back home.

Far and away,
Searching for the foreign home,
Around the world in few days.
Far and away,
Stranger on the never-road
Every town is another space
9. Architects of Universe (3:33)
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