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Tormentor | Full Album Lyrics

The Agony Scene - Tormentor cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMetalcore, Melodic Death Metal
LabelsOuterloop Records
Album rating :  –
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1. Awakening (0:55)
2. Hand of the Divine (3:31)
When I saw the change in their eyes
Witnessed distortion of features
I sensed the evil that lives inside
I will act as his hand
Act as his instrument

I won't be burdened by their smiles
And I won't be swayed by their cries
If my god demands it, I shall oblige
Now my purpose defined
Bring them back to the light again

Blood awakens the carnal desires
Burdened by guilt
Aroused by the screams of the child
Wash the death from our hands
Copulation commence
The urges that I can't reconcile

My god
I have proven my faith in my work
3. Like the Weeds in the Field (5:12)
I will be cast out like the son of dawn
My existence profane in the eyes of God
I will exalt my throne
High above my fathers
And I will reach it on my own

I am the enemy
I am deceit and villainy
I've walked the burning stone
From heavens to the earth
Made crooked stray the paths
To the Lord

Spread like the weeds in the field
Deceiver standing at his right hand

Become the sons of perdition
Become the daughters of lies
Opposing all that it called God
4. The Ascent and Decline (4:28)
Curse the light, let the darkness take hold
Now the faithful will know that prayers go unanswered

The ascent becomes the decline
Corrupting the soundest of minds
Leaving the weakest to die
Forgone the path of salvation

You've carried their crosses
Bow to their god
The burden becomes ours
Bow to their god

Lest we burn as the embers below
Rain the fires down from heaven
Reap what you've sown

The blasphemous praise the divine
The dawning of human decline
Its rapture will leave us behind
To stray the path of salvation

These are the sounds of attrition
The dawning of human decline
These are the sounds of attrition
Its rapture will leave us behind
5. The Submissive (3:08)
Take the flesh on your tongue
Fellate the divine
What is man but the image of God
Created for service

Crawl - On bended knees in submission
Atone - Speak his name as you take him inside

I will be still
Be still and know that he is
Be still and know that he is God

And blessed are the young
The feeble of mind
What is God in the eyes of a child
A tool for obedience

Crawl - On bended knees in submission
Atone - Speak his name as you take him inside

I will be still
Be still and know that he is God

Know that he is God
Know that he is

Be filled with the spirit
Second coming of Christ
Bless the meek and submissive
And precious in his sight

Crawl - On bended knees in submission
Atone - Speak his name as you take him inside

I will be still
Be still and know that he is God

Know that he is God
Know that he is God
Know that he is God
Be still and know that he is
6. The Apostate (3:24)
I refuse the outstretched hand
Spit on the book of lies
God damn the apostate
Blasphemy in my veins
From birth, indoctrinate
Instill the fear and hate
Cast down what he creates
And all who question it

His anger righteous, justified
Denied by what he's created

Defy the heavens above us
To pour its wrath down upon us

Beset by fear of Hell
The father's temperament
Cast out what he has made
His sons and his daughters
7. Mouthpiece (3:59)
I'll follow close behind
Into your depths with only me to confide
For I alone will be your
Mouthpiece to testify
Yours is my cross to bear
I'll die on this hill for your cause

Actions unspeakable
Defined by truths you've spoken

I'll make them beg your forgiveness
And they will kneel at the foot of your throne
I'll live and die for this purpose
To make them reap every seed they have sown

Suffer no consequence
I will be steadfast and cling to this narrative
Show them hatred that's pure and relentless
Yours is my cross to bear
I'll die on this hill for your cause

I have laid flesh and blood at your altar
Every breath that I breathe, you take with me
I have laid flesh and blood down before you
Every word on my tongue, you speak for me
8. Tormentor (3:22)
You will bear witness to horrors
The mouth of Hell gaping open

Rise and ease the burden of your suffering
Old gods who came before
Holy ghosts who live within us
Only blood of the willing
Can bridge the gap between god and creation

Only the blood of the willing
A sacrament to pacify

Rise and embrace the victory of martyrdom
Recite the sacred verse
All else inconsequential
Released from bondage of flesh
We carry on
Only in death will you know its significance

Pray till the light is gone
And into its absence born
We prey upon our young
Weak and impressionable
Showed us their son of God
Who came to save us all
A martyr for their cause
To serve the three as one

He is tormentor
Don't speak
Be spoken for
9. Serpent's Tongue (2:54)
Beneath your swollen excess
You dig a shallow grave
Built upon the backs of those
Who dare stand in your way
Stamp out the ones who doubt
The merit of your legacy
Ignore the sacrifices made by
Those less fortunate

You'll find your reach falls just
Short of your gaze
From the depths to the throne,
Does it all look the same?

Burn all who dare to question
And they will know your name
Tear down the weak and desperate

A wolf in sheep's disguise
Blessed with a serpent's tongue
They serve to hide from the world
What you really are
10. Mechanical Breath (4:39)
Removed from stasis to oblivion
Corrupted body becomes unsustainable
Regressive in its fragile consciousness
Succumb to sleep
Cold and indifferent

The body left behind
Soul autonomized
Dawn the conscious mind
And its unwillingness

Begin the realization of impermanence
And every labored breath, mechanical
The body ravaged and cancerous
To know you're never waking up from this

Incoherent in its final sentiments
Revert to adolescent desperation
Profound longing for those close to us
And to ease the burden of hopelessness

Dear father,
Take my breath
And I'll scream until there's nothing left
Just bury me
Just bury me

Dear father,
Take my life
Your child has lost the will to fight
The will to bleed
The way you bled for me
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