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Teratism - Service for the Damned cover art

Service for the Damned

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
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Service for the Damned Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-10-08)
1. Desire For The Demented
I seek a passion so strange it compels me
An odd fascination so sick and demented
Exploring the purpose of my gender
At an age so disturbingly tender
For the experience in sexuality
Where it's not meant to be
I long for what is penetrable
But of bestial attraction
I crave something dead and unhuman
An animal in the road has been struck
Its dismembered carcass I must fuck
This horrible erotic embrace will lead to my dementia
Recurrence of this insane lust instincts of lunacy
My loins intrude it a**lly
The smell of its spilled innards sickens me
I grasp its bloody corpse
Warm blood lubricates me
I orgasm as it stiffens cold
Penetrating until it falls apart
The species makes no difference, no difference at all
The thought of a human strikes me with impotence
I crave not my own kind or its affection
I thirst for something more
I want the origin of a dead nature... Sprawled upon the road
I grasp firm to my helpless quadrupedal partner
Enter it as its body stiffens into shock from trauma
I get high as I bring myself closure to completion
Gratified, I explode as it dies in my arms
I seek a passion so strange it compels me
An odd fascination so fucking sick
Necrobestiality, its warm blood lubricates me
I grasp its bloody corpse
Fucked until it falls apart
2. Eternal Retribution
This earth will not be walked
By the foul and deceiving
Crush every sinner
Cleanse their souls with fire
My eyes are burning to the sight
Of all the wretched slime
That walks this earth and plagues this land
Living pathetic lives
No longer - want part of this
I want you all destroyed
Pray to wake - and see the day
When this world is a desolate void
To witness countless bodies scattered upon the ground
Don't care if I'm a victim too
Just to embrace the day
When this shit world is through
The demons come calling claiming all territory
This world is vanished without a trace
In an apocalyptic ceremony
Harsh winds blowing scattered pieces
Of everything that once existed
Now the world all lays in ruins
Centuries turned to dust
Everything... Everyone dead
I want everything dead
Never to lay my eyes upon it again
I want all of you dead
Never to lay my eyes upon you again
Complete annihilation
Brutal domination
Set me free
3. Still Life
Murdering in the name of ageless beauty
Tortured inhumane you're stripped apart
Screaming sets the mood your pain is now captured
The taking of your life for the sake of art
I brought you here to give me what I need
Supplying me with flesh and blood
To become my greatest masterpiece
Crafted to perfection, with the dying I create
Bleeding helplessly - upon white satin
Blood soaked in the sheets - it's so surreal
Embodiment of my pure love and hatred
Shell of a demon - its soul extracted
The essence of the heart now hangs before me
Blood staining the skin in crimson lines
A testament to my life's endless horror
Monolith of pain - profane abstraction
Ripping out your heart for there is nothing truly there
Using parts left over from my other works
Your body twisted, limbs broken, stretched, and wrapped
A contorted form sculpted to my liking
Death imitating art...
Your identity removed, your soul exposed
An image so perfect it must be destroyed
You are evidence to my inhumanity
A dark growth within me has finally touched surface
Taking complete control erasing all that was
Murdered in the name of ageless beauty
Tortured inhumane you're stripped apart
Screaming sets the mood your pain is now captured
The taking of your life, with the dying... I create
I remove your eyes for we cannot see
Distort your face for we are all ugly
Mutilate your body, this world is bleeding
Expose your womb, for we are all dead
Your skin is the canvas, the window for my vision
So the world can see the depth of my suffering
A higher being superior in its beauty
Your torture and pain, together, as one
Bless my art
4. Disturbing The Colony
All human traits encoded, put in categories, and then on a shelf, only to become information, the end of the human entity...the self
Drones put to work enslavement
A worker bee and nothing more
Robots with no living sentience
Working for the entire swarm
Lifeless eyes a face with no expression
Single file working in succession
Laboring a procedure that is endless
Synthetic thought blocking out the senses
A virus running rampant sucking this world dry
Planet devastated wretched in its blight
World void of emotion content without the truth
A populace free of pain, a populace free of sin
Nothing here remains under the illusion of order
Parasitic feeding depleting all resources
The need for order now enforced
To push this race further forward
The human face will be erased
By blank stares and tattooed necks
The living dead programmed to obey
Desensitized one way for the colony
A virus strain threatening the mother brain
The weak and fallen are consumed
Captured... Coded... Catalogued

Captured/Coded/Catalogued/Quarantined/Scanned/Deprogrammed/Encrypted/Activated/Animated/Improved/Enslaved/Erased/Obsolete/Deleted/Destroyed... Extinct
Bow down before A.I.
5. Ripped From The Womb
Lying on a cold steel table legs opened wide
A surgical procedure to remove what's inside
The feared incubational period ends
Only eight weeks into its gestation
Relaxed and sedated your cervix is dilated
Body penetrated eyes shut and teeth bared
Relaxed and sedated your cervix is dilated
Your body penetrating your eyes shut and teeth bared
A seed germinating
Devoid of all defenses
Below the basic animal
No instinct to survive
No sight, no voice, no choice, no comprehension
Nightmares the price you pay
The dreams won't go away
Haunting your life are the cries of the unborn
The unborn
What was once your child siphoned out in vain
Now just pulp and plasma ripped from the womb
Embryonic fluid expelled from your insides
A gel runs down your leg ripped from the womb
Machines probing body cavities, tubes deep inside
Scraping the interior, sucking out the life
The prod finds its parasite piercing soft flesh
Sucking in the embryo, a practice in rape
A victim of consenting procreation
The embryonic scraping
Ripped from the womb
6. 104
The source of pleasure that I receive from thoughts of your mother crying when she sees what I have done to you
Her twisted face in disbelief is my retribution for this is what you've brought me to
I make no effort to disguise, you look directly in my eyes and see, like yours, my love has died
I remove the lead pipe from your neck, you slap a weak hand to the wound and try in vain to hold the blood inside
I don't think I'll feel guilty
You were just a whore
An infection in my body
A lesion to this world
You claim that you have suffered
I'll show you what suffering is
And make you understand
My words you did not heed
This state I have achieved
Has given me such power
There is no other way
For when you walked away
You walked away dead
The terror does not fade
As you slip away
You looked so good in red
...You looked so good dead
I find it tragic, your lives are pathetic
Just like your selfish indulgences
You have denied me, you have defied me
I need closure
I am that last thing that you will ever
See before dying
No one has seen you
No one can hear you
No one cares
I don't think I'll feel guilty
You were just a whore
An infection in my body
A lesion to this world
You may have left, but I left you for dead
Dead and butchered worthless whore
You may have left, but I left you for dead
In the woods of 104
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