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Of Terror and the Supernatural Full Album Lyrics

Temple of Void - Of Terror and the Supernatural cover art

Of Terror and the Supernatural

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
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1. Embalmers Art (6:24)
Here. This town. Secluded slice of life. Picture-perfect front of diabolic atrocity
What cold horror lies beyond these warm smiles and hospitality?
Potter’s Bluff
The Embalmer’s Art
Master work of the wicked
Unsuspecting ones wander incautiously
The geniality of the accommodating town of death
Last moments to life
captured in macabre photographs
of anguish and final breaths
Self-Made God
The embalmer’s task
Engineer of perverse monstrosity
Town mortician
Nefarious puppeteer
Creator of this depraved paradise
to which you have returned
Carefully stationed piece
of this morbid puzzle
You too have died
2. Savage Howl (5:18)
Incandescence of lycanthropic eyes radiate across the rayless tangle
of knurled branches
and engulfing timber
Its heated breath clouds the distance
as rapid pounding engulfs your chest
One tries to run with natural intent,
but feeble limbs give ill response
But the hunt follows; trampling through the snow and frozen brush
You sense its presence
You hear its savage howl
You’re in the company of the wolf
Exposing footprints
Closing chase
Leaping force
Drags your body to the ground
Blurring vision
As fangs descend into flesh
Wince in agony
As your entrails stain the snow around
3. Beyond the Ultimate (6:12)
A cursed reflecting pool
Brings a visage from
beyond the grave
Haunting, cryptic visions
of the netherworld
You wake in cold sweat
For sacrifice
Feed me
I must dine a feast of blood
Once, I too paid these
sacrificial dues
You must now give them to me
So I may walk once again
in daylight
(Lead: Erdody)
Compelled to obey
Payment by plunge of the blade
Beyond the Ultimate, we can feast
and gorge ourselves forever
4. Invocation of Demise (7:33)
This door, a way
Looming access below
Descending stairway
Long shadows drape where they
once danced behind flickering flame; now coated in the fungal stench of forgotten time
We are silence
We are nothing
Followers of space
Adhering only to
the demise of humanity
A cold sleep
Invoking a way
Patent Grave Cosmic
Life ends
Life ends
We are silence
We are nothing
Followers of space
Adhering only to
the demise of humanity
5. To Carry This Corpse Evermore (3:17)
6. Rot in Solitude (5:30)
Brick by brick
Your spacious coffin climbs
As mortar dries
The lighting subtly dies
Pompous fool
The blame is all your own
A scathing tongue
Brings immurement within stone
Weakness. Onset. You’ll rot in Solitude
Thrice chance been given to turn back
Attrition atoned within the catacombs
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
Your body as sealed as your fate
You will be left to starve
7. Bargain in Death (10:41)
To Thee, thy course by lot is given
Guilt breeds suspicions
and deceptions
From Eden to contemporary times
Charge and strict watch must
be made
Ageless task
A Burden of Penance
For centuries to come
Through me
you go into the city of grief
Through me
you go into the pain that is eternal
Through me
you go among people lost
Abandon hope, all ye who enter
Lifeless eyes
Ever vigil
Exanimate Gaze
that is our tyrant and enemy
Take it, my love
Let this knife lead you to us
Make you well again
8. Exanimate Gaze (5:31)
Waking – You grasp and you claw
but there is no escape
Scratching – The slivers of pine
stabbing under your nails
As you panic – Your breathing
gets faster as air runs out
Entrapment – Within the confines
of this oblong box
Left to die
Conscious – Effects of your
serum have well worn away
Regretting – This insurance ploy
gone completely awry
Kicking – But six-feet of dirt
keeps your coffin-lid sealed
Screaming – The painful acceptance
that this is the end
Gasping for air, sweating profusely
You clasp at your throat
(Lead: Blanchard, Erdody, Awn)
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