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Pornography | Full Album Lyrics

Taurus - Pornography cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsHeavy Metal Rock
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-02)
1. Watch You Say (4:11)
Do you know what you can do?
Do you know your place?
They´re talking about freedom
About human rights
There´s a limit
We cannot trespass
Take care what you´re saying
Or you´ll get a sign

It´s what will shine
Till the end of your life
You´re mad
Labeled like a can

Take care WHAT YOU SAY
Maniac, crazy, mad
Your mind is an open snare

What´s the meaning of normal??
Who can say always burning
inside your heads, shadow above us
Deciding who is free
And what can be taught
Or can be done

Becomes a reason
To be bloody learned
To see is a lie
Blindness is the law
Mind´s not safe
Locking up emotions
They´re turning around
Forcing your life
Breaking into your brain
Troubling your sight
On your forehead

Where is the reason
Remember what you were taught
Living without life
Trapped inside yourself
2. Caustic Brains (3:36)
Burning forest like a holocaust
Facing the skeleton´s eyes
The lick of sulphuric serpent
A fever carroding

Our Caustic
Spreading poison in dark waves

Suicide, life lies on the ground
How can we face ourselves?
We´re realy slaying, killing our mother
A matricide

Our Caustic
Destroying life only by gain

We´re destroying what we can~t rebuild
we´re fools dissipating our richness
Life needs life
And not to die

Our Caustic
kill to live is not the way
kill to live
Not the way
3. Pornography (4:16)
Where´s the lawdness
They see in the movies
What realy matters?
If a woman is nude

When misery and hunger
Are lords is this world
More than an illusion
Tradition is a nightmare
Ravaging our minds

Luxury of pain
Pleasures of death

It´s always normal
Someone be slayed
Fighting for this right
Someone´s fades out
Far in Ethiopia
While they´re wasting
Where´s the morality
they´ve been requesting
And talking about

Electric trifles
Shining on the TV
What can be crueler?
To see but not the catch

Lives are denied
For the pleasure of gold
Can´t you see the pornography?
In Front of you
Or does it need to burn your eyes
4. Why Can't We Talk (4:50)
Hey, where are your tears
I know they hurt your eyes
And you throw it away
You wanna talk
Wanna shout
And Showed, then it´s time to cry

WHY CAN´T WE TALK about love?
Gimme a reason for no passion
Gimme an answer to this question
WHY CAN´T WE TALK about love?

We don´t talk about love
Used for darkness and crimes
Reclusion under pleasure
You wanna talk
Wanna shout
And showed it´s not the way

Everyday we use iron mask
Everyday life drains so fast
Everyday can only guess
Sexuality, how long will it be
The unknow of mass
5. Born to Die (2:02)
You know life has and end
Is it better to die or to get old?
We did enough in our lives
They´re killing live and death

How would you recognize the truth?
If you never saw it
We only learn by ourselves
There´s no reason for faith

You were BORN TO DIE
Forget it all and live
Fright isn~t an excuse
To be an asshole
Ambushing your life
You were BORN TO DIE
It´s clear like the day

You know life has an end
So, what are you waiting for?
Your time is running out
It´ll never come back
6. Brainless (3:04)
There´s something wrong
He can´t find
Answer for his mind
There´s a world
He wants to fuck off it all
He bought a guitar
To punish this world
With it he talks, feels and hits
All the fools, the ministers and lords
His childhood
Is changing into a sword
He doesn´t know why
His world is a guitar chord
There´s no window in his room

He can´t tell you anything
He finds emotions
But hasn´t a mouth
Can you understand him?
Life´s heap
Of frustration and fears
A spine crossed in his throat
What has life left for him?
Hard answers
An imitation of feeling
Cutting the skins
Physical pressure
Building a wall around his brain

Glowing sensations
Ricocheting limits reverbering the life
A closed room by the universe
An abyss shining like the exit

His eyes are trying to find the key
From the deep
Of his clossed room
There´s choice in his mind
Screams of fears
Reality becomes into unreal
Licks of disgust and sarcasm
Amazing culture
Devouring it´s sons
Family, law
Social requests
Protection of vital interests
7. Voices in the Void (4:52)
Things are hidden in me
I can´t say that I know
I´m not sure of what I see
And what I must show

I´ve tried to say what it means
But it´s been another lie
I´m searching for something
I´m afraid of finding

I don´t know if a hope
I don´t know if a scream
Life´s turning colder
Crushing all my dreams
I cannot feel I live
I cannot feel I hide
Things are burning in me
Making me stronger inside

I´m finding my way
I can´t lose myself
Strains that I see
Screams of my dreams
Is calling for me
I can´t say who I am
I can´t mean all this tide
I can´t difine the man
There´s no sign of´life
8. Denied Ways (5:42)
Where are you
that denied the ways
That fought under the shadows
WOODSTOCK is gone in the dust

At May´s barricades
At Guevara´s grave
The flower power´s rebelled

Wher are you
The 70´s recruits you
The black panthers don´t fifht anymore
But carridors confabulate
Your dreams of better times
Fighting without uniforms
You´re a screamer of the past

Day by day
New ways are rising
Following the endless road
Our old-new fight
Dragons with new disguises
Breathing the freedom´s cage
Camouflaging the sight
Into a clear, nice world

Today I read the newspaper and I can understand
Seven palms in the underground under my feet
Or hidden in a suit trying to forget
9. This Kind of People (2:49)
I don´t wanna small tracks
I don´t wanna your chains
In Spite of your shoutings
The real song remains

How can you justify
The violence in your fate
Converting my guitar
An instrument of your fate

I know this fucking world
A hard place to live in
Fighting with ourselves
We don´t change anything

This kind of people
With prejudice in their souls
With labels an factions
They´re killing ROCK´N´ROLL
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