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Pillar of Fire Full Album Lyrics

Tau Cross - Pillar of Fire cover art

Pillar of Fire

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Crust Punk, Hard Rock
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-07-25)
1. Raising Golem (5:13)
They came from the earth, whilst eyes were turned to the skies for sign
And out of the lake, dredged up by our darkness, cold, malevolent, alive
A man appeared in the town, he painted sigils on gateways and the kirk
Kept a watch on the wall, the light retreated before the fast approaching storm

Take the blood, the clay and hide from the awful light of day
I call on the devastating name, giving their life, raising golem

And down among the reeds and mud, the mouths of creatures form the words
Through invocation and the rod, the army of forgotten Gods

Oh what have we done, adversaries of the sun

So these are our kin, the dark projection of what we are within
The venomous snake, beating at the gate

Take the blood, the clay and hide from the awful light of day
I call on the devastating name, giving their life, raising golem

Rise, arise adversaries of the sun and so they live, oh what have we done
Born of the darkness inside your mind oh what have we done…raising golem
2. Bread and Circuses (4:52)
Unto you the people, you shall never need
I am your Lord Protector, every mouth I feed
Bring your children to me, I shall teach them well
Bend the knee to Caesar, come join the shades of Hell

I shall lay before you, heroes, villains in our play
A spectacle fantastic…there are monsters that we must defeat

For to rule a people is a simple thing
All that they want, all that they need, all they desire, the world is a stage
Watch as they die for your applause, feed them…bread and circuses

All of your life, all of your life within the safety of the herd
All of your life all of your life upon the stage of the absurd
As they die for you, break the bread and pass it round, in the colosseum

As one man stands up, and with a gesture of his hand
Is fate determined

All that they want, all that they need, all they desire, the world is a stage
Watch as they die for your applause.

Feed them…bread and circuses
3. On the Water (5:08)
Lower the flag, sound the bell, I remember hearing as the ship was going down
We filled the boat and cut the line
Cast our lot and favor to the cruelty of the sea

Full seven men, packed tightly in
Two burned and bleeding from the fires on our ship
The captains voice, across the night
Called ‘mind me to my children, I am headed for the deep’

On the water

When hunger came, all reason left
We drifted far into the fog, a great bird overhead
The silent mist, then madness came
We are the butchers, the eaters of the dead

I blessed the blade, I cut the neck
We drank the blood upon the deck, we are the damned

Fifteen weeks till rescue came
When only we three came ashore their mothers turned away

We dealt the cards, we cut the deck
We drank the blood, we ate the flesh, we are the damned

Well the sun turned black and the sky was falling, three men left by the light of the morning
And the madness came and the gulls were calling, and there were there men left by the light of the morning, and the sun turned black
4. Deep State (5:05)
A silent figure watching out from beneath the ancient trees
This secret commonwealth is hidden far beneath the light of day
In moonlight the earth wakes, in caverns the stones break

And we are paralyzed, frozen in the deeper sleep
Inside on the outside, white light white light
The eyes of the deep state burning, burning

Lord of the flying fires, legions of the hidden sun
Are bleeding through into the light, from our nightmare they have come
Intention, hostile, your bloodline, the lost child

Three men arriving from the east, black skies above the ashen priest
The earth is buckling in protest
The armies of the dispossessed

We call out, in nightmare
Yet find we remain there

And we are paralyzed, a cold wind blows through hell tonight
5. Pillar of Fire (4:16)
Oh no, they’re burning their Gods again, the sacred and the profane
A pillar of fire

My my, its crawling beneath my skin. The visions are crowding in
My Heaven and Hell
From the garden of the dawn, to the ocean night

All is said and all is done
And nothing new beneath our sun
All we built and all we knew
Is turned to dust, just me and you
Falling through the universe

Hey hey, the Gods have all gone away
The people have learned to pray
To a pillar of fire
And these dark cathedral spires, point like fingers to the skies
Accusingly accusingly, accusingly, the question always why

I’m looking down, at a body on a table looking up
I’m looking down at the body on the table…looking up
And all we are is held by silver thread
Sewn into the earth, sent back to the dead
6. Killing the King (5:41)
Silence, upon the land
As winter eats into the soul
No fire, within the hall
To cleanse this land of wickedness and blood

Crow calls within the wood
On black sands, the plague ships burn
As for the law, what law there is has failed
Your savior is never to come

There’s a man in the sky for the faithful
There’s a face in the moon for the child
But we are the knights of the wasteland
In a mad world we’re for killing the king

The evil, the arrogant
Have risen, upon the piled up bodies of our dead
And the stones crack and the mountains crumble down into the sea
And who will stand with me

There’s a law of the land to condemn us
And the law of the just makes us strong
For we are the knights of the wasteland
And justice is burning, we’re killing the king

Those who would divide and conquer
Our scaffold shall greet them well
The oak of our fathers take the task
The fall to Hell

Rise up in the Eastland, Arise! In the north
For we are the knights of the wasteland
And when a dark sun rises
We’re killing the king
7. A White Horse (3:01)
The sword, held over water, bright in the moonlight glisten
The word, comes from the river gods as they coldly whisper

The land, red with the lifeblood of every war and conquest
We stand and offer our arms up, our sun is setting in the West

Our blood is a river, running to the sea
The moon is the mother, man is the cruel beast

And is the banner held by steady hand and even
Among the elder ones the stories echo still
And shall we hear the tale of lions beat by ravens
Strong timber under sail and iron on the sea
8. The Big House (5:28)
They’re bringing home the farm boys in these polished cedar boxes
To lay them in the orchard, by the wall beneath the yew
And every year the flowers grow and mothers come to take them
And sit at silent tables staring out across the fields

And the men up in the big house send their captains and surveyors
And the young men of the village take the journey to the wood
Where they cut and dress the timbers. Open fire and follow orders
And they lay them down in boxes, in the orchard home for good

And the men up in the big house sell them tools to do their labor
And they place their curse upon them and their tax upon their neighbor
And they beat them in the market square and steal the gold they lend them
They kill them in the timberyards, the hell to which they send them


In the timber yards, we pray for night and curse the day
In the timber yards, do the work, take the pay

Somebody’s son, these boxes

And the men up in the big house come at night to see the mothers
And they force their seed within them when the menfolk are away
And they drag them off in tractors to the fields of their fathers
And bind them fast as oxen, to work until they die
9. RFID (2:49)
All praise, hail to the genius, streamlined for your convenience
One shot non intravenous, branded, it’s so ingenious

One living eye beneath my skin (don’t let them in)

Credit? No money anymore, you took the mark Babylon the whore
Now just numbers upon a screen, programmed to serve the living machine

Someone’s always watching you
Come the division, those who refuse the mark must die
It’s your decision, stand with the free or serve the lie

Protest kept to a minimum, suggestions implanted into them
The end of all rebellion, shocking the disobedient

Someone’s always watching you
This is your helpful guide, it’s only data passing through
The panic you feel inside, you’re feeling the collar choking you
10. Seven Wheels (4:46)
We love to watch the children as they play, we love to see the simple toys they make

Oh wondering, will they ever make their way out of the mud
Wondering will they ever rise above their blood

Within a man, a ladder to the stars
Within a man the future and the past

Oh slumbering, the serpent sleeping coiled within itself
Oh remembering seven wheels that lead you to the self

We wait for…childhood’s end
We long for…childhood’s end

We look towards the stars, time is calling
Seven wheels of fire, will raise the fallen

We look towards the skies, help is coming
Seven wheels of fire, I know they’re coming

In exile in exile, alone upon a dying world
11. What Is a Man (4:10)
I hide my tears in a cloud, now that the rain is here
All my life in a glass, oh what a disease is a man

I hide my face from the world, for I don’t belong here
Cast my bones to the wind, oh what a disease is a man

I have struggled with the Angel and the Demigod, I have faced the night of sorrows on my own
Shipwrecked on the shores of the dark night of the soul
Take me home

Take me home to the Sea, voices are calling,
For I am a child of the deep
Setting my sail for the morning
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