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Be Offended Full Album Lyrics

Tankist - Be Offended cover art

Be Offended

GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-06)
1. Politically Incorrect (4:28)
Nobody hears what I say,
enough respect I don't pay.
Hammered down dissenting voices,
better stop with my noise.
Don't have a need to repent,
hurt feelings are not an argument.
Only moan, whine and bitch
but I don't give a shit!

Politically Incorrect,
sense the growing dissent!
Politically Incorrect,
I will not be bent!

Must you always be offended?
Good ideas stand on merit.
Understand what I intended -
do you think I don't get it?
So you shoot me in the back,
rise above all your lies,
fucking delusional hack...
So just go die!

Politically Incorrect,
sense the growing dissent!
Politically Incorrect,
I will not be bent!

You're just a liar, politically incorrect!
You're just a puppet, tangling off the lines.
Morally bankrupt, politically incorrect!
Delusive victim, I don't care!
2. Mortuary (4:00)
See myself scattered all around,
gallons of blood on the ground.
Set up the machine drilling for brains,
the autopsy begins. Let's have some fun!

They wrap me up in a black body bag
to conceal my corpse no one could see.
They can't hear me but I still hear them -
voices of the dead in my head!

There will be no sympathy from me,
said the priest,
you belong with the dead!
Open the morgue door, let's send this guy to hell!

Presence of human faith
made pointless by the deities' traits.
Chaotic presence not the least bit sane,
strongest mind fast goes insane!
3. Deadeye (6:11)
Walking through the streets at night,
people cowering in fright,
oh this can't be right!

Taken I could not be,
I'm not an enemy,
oh why can't you see?!

Evidence is not important,
anyone can be deported,
we have got you cornered.

A man in a blue-red hat
shouting behind my back:
bow or your head I'll crack!

Listen to me - I will see that
you are coming with us!

Lying in a little cell,
what will happen I can't tell.
Hear the ringing of a bell...

Taken to be interrogated,
from the others segregated,
faced with a sentence.

See this written line -
under it you must sign!
Now get out of my sight!

What are you still here doing,
want to know where you'll be going?
Towards the concentration camp!

Now you've arrived, don't get your hopes up,
no one will hear your cries.
Start with slave labor, and don't stop,
here you will surely die!

From day to day
live work and pray,
but there's no god here,
let me make that clear!
4. At The Gate (3:41)
At the altar promise to destroy, to kill.
The republic of Rome - annihilate it, son!
Armies march, obey my orders, forwards to war.
Elephants stomp on heads, fear spreads, run!

At the gate,
At the gate, legions march to die.

Push on over the Alps, no way to stop.
Another win, fate so grim, let the blood out.
Strategy decides the battle, no need for graves.
Annihilation, empire ends, all dead, gone!

At the gate,
At the gate, legions march to die.

Victory so close,
had no remorse,
banished off this Earth,
driven to suicide.
5. God Delusion (4:13)
Blind superstition for the religious
controlled by fear of the imaginary.
The book - an excuse for your prejudice.
Use of a brain in your cult is prohibited.

No evidence to back up your claim,
to believe in a sky daddy is insane.
Too bad convictions can be so strong,
too bad that you're wrong!

God delusion, it's a sin.
God delusion, logic wins.
6. Sinister 6 (5:58)
I want to feel alive
inside of you!
Your soul must die!
Sinister 6

Just one more time
feel the night's breeze,
see the morbid one.
Sinister 6

I will come,
perform the sinister sin.
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