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Ejaculate upon the Holy Qur'an Full Album Lyrics

Taghut - Ejaculate upon the Holy Qur'an cover art

Ejaculate upon the Holy Qur'an

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Lyrics > T > Taghut Lyrics (18) > Ejaculate upon the Holy Qur'an Lyrics (18)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-06-13)
1. Reichquiem (Introdestruction) (1:00)
Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil!
Heil! Heil! Heil!
2. Piss on the Altar of God (3:57)
Piss on the altar of
God - We spit on your cross
God - We renounce your name
God - You are dead to us
God - We laugh at your bastard child

Piss on the altar of
God - We praise our Lord Satan
God - We burn your book of lies
God - We take your name in vain
God - Virgin whore, blinded eyes

Piss on the altar of god
Shit in the mouth of the priest
Fuck the tight virgin cunt
God - You have no power over me


Piss on the altar of god
Shit in the mouth of the priest
Cum on the face of the nun
Kill all the sheep in his flock
Fuck jesus christ bastard son
Burn all their shrines to the ground
Crush all their faith into dust
All God's love must be destroyed!

Piss On The Altar Of God
3. Ejaculate upon the Holy Qur'an (3:32)
Muhammad - false prophet
For a god insane
Allah is a fallacy
Destroy Islamic reign
Their holy book is sacred
Filled with suras
I rebuke muslim ways
And spit upon Allah

Lubricate my cock
Qur-an lies before me
Egocentric religion
Truly does abhor me
Building up my tension
Ready to explode
Upon the Holy Qur-an
I shoot my load

Ejaculate upon the holy qur-an
Blaspheme the words of allah
Ejaculate upon the holy qur-an
Shred the pages of suras


Fuck islamic laws
Tear apart the texts
Your book is truly worthless
Hatred manifests
Shit upon your doctrine
Mocking muslim lies
Fuck the book of allah
The qur-an I despise

(chorus x2)
4. Exterminate Christianity (3:39)

Mocking the disciples
Forgotten weak apostles
Crush the holy temples
Defile their crosses
Ravage the church
Smash out the windows
Light fire to the curtains
And steal their sacred relics

Invade their holy graves
Smash the stones of priests
Exhume them from their graves
Thrash their corpses to pieces
Destroy their holy temples
Eliminate their faith
It's time for retribution
Spread our seeds of hate

Exterminate Christianity x4

Hunt down the holy bishops
Abase the fallen seraphs
Rape the nuns of innocence
Hang the priests up high
Annihilate the parish
One by one they die
Religious execution

Exterminate Christianity x4

Destroying all their statues
Vandalize their shrines
Invade their house of worship
With excrement and hatred

5. Terrorist (4:23)
Thwart the lives and minds
Of the unsuspecting victims
Target chosen
Methodical precision
Extremist passion
To level the oppressor
Lay waste - annihilate
A total disaster

Inciting public terror
Yielding all control
Mass sneak attack
Bomb detonation
Complete destruction
Obliterated lives
News for a day
Made the headlines

Terrorist x4

You won't know it's coming
Such a sinister surprise
Until the blast you feel
Opens up your eyes
We each are targets
We won't suspect a thing
In one quick moment
Feel death's lightning sting

Terrorist x4


Victims are scarred
Reliving the event
Learn to understand
The message that was sent
Spend your lives
Reliving the horror
But continue to live
In a reign of terror

Terrorist x4

We are in the age of the
Unforeseen enemy
Self sacrificing soldier
Dying for a lie

6. Branded 666 (2:03)
The Number of the Beast
The Number of the Beast

Total hatred is unleashed
The Number of the Beast
My sword of fire is unsheathed
The Number of the Beast

The Number of the Beast
The Number of the Beast

Branded 666
Branded 666
Branded 666
7. Jesus Christ and the Christian Church (1:31)
Fuck Jesus Christ
Fuck The Christian Church
Fuck Jesus Christ
Fuck The Christian Church

8. The Fist of Satan (3:22)
The Fist of Satan
Crushes christ
Burns the churches
Revels in spite
The Fist of Satan
Hammers down
Crush the weak
In fire they drown

The Fist of Satan
Raised in spite
Curse the sun
Eternal night
The Fist of Satan
Smash the cross
No tears shed
For God's loss

The Fist of Satan
Is in your face
Enslave the weak
With quickened pace
The Fist of Satan
Pounds to dust
The souls of righteous
Devoured with lust
9. Burn the Holy Nations of Islam (2:23)
Militant religion - Faith is forced upon
the civilization - Allah's will is done
Blasphemy is punished - Kill those who don't give in
Burn the Holy Nations of Islam

Allah is dead - Your holiness is lies
Reveling in Muslim's Deaths - Their righteousness despised
Burn their holy temples - Kill their priests and shahs
With violence and force we crush the name of Allah

Burn the Holy Nations of Islam
Waste their sacred temples and their shrines
Fighting against those that force all to believe
Spit upon their Hebrew scripts divine

There will never be peace - There will always be war
A holy piece of land is what they're fighting for
Fuck Allah's name - Annihilate their quest
Burn the nations of islam and lets put Allah to rest!

Burn the Holy Nations of Islam
10. Fascist Regime (2:48)
Heil Hitler's master race
Gas the human scum
Merciless fascist regime
Hitler almost won
Filled their hearts with Aryan pride
Army of the SS
Nazi troops pillaged all
Left NONE in distress
Concentration camps are thriving
With food for the ovens
Extinguish opposition
The gates of hell wide open

Fascist Regime x4

The Reich's iron fist
Pounded across the land
Domination by force
Crossed even desert sands
Propaganda warfare
Scientific tests
Victory at all costs
Swastikas on their vests

Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil!
Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil!

Fascist Regime
Fascist Regime

Fascist Regime
Corrupt capitalism x4


Zeig Heil!
11. Better to Reign in Hell... (2:24)
Lords of truth I summon thee
Break the yoke of Yahweh
Tyrant god will not enslave me
Resist the faith of tyranny

Better to reign in hell
Than serve in heaven
God has been dethroned
By our Lord Satan

Slaves all bow to god above
Spread their word and their love
But afterlife is spent enslaved
Piss upon their holy graves


Reign in Hell - Master of your own domain
Serve in heaven - In bondage for a god insane
Reign in Hell - Rule fire with an iron fist
Serve in heaven - Slave to a god you can't resist


Weak pigs serve
Like puppets that they are
Their faith will fail
In times of coming war

12. The Arrogant Jews (2:15)
So bold to claim themselves chosen
Their god gave them their land
A tyrant god of race and war
Entitled to their claim of sand
I spit upon your god and doctrine
Hate your arrogance and ill-logic
Live in poverty - waste of life
Your extinction not so tragic


I contributed NOT to the holocaust
Remorseless I spit on thee
Your religion of pity and woe
Does not intimidate me
They claim themselves god's chosen
Just living in the sand
Fighting for a jealous god
Over scorched barren land

The arrogant jews
From the mouth of filth
Judaism spews

13. Blaspheme Muhammad's Name (2:11)
Muhammad false prophet
I piss upon your shrine
Muhammad, you faggot
Your name shall fade with time

Blaspheme Muhammad's Name x4

False prophet of allah
A weak powerless god
Pitiful lowlife humans
Cower to such ignorance

Blaspheme Muhammad's Name x4

Fuck Muhammad! Fuck Allah!
Fuck Muhammad! Fuck Allah!

Blaspheme Muhammad's Name x4
Blaspheme Muhammad's Name x8
14. This World Belongs to Satan (2:38)
Churches are burning
Blasphemy is spreading
Faith in god is fading
The angels are crying
The trumpets are sounding
No savior has appeared
The light is fading
Darkness is revered

This world belongs to Satan
Invert the cross you bear
This world belongs to Satan
God has no power here

The Saints are falling
The old priests are dying
The baptized denying
The church is decaying
Morals corroding
No savior has come
Witness the extinction
of Christendom


The cross is crushed
Prophecies do tell
God is crushed
Rot in his own hell

(chorus x2)

15. The Oldest Man (1:36)
Frozen forgotten corpse
Untouched by time
Trapped in eternal death
Last frozen stare of life

Murdered, Strangled x4
Bog Man x4
The oldest man killed by his own kind
16. Hail the Crucifixion (2:40)
Drag him from his home
Push him through the streets
Make him carry his cross
Spit on his face and feet
Ready now the spikes
Screaming palm incision
Laughing at the Nazarene
Faggot crucifixion

Not gonna let him down x3
Not until he dies

Hanging in the sun
By his hands and feet
The weight of his own body
Tears his tender meat
Taunted, mocked and dying
We fuck your slutty mother
Hail the crucifixion
Of Ghost, Son and the Father

Not gonna let him down x3
Not until he dies
(repeat 4 times)

Hail the Crucifixion x3
Jesus Christ is Dead!
17. To Serve and Protect (3:06)
Cops are the lowest form of life
Hide the weed and stash the knife
Brushcut fuckhead with his badge of power
His wife and daughter I'd love to deflower
Talking down to me like I am a dog
I'd love to send you to your god
You fucking pigs are lying scum
You steal away our freedom

To Serve and Protect
What a bunch of lies
To Serve and Protect
It's pigs that I despise

Cop killers are my heroes
Revenge is justified
A smile comes across my face
For each pig that dies
Don't be deluded
That this country is free
Law enforcement
Is corrupt deviancy

To Serve and Protect
Abuse the laws you pride
To Serve and Protect
I hope you fucking die!

They love to fuck with me
What can I do?
Except to say...."Pig, Fuck You!"

"Pig......Fuck You!" (repeatedly)
18. March of Hate (Outrodestruction) (0:54)
Judgment will come
Judgment will come
Feel the march of hate
Total hate!
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