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The Burden of Will Full Album Lyrics

T.A.N.K - The Burden of Will cover art

The Burden of Will

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-05)
1. Disturbia
By all these piercing stares
By all these fiendish words
By all these unsightable people
By all these haunting thoughts

A wall of scorn bred by fear
Surrounds me, I am gonna touch it
The skin is cold as a stone
Kept by this morbid phobia

I’ve never felt so much hate
I will gore their eyes out
I wanna break the hearsay
I set my place in motion

Living my all life as someone who feels
That his madness is controlling his brain

So destructed by your waste
Disturbed as much as I could
I believed, I believed in you
And when I come to your desk
I feel your fear coming through
I believe, I believe in you

I’m getting bored of being abused
I’m getting bored of all these deceptions

My mind is tired of being torn apart
Upon this bed, we try to fly
My spirit’s tired of being scorched
Close to the edge of fury and despair

Fall from your throne
To the borders of consciousness
To realize
How dark is my task
See my decline
Bathing in this red material
I tear off your sanity
And breathe your life

Feeling abused
I believed in you
Feeling confused
I believe in you
2. T.A.N.K 09
We wanna feel the heat
The blinding light, the deafening noise
Let our rage burn the ground
And the sweat vanish in the air
We wanna see the eyes
So full of pain, so full of hate
We’ve got only one thing to do
And we won’t let it go

Scream the words
Of rebellion
Spread your wings
Fly away from this
Scream the words
Of rebellion
Materialize your feelings
Use them as a weapon

Be ready for
A new way of thinking

Think of A New Kind

Cursed be the ones who stand
On the path of liberty
Those who are preventing us
From going forward
The very ones who lead us
To our fucking loss
Down! We will drag them down
And we won’t let them go

Scream the words
Of rebellion
Make them rot
Fight for what is right
Scream the words
Of rebellion
Tear apart your shell
Crawl as far as you can

Be ready for
A new way of thinking

Think of A New Kind (T.A.N.K)
Break the rules, now (T.A.N.K)
Open up your eyes (T.A.N.K)
No time to waste

We still wanna feel the heat
The blinding light, the deafening noise
Our rage is burning inside you
The eyes seems now wide open

Scream the words
Of rebellion
As one we...
We will make it real
Scream the words
Of rebellion
Writing our own story
Pain will be inflicted


Just remember this
3. Corpse
Let's go

Welcome stranger in this place
Where bodies are used to rest
I'm the owner of this place
The forensic scientist

Open the drawer if you dare
They say you're a coward, don't you care?
Your face is white, your hands are cold
Just as the corpse you're about to hold

Now you’re ought to incise
This corpse laid down beside you
Throw out this sheet to blame his head
And has your head is bleaker
You're trying to surrender
To late you've chosen the wrong way

Wrong way

Plunging the scalpel in the chest
Smelling at the odour
It's nothing compared to gristle
And the worms gesture

I've shown you all and I was fair
Now this your turn to be square
Show me the barrier of your thoughts
No one of you is about to flout

Far away from what you expected
Streams of conscience now resound inside my head

No sorrow
Just believe

Never too late to find
What you're endowed for
Sparkling in my blood
There is something else

This nightmare
I'm the corpse
I am above
4. Beautiful Agony
I can’t believe I’m inside you so far from me
It’s like a soothing wound
This burning flesh is once more sucking my life out
I am about to pass away
Now bury the pride you’ve faked, you’re about to suffer me
Bury all these moral thoughts
You’re like I want you to be
The glimmer in your eyes betrayed your ascetic figure

As I was starving to death
As I was begging for help
You came, my favorite prey
“Follow me down to our beautiful agony”

The smell of lust emanates from
These pieces of scalding skin
It is torturing me

The fist of your aura is closing on my spine
Nails are sinking into my flesh
What little control which remained in me is leaving
Forsaken to your fangs...

As I was starving to death
As I was begging for help
You came, my favourite prey
Follow me down to our beautiful agony
As I was fighting to smile
As I was seeking the light
My truly beloved victim
I will bring you to our beautiful agony

Now fall deep in my arms
Let my thirst burst
Plead me to empty your mind,
To unleash the passion
Thoughtless, this is what you become
Condemned to endure your vices
Crawl down like dead, face on the ground
Invoke my pity

I will ignore these abstracts shapes
Gathered in your dark eyes
I will pretend you’re not this kind of Goddess
We will rise beyond our death
5. Brother in Arms

Sorrow take care of us
Idiot why, don’t give up?
Mud face, conspiration
What you think forget it you are wrong

Giving my hand before his hand
I see his pain, crying again

War! War is my life
Remain my suffering misery
If I had been alone
You could not have listened to my lament

I just can’t take it anymore
To put a man dead
My fight is not a choice

In fact your acts are false
Obey, explode your soul
Don’t think you serve the world
You are the puppet of your country

Brother in arms, just cease fire
Deposit weapons, forget hate

Tired and blown, remorse for killing so much
I saw him, enemy
Face to the ground, bleeding so much
6. Necrosoldier
I'm still waked up by the sound of life
Crushed in me, I'm only too aware of it
Deprived of will, my heart is still beating
I'm just the witness of my darkest deeds

Created by the madness of a man
Programmed to kill and spread pain

I've burst the eyes of evil by staring at it
Drowned in chaos. If I could flee that doom…
So much lives aborted, always by my hand
So much faces slashed, always in my head

Cause I remember my birth
In this box tainted of blood
Where flames were making love all around
And where deads were telling me stories

Created by the madness of a man
Programmed to kill and spread pain
Animated to destroy existence
My order is thou death sentence
7. Spiral Chains
You’re like lost in your soul
Forsaken by your essence
You cannot stand to be what you are
So you came to die with us
Why do you still worship our rituals
While you could create your owns?
We don’t share!
That’s too personal...

Don’t steal the thoughts anymore
Don’t absorb the lives like before

Benighted entity, blank as the moonlight
You're entombed in an empty shell
Break your voice, scream throughout the night
Abandoned at the bounds of hell

Mesmerized, you're hypnotized
Transfigured by your idols
Take a look inside...
Take a look within your mind

Take a look within your mind
Take a look inside
Seek inside, all your thoughts are dead
Feel inside, your whole brain is burned

You're just the insipid
Reflect of our existence
You cannot stand to be who you are
It would be worse if you were me
Why can't you be aware of your worth?
Instead you behave like shit
Don't follow our footprints anymore

Wandering about this life of pain
Wondering who you are again
Idle ghost

Transparent and useless
Just the avatar of void
Prisoner of a stronghold of shadows
You're roving in its eternal corridors
Taken away by the draughts
Leaving no track behind
You're the weakness' embodiment
The darkened shadows will remain your
Last shelter
8. Idle Ghost feat. Guillaume Bideau
9. Paws of The Oracle
Strangled by your own filth…

Once upon a time, degenerated
Virtual has become reality
For many of those that life didn’t spare
A refuge in bytes instead of arms
Don’t ! Stop!
Listen to you inner voice
Bury your bullshits six feet under

Whatever you’re feeling you hold
I’m trying to figure myself that it’s cold
Like the ice of waterfalls
Disdain of a porn industry
That you are using to take control
But I’m not beside you

The future that we already fear
Is now knocking to our window
Drift, straight
Forward to what revolves around us
Dreaming of
Dwelling in darkness, far from reality

No time to pretend the redeemer inside
Addicted to fake, do not cross the borderline
Soft drug damaging, locked up in a cage
Unaware of thoughts, feelings and torments
Escape from this endless maze
Drain the poison in your veins

Poisoned by a false life
Strangled by your own filth

Whatever you’re feeling you hold
I’m trying to figure myself that it’s cold
But I’m not beside you
10. So Vile
Don't ask me
Why I am standing here
I seek strolling
About shame in my head
Now easy...
Tell me what’s wrong with me
And scream my name
If you remember it

Please, you have to remember
Long time ago you forged the monster in me

While I’m loosing control
Yet I’m loosing my soul
My eyes are blinded by hate
While I’m loosing control
Yet I’m waiting for the call
Is it me? Am I so vile?

Hatred and madness combined
I’m now waiting for a sign
Order me to launch the fury
Man, please stop blowing at me
Oh my thing rightfully mine
There’s no faceless foe inside
Now I’m gonna hit you where it hurts
Our worlds…

Hate will drain
The tears falling from your eyes
As your life
Is spilling in mine
Heal the scars
Carved in my furthest past
Transient shade
Reduced to nil

In the end
A forlorn memory

Our worlds collide for the last time

For the last time
Our worlds collide
11. The Day After
I should get out of it
But I cannot refrain
From wondering where
It comes from
And why it has begun
Confusion in my mind
Has slithered through my eyes
It has reached my soul and now
It’s consuming me inside
The veil has been torn

Swallow the words I vomit
May they crawl unto your senses
Forward, the path is waiting
Will you join me? Time has come to leave...

Climbing the walls of misery
I’ll find a place where answers rest. Are you calling me?
Tomorrow ’s dark and my skin is scarred
But I will face it more than enough. The day after arrived

I wonder if what you do
Tallies with what you are
No one seems to realize
We don’t have to hide
I won’t forsake you

Drink these words that are falling
From my mouth, may they touch your heart
The way is waiting for us
Will you join me? Time has come to change...

Climbing the walls of misery
I’ll find a place where answers rest. Tell me if you need me!
Tomorrow ’s dark and my skin is scarred
But I will face it more than enough. The day after arrived

Come on
Let’s fight the dawn
No remorse
The day after

Come on now!
Climbing the walls of misery
I’ll find a place where answers rest, it’s all that’s left to me!
My scar is now wide open and tomorrow ‘s still darker
But I will face it more and more and I’ll reach the day after
12. It Bleeds Inside
Can’t close my eyes as darkness
Is slowly invading the room
Too many things are burning my mind
It bleeds inside
Can’t fight the fucking time
It’s running and running again
Too fast for me, too far from me
My mind ‘s already trapped

Motionless body
Floating in my own spirit
And as the wind becomes my cradle
I feel rocked by the drafts
I sink inside of me
To submerged lands of my being
The blurred is dispelling
All around me, I begin to see...

Not that place again
I have been there before
It is born from pain
See souls crawl on the floor
It's something I fear
I can’t stand this anymore
It's some shit I'll seal
That’s what I’m craving for

A place where torment reigns
Its crown is made of bones
As I wander in this
Vision of horror I realize...
Nightmare! It has just begun
Will it last forever?

Am I here forever?
…And ever…
How can I escape? My mind is trapped
Will it last forever? It bleeds inside
13. Destination feat. Zuul FX
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