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The Beast Full Album Lyrics

Swamp Devil - The Beast cover art

The Beast

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock, Stoner Metal, Stoner Rock
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-28)
1. Darkest Star (3:41)
Cold Transmissions from a distant star
control humanity from afar
High above this world dead eyes wait
Dark spirits try to twist our fate
A million miles through time and space
Evil powers plot to kill the human race
Am I the only one that knows so far?
About the evil from the darkest star
2. The Outsider (5:45)
Ravens on black wings circle above
As you crawl from the crypt In the darkness baby
Walk through the forest on the frozen ground
Wandering home before morning yeah
Creep from the tomb by the light of the moon
A graveyard dusted in snow
Watch from the shadows at the life you once knew
Scream as you look in the mirror
You are the outsider
You climbed the forbidden tower
You are an outsider
Hide in the darkness and cower
3. The Beast (5:26)
Hidden in the neon light
Convenience at a heavy price
History won’t remember the poor
Worked to death or sent to war
Turn your back on the toiling masses
Hide behind a wall of plastic
You can pray to your god on high
But the devil wears a suit and tie
The road to the future is paved with bones
While society churns out mindless clones
From the tower stares greedy red eyes
Politicians croak their lies
Generations of sorrow
For your stupid happy tomorrow
Wheels are greased by the blood of the poor
Still the beast wants more and more
4. Hypno (4:41)
Awaken in the tomb of the warrior
Icicles melt in the frosty morn
Enter to the time when the world
Lurches forth and surgeth on
Demigods watch Armageddon
Smorgash fights for a world, long gone
Broken tribe in a distant half-life
One remains who’ll crutch the son
5. King of the Forest (3:04)
Deep in the forest in the dead of the night
Hides a creature of legend far from human sight
Shadow of the redwood and the cloak of the rain
Walks a shambling monster that has no name
Of the primeval canopy of fog and tree
Avoiding all extinction by humanity
Many have tried to track the magic ape
But the forest king will always makes his escape
King of the forest
Lord of the night
Monarch of the endless wilds
Watching man from afar
At civilizations curtain call
The King shall rise again
6. Evil Messiah (6:26)
Afloat in the summer sunshine
Forget about the night
Flew here with the broken angels
Perched on the gallows for now
Lost in the flowers of a waking daydream
Pedals are closing and you can’t get out
Afloat in the summer sunshine
Forget about the night
Your false messiah left you hungry and alone
Evil messiah left you hungry and alone
Wait for the animals
Sleep walk through soundless forest
Light slowly fading out
These claws are grabbing hold
Drag you to the silent depths
Bowed at the altar of the crumbling chapel
Sacrificed freedom for a chemical mass
Sleep walking through the soundless forest
Life slowly fading out
7. Blood Countess (6:04)
Murderous rage - habitual psychotic haze
Victims fate seen through a widows pain
Your moonlit ritual
Evil twisted and cold
Sadistic ritual
Youth is restored through innocent souls
Bathe yourself in virgin blood
In hopes to stay forever young
Death tolls will raise
Red is the rain that falls on you vampire
Countess of blood
Wither away - In solitude is where you’ll stay
Sallow and gall
You’ll die inside your castle walls
Prey on servants undeserving
Prey on servants for one purpose
Pain - Bathe yourself - save yourself
8. In Disguise (5:18)
Take a look to the sky and then you’ll know
Your senses only lie
And all the friends you thought you had
They’re only in disguise
An image caught in loneliness
An image caught in time
And in the end you’ll know what to do
And now you’re in disguise
You’re in disguise
9. The Abysmal Sea (6:20)
Lost in the sickly light
Sailors watch the sea in the frigid night
Far below in the slumbering green
A creature rising silent and unseen
Boiling waters as the Kraken flails
Hungry arms are tearing wood and sails
Crushed and swirling toward a certain doom
The only witness here Is the sea and the moon
Below the thunders of the upper deep;
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
In icy darkness faintest sunlights flee
Beware the horror beneath the sea
Resting soon in the abysmal deep
Another secret for the sea to keep
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