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In Death Full Album Lyrics

Svartsyn - In Death cover art

In Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-08-05)
1. Seven Headed Snake (7:27)
A demon appearing to the blind
Glowing red eye in its jaw
Like a diamond empowering
the inner vision
Its essences is black
Drawing the vision from a blind demon
from the wombs of Tiamat and
the spirit glows in black

Entering my mind
Let me rise with a lower
body of a snake through smoke
Through the dark portal
of the burning eye
of the blind demon

Entering a scorched
garden with a sea
A stench of clotted blood
Through inner illumination
seeing motions and art
Beast of death with countless forms
Rise again as a sevenheaded beast

Imagery burns within my soul
filling me with seven fold emotion

RISE Musmahhu
Rise, beast of death
Your seven voices poisioning my veins
Coming swirling as snakeheads vortex
through the black woods

2. Dark Prophet (7:55)
A coming presence driving me insane
alienating me from this physical world
A coming of end world prophet
The one of deserts, of solitude

The wind is silent
The horizon is still blood red
before turning dark
I felt a presence of
a fearful pride and wrath

I saw something in the dark mist
that breeds in nightmares
and brought back fear and horrors
that lies within for the world to see

Within whirlwinds of fog
and locusts the seven-headed beast
transforms into a man-like being
And his eyes...
reptilian and glowing

Through his reign the dark agenda
will manifest
through his spoken words and actions
Under the dark twilight
the grey and the black checkered carpet
will be laid before the world
For he to bring withered prosperity
to the world under which nations
will fall and cities burn
And he spoke with a voice of death
To bring the man to his knees
3. With Death (6:16)
Here is the place of death
where the road of pain ends
On this cold surface where I lay
staring into the infinite nothingness
There was nothing
but darkness at first
but a presence of cold

With deaths hand on my shoulder
and my mind is lost
Once I sunk through the surface
of the black sea to enter a purgatory
leading to a final void of pain

Bringing aside the bloodred curtain
and facing the bright light
and the path leading to a hill of crosses

In the light which blinds me,
the mass grants
me as a near death prophet

Once again I walk the roads of death
Alongside templewalls in the dark,
where mummified carcasses hangs as trophies
... To the hill where now a stonetable stands

There's a sudden storm as I face the stone table
The endless dark awaits beyond the horizon
Here's the end of the human spirit
In the dark horizone I can distinguish
a black moving mass

4. The White Mask (6:50)
I have seen the depths
and stared into the abyss
In the dark I have seen
the truth faith of man
The blind man indoctrinated through
the dark agenda manifested within
the structures of the false free society,
in this time of control
and programming of your mind

In the devouring darkness where
the revelation of the true intention unfolds,
like fire marks imprinting my soul

I wore a white mask to hide
my human face and for the vision
not being blocked

There's a presence of hate
far beyond man's conception
in this hostile realm

A race superior to man
will rise as the world is in conflict
and the man enslaved
Speaking through the elite
masters of the earth
Speaking in secret tongue
to katatonize the mass

Those who hated mankind rose from
the deep, wearing black and
grey-white striped masks
Their hostile wrath curses and
infects this realm
I will rise with them turning myself
against the false mass
5. Wilderness of the Soul (5:56)
I want to leave this place of a false wealth
Through dark solitude, death whispers
its secrets of the vast wilderness
Whispers I hear from the wild unknown
Starring into the wilderness
A light bearer in the blackness of the woods

A sense of a voice calling from the black
A face that calls
So blue white and reeking of cold
I want to wash the face
with clotted toad blood
Twisted witchery in the wilderness
Twisting the mind and soul
into the unknown wilderness
Walking beyond the light in the shades
of the nocturnal sorcery

Twisting my mind
I am an enemy of the structures
of the false society
The black woods are the eternal throne
I forge my own will, desires and destiny

You are nothing!
A blind slave oppressed and programmed
by false wealth
With the skull...
I speak at night
With the skull in my hand
I walk into the wild
Holding a chalice up high facing the woods
The black woods are my throne
Smeared in black blood of a toad
And followed by a howling black dog
6. Black Thrones of Death (5:40)
Out of slumber on the nightmarish path
Awaken from the hypnotic
dance of naked trees
Out from this withered scorched woods
A lifeless field of
monolith-like structures rises high
So black...

The black thrones of death
Nothing of this world
reeks of such authority
Reaches control over
all borders of life and death
A northern throne of total victory
Bringing death and fear to the weak
Bringing evolution through visions
of bloody revolution

Glimpses of what on doomsday
we shall see

A western throne of bottomless lawlessness
Eastern throne
the destroyer of old aeon's forms
The negative emptiness and silence
Southern throne of black light which
blinds and manipulates it's surroundings

The black thrones of death manipulates
the glimpses of what on doomsday we shall see

When I saw those ravishing thrones,
my eyes bleed of pride and hunger... Of hunger

Glimpses of what on doomsday we shall see
7. Exile in Death (6:31)
The snake that crawled
out of the tree in Eden
circled arround my soul
and forces his way through my throat
Illuminating me in this vast kingdom
in the twilight of death

Alienates me from the human world
Exiles me from the living realm

Nephilim spawned from angel
whom breed with humans
A race of giant
I am a descendant of a half-god
A spirit that orginates from an older race

As thick fog dissolves
white-grey giant sculptures
of a non-human
race rises before my eyes

As the flesh and spirit remembers
the subconsciousness
converges with the consciousness
and explodes in fierey images
before my eyes
Exiling me from
the realms of life..
In death
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