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Black Testament Full Album Lyrics

Svartsyn - Black Testament cover art

Black Testament

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2014-05-04)
1. Intro (0:28)
2. Revelation in the Waters (5:53)
In her primordial waters
Mother of all
Silence in it's storming waters
Soaring beyond
The control of earthly chains
As the darkness transcends
And the subconsciousness awakens
In the arms of the old dragon
Dark gods, evil gods in the dark
Here is where
I must leave my shell and go no further
Deeper into the depths
A blue spectra in the
Twilight between life and death
Far beyond the living
I soar beyond time
Facing my ordeals
Receiving the unearthly task
A vision and revelation for my path
Of the unfolded void to come
From the darkness
And abyss of waters
From a two-fold principle
Taking form as Nubur
Creating her eleven monsters
Ilu Limnu
3. Venom of the Underworld (5:01)
Entering the realms of the underworld
Through devotion carved in flesh
Smoke of incense awakened my inner senses
realm of the shaves of the dead
Vast shadow world
My origin of gathering inner strength
Ereshkighal, queen of the underworld
Soaked in blood
Communicates only through my nightmare
Driven by fate of returning to the abyssic ocean
The venom of the void
Within the curse upon the mankind
Once I have been resurrected
Returning to the underworld, venom of the mind
Never will I wake up
Never, never, never...!!
4. Demoness with Seven Names (6:03)
It's the sickness of the night and day
Whose shape is as the whirlwind
Without structure
And without restraint
Of other gods
Sister of the seven evil gods
Lamaschtu goddess
Demoness with seven names
Fill me with venom
Poison my dreams
Touch me with your filthy hands
While I stare into the face
Of a ferocious lion and reek
The stench of children's flesh
it is my will to drain life
By Lamaschtu visiting my dreams
Obliterating one
The serpents in which you hold
You possess wisdom
I dare to seek thy wisdom
Cloak me in your shadow
And nourish me with blood
I walk towards the eternal core
With a trial of severed heads
Ardat Lili bless my waters
And curse my living realm
5. Carving a Temple (6:48)
Beyond the vision
And creation of the human race
A being mixed with blood
And clay of the Earth
The flame of Kingu
Hidden deep within
A rising flame
From the vast lifeless dark
Devouring the human
Conscious from within
Beyond the visions
Of withering life
There's a coming of a harvest
Of eternal death
Where man subconsciously
Carve his own tomb
Awaken from its slumber
To storm restless
deep within the soul of man rises
The wrath of dead gods
Slowly devouring man from within
Eating his subconscious
To devour it's conscious
Drawing wisdom from the primal darkness
And placing oneself on the highest
Throne in the darkness
I am a phantom
Carving a temple in stone in the name of
Kingu's black flame
This temple is cold...
Here, there is only death
6. Eyes of the Earth (7:38)
I gaze far beyond...
Far past the horizon
Through the wall of smoke
I saw the great flood
Ending the first race of man
Open the gate of the restless waters
Dreaming of cities and temples
Yet unknown to man, that will drown
Enlils sinister nature curses man
I hear his whispering hymns in my soul
Forever cursing man
Far beyond the mortal realms
Let me see through the eyes of the Earth
Within the vision came the beast and
With the darkness came death
Surge of water devour...
Swallowing man
Through forbidden paths
Through sunken temples
With cuneiforms walls...
Through the eyes of the Earth
Enlil's lord of the seven storms
Enlil's sinister nature
Speaks in my flesh
7. Rising Beast (6:01)
From the wombs of Tiamat it rose
Awaken horned serpent
Crowned in blackened fire
Seven heads of atavistic darkness
Crowns of the bringer of death
Glows like a golden dawn
i have seen it's eyes filled
With dark knowledge
Stirred into it's abyss
A deep without end
Walk the Earth demon god
Walk the Earth demon god
rising from the cursed waters
Bringer of dark knowledge
Of the subconscious
Rise up
To scorch the shores of man
Burn all
Crowns of the bringer of death
Glows like a golden dawn
It's abyss...
A deep without end
8. Black Testament (5:15)
I walk against the south western
Pestilential wind in the desert
With scorching sand whirling upon my skin
I manifest through nightmares
Becoming a vision of the demon
I consecrate your scorpion tailed image
In this deathlike lamp where the cold winds
Cause death to cattle and crops devoured
By the wings of scorched sand
In the darkness the subconsciousness and
The consciousness communicate
I received a vision
To form in clay a mask
Of your demon face
To complete my black testament
A mask which speaks to the reflection and
Incarnates my soul
A mask...
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