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IV - Ruin | Full Album Lyrics

Svartkraft - IV - Ruin cover art

IV - Ruin

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsAlles Stenar
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. The Plague Ship
Cold vapours lie
Like phantoms of the sea
The crimson waters
Are pale tonight

Gathering clouds
A coming gale
All-devouring storm
The sea swallos its prey

Wings through the sky
Bony claws of murderous birds
The sky is lead
And the gates of hell are opened

Sick in body and heavy hearted
Captain of this plague ship

Pray to whatever gods may listen
Not for your life but for young soul
Bloodthirsty tide is rising
The moon watches indifferently from above

Midnight of the century
The ascension to the depths
2. Bearer of Glorious Dreams
I gave up all I held dear
All I ever cared for
Burned my things and burned my clothes
Cast my life to the pyre

Bearer of glorious dreams
Of whiskey and sodomy
Apostle of suffering
Decadence and infidelity

I drank from the chalice
From the doomsday chalice
For a peek of eternity
For a glimpse of divinity

The fallen angel spoke to me
Showed me sights I couldn't even dream
All hedons children shall rejoice
In the burning gardens of Eden
3. The Serpent Sun
The monolith stands in silence
Observing the destruction
Death of the west
The fall of man

The release is imminent
Revelation is a filthy whore
Prophets and snakes crawling
In the remains of humanity

Tear the sky open
Reveal the darkness beyond
Shining black
The serpent sun

This quest dust
Was once the laughter of children
The gold in a lovers eye
Promise of an everlasting life

And everlasting fire
4. Song for the Damned
Sing for the damned
Song for the lost souls
Dwelling beneath
The black waters deep

Crown for the lost
Throne for the dead
Sleeping below
The cold ground above

Into nothingness
Vultures of thoughts
A song for the damned
Funeral for the self

Poetry for the poisoned mind
Expiration of creation
A song for the damned
Death triumphs over life
5. Ruin
In my alcohol driven
State of consiousness
Stained eyes staring
At the dirt spotted ceiling
I've finally hit the all the time low
The dark bottom of existence

Life is my curse and disease
Self-destruction my cure and redeem
The sickness burns in my brain
Corrupting my thoughts like rusty nails

Decadence is a form of art
And death is a way of life
So pour me another drink
And leave me to enjoy my misery

Distant gleaming
Endless seeming
Finding the perfect death
Is a lifelong process
Desolate feeling
Wound unhealing
6. Death's Release
Feel them slithering
Beneath your skin
Their secrets to your ears

Gnawing their way into your brain
Through tissue, blood and flesh
Controlling your thoughts
Driving you insane

Knowledge long gone
Forgotten wisdom
Labyrinth of thought
Spiraling downwards

This is just the beginning
And before it's all over
You'll beg
You'll pray
For death's release

Down to the depths of the earth
The beast awaits
From deep below the waves
Leviathan rises

Down to the cold, cold ground
The beast awaits
From deep below the dirt
Behemoth rises

Don't think too profound about it
We'll all be swept by tidal
Don't make too much of it
It's only final
7. My Darkness
I have returned to this darkness
A darkness not of my creation
Yet it swallowed and consumed me whole
Like it was made just for me

Fall into the depths of your own mind
Relive the regrets of your life
Over and over again
Feel the emptiness inside, and understand

In this silent place you can't hear
In this silent place you can't feel
All alone with your self
Waste no thought on the future
Waste no thought on the past

Just an empty shell
Beyond redemption
Deprived beyond identification
A mere shadow of what once was

Don't waste your pity on me
Don't waste your hope on me
For I'll waste no thought on you

I have returned to this darkness
Back to feast with my own despair
Multiply the tormenting agony within
Transforming into something you can almost touch and feel

I surrender to this darkness
With all sorrows, regrets and pain what I have ever felt
Let it last until I'm numb
And able to stand strong until the end of time
8. Pale Procession
Bleak days and bleaker nights
Echoes of possession
Long days and longer nights
The pale procession

In the soul of a soulless man
In the black abyss of the hearts
The death of the deathless one
The pale procession
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