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Elemental Tales Lyrics

Svartby - Elemental Tales cover art

Elemental Tales

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresFolk Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 1 Willgon (2012-02-13)
1. Impby
2. Scum From Underwater
Rivers and lakes are
the fucking wet place
Are the damn moist and dangerous place

Down to the depth go
Boats and nets
Most serious fishermen's threats

Rivers and lakes are
the fucking wet place
Are the damn moist and dangerous place

Down to the depth go
Ferries and mills
With the blood spilt by water imps

Dread the chubby waterballs
From the deepest pools
Taking horse, taking man
Down with human rotter

Dread the chubby waterballs
From the darkest pools
Dread the fury of the depths -
Scum from underwater!
3. Boulder Massacration
Rumbling heavy feet of stone giants
Tramping trees and swamps and fields
Mighty palms bending pine crowns
Kicking asses of the living

Watch approaching boulder giants
See them smash the walls and roofs
See them tramp the bloody puddles
Boulder massacration on the way

See them rise from the mud
Hear their heavy stride ahead
Feel the ground tremble
Footsteps of the earthen terror

Earthen imps in driver seats
Of the empty giant heads
Guiding mud-and-stone crusade
Guiding fleshless mindless cyborgs

Heavy stride through the landscape
They don't mind whether hill or thicket
Try to stop the rock-and-mud landslide
Boulder massacration on the way
4. Sleepy Devils
Icebound rivers and frozen air
Everything's still
Snowfall over the Svartby's

Icebound rivers and frozen air
Everything's still
Snowfall over the Svartby's

Curled under witch cauldrons
The fire imps slumber
Scum in the water dream, hugging

Sleepy lil' devils
Sleepy lil' imps

Forest, everything veiled
With snow
Mushrooms and trees
Covered under white blankets

Snowy hills,
Dozing and grim
Slight frosty breeze over
The valleys

Sleepy lil' devils
Wait for the spring to come

Hush! Don't dare to wake
Sleeping imps
In their frozen cradles
5. Mushroom Rings
Any human village once finds itself
All surrounded by the brown cloud of spores
After it is gone, at your backyard
Small and strange, mushrooms slowly grow

Next week villagers are happy to get mushroom crop
Wow! Their food problem is now solved
Until the mushrooms have become
Too many and too tough to cut

Trapped and devoured by mushroom rings
Aged, old and dead, vile spores within

When the mushrooms grow tall
Taller than a bell tower
Neither axe nor saw
Can ever chop them

Get used to live in shade
Of the mighty mushroom ring
Can't run and can't escape
The dazing slumber

Things grow old with every minute
Living beings old in hours
Walls and fences rot in few weeks
Inside the glowing mushroom rings

Dead marshes in violet spore clouds
Moldering dust in air and ground
6. Done With The Wind
Down the valley from the hills
Light as feather
Come the finger-tall whirlwinds

Swaying grass, the only sign
Of their lightest pace
Till the whirling air spies
Pick the trace

Hurricanes of gnome size
Fury-storms, mad and small
Bad and small
Whirling lightning power
In a shape of an airball

Turn the village upside down
Ripping off the cattle legs
Filling lungs with ash and dust
Blasting beer kegs

Blow off the house roofs
Smash the windows
Done and gone with the wind
Damned village ruins

Bend to the airballs

Bend to the hurricane!
7. Ash And Dust
8. Flaming Balls
Cinder piles, sparkling eyes
Rest in cauldrons, sleep in backyard
Time for a nightwalk -
Flaming beast jesters are ready to run

Wait for the dusk to come
Flaming beasts ready to run

Hot touch of fire palms
Hot touch of fire tongues
Dancing on buildings
Until ashen breaks
Fire balls jump and bounce

Houses, barns and carts -
Hail big bonfire
Cattle and poultry -
Hail the biggest steaks
Hail big bonfire!

Flaming balls, fire imps
Small beast, approaching horror
Flaming balls, fire imps
Small beast rampaging
9. Morning Wood
Don't sleep tight but
Fear the night
Rusty fir claws
Scratch your window

Old log in the yard
Walks and shuts your door
Dust from the shelves
Raining on the floor

Shiver, clutch your
Pillow in hands
Silver web and twigs
Bind your pretty home

Roots entangle footsteps
Ripping them from the ground
Your house tonight will roam

Curl up
Under trembling blanket
Oh, the monstrous trees
Carry you away

Ugly oaken smiles
Grinning through windows
Won't let you wake
Until the dawn of day

Trapped in middle of the woods
No neighbours around
Trapped with your cozy hut
All alone, all is gone

Sunrise, and you behold
The perfect sight
Of the mighty, still and cursed
Morning wood
10. Elemental Tales
When the cozy fire heats your feet
Nothing happens outside but snow and cold
On the long and frosty nights
Grannies tell the elemental tales

When the summertime comes to town
Elemental imps awake and beat the shit
Out of you

Sleep tight, you little child
Maybe it's another village
That will suffer Svartby's wrath this year
Though you must remember that,
Oh, remember that -

There's nothing to afraid in this world
But Fire, Water, Wind and Mushrooms
Woods, Air, Mud and Stones

There's nothing to afraid in this world
Unless you are a human, little one
Pity you're a human...

Pity you're a human!
11. Imp Slam
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