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Incubation Full Album Lyrics

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TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-07-17)
1. The Confusion [November] (4:45)
She : "Dear diary it's so stupid" • Tears of fear coruscated my face • Tears of joy course the length of my days • Tainted blood tracks in my veins • Bleak sadness, he will come soon • Will I ever be • Truly wholly free • Of this agony? • It's not left me, this blood of mine today • What would you think of me, Mother, if I should say • (If you should learn about my stains?) • I can see your face, blackened with rage Twisted in hatred (denying the cage I have wrought.) • My bliss drains... • I wish I could say how I became this way! • Stark fear • He will come • Now I want it • Now I sense him • Is he the one? Mother there are dark rings under your eyes • Your hand raised to slap as you realise • I wish I could say • It would be okay. • She (about her diary) : "...He (the embryon) thinks your a therapy...".
2. The Old Mirror [December] (2:43)
I spy him through the old mirror • Strange this, then, to me • Face to face, it's him that I could see • This was too much! • My eyes clouded, darker, further • Face in my hands • Hands that would not dam • Tears that burned. • I will not magnify his image • I wish I was still yet a child!
3. Incubation [January] (5:00)
Now I am sure someone else is inside me • Foetus: "...my brain I suppose?"

•I search for him with all of my soul • Surely my image is all he can see

•As I speak of him all the time. • He speaks to me with the tie that binds

• His soft molten voice in my head • Reverberates throughout the walls of my mind • Storms my heart with its gentle song • My mother is going to kill me... • I would too if I was in her place • She would not know what else to do. • She (writing on her diary) : • "...is another way to love me..."

•he faceless ones who dole out pain • Disguised in the pill we take as "life"

My soul entrapped, I strain again •To free it from their torturous grind.

Foetus : "….my brain I suppose.?.?..
4. The Nameless Boys [February] (3:53)
Sex at night with nameless boys must go • They hurt me with their promises

• Like their names, their words are dust • And left me bleeding in the street. • I lie where no-one's been before • Away from tawdry rooms and alleys • Secure in knowing he is there • To stay with me forever.
5. Witness to 3X3X3 [March] (5:22)
Sixteen years since I've been home • And now I'll never leave This edict given, cast in stone • My universe is cubed, deceived.... Obscurity's the cloak I wear • Six faces of my room will bear • Witness to three by three by three • All that they are I'll never be. • My cube is glued to many more • I see them fade towards horizon • And in each one a soul is stored • Grieving, peaceless isolation • Human geometry, irreconciled • The jigsaw of a giant child • That keeps to rules of five and three • And keep complete for all to see. • The faces of my cube become me • Loneliness is symmetry • No self-volition : I have to see Myself reflected to the power of three. • All hope is gone now, as if never had been • Multispace turns silently vertiginous • Parasite and paradise, my new hostfeeds • And I listen, despairingly bilious. • I twist in a helix : my destiny bound • My will not my own, through true clarity found • His coming is imminent: he speaks to me • The pain is inevitable before he can be. • Mindflash of mother • Sadness a lether • Situations snafu* • Sensation of déjà vu... • (* situation normal all fucked up).
6. The Father's Gun [April] (3:12)
Pain confines me to bed. • To look beyond the angles • Of this cube not a factor • It's partition a cage in my head. • I feel I'm afloat in my cell • Held by a force that subsumes • I'm stretched till I break • Is it cuboid or spherical, this hell? • And as if to confound me still more • As to what shape and dimension it is •The partition darkens •Tll there was no real horizon at all • I don't know who I am anymore • What will now happen to me? • I cannot now retrace my steps • Backtrack to my blank safety I found my father's gun... • A kick in my belly moves focus • A message from foetus in morse • But what can I do? •The cube has all I have now but dust! • My spirit as dark as this cage • My eyes close to confirm shape now sphere! • I collapse to the floor of this stage • Another vision : • A rose? A cradle? A coffin?
7. Vertigo [May] (5:30)
Now, I know I am lost- My days are numbered, not powered • It seems that my actions are clear • Abdicating to fate at what cost? • The gun in one hand • My diary in the other. • I am writing the words from my head • There will be few more, eyes are closed • I feel free, now I have chosen; • The humanity in me near dead •Foetus : "...that still be me!!..." I am safe in this sphere • No pain in here... • With eyes tight shut • I can see, sixteen years ago • Mother being just like me! • Not alone anymore • Free from pain of the past • The suffering over • These thoughts in the mind of the last... • I follow orders, now I move to the light

• From which I had fled for so long • I follow his orders, ideas, sensations She : "to keep us always together..." • There is nothing of me. • Is there trial, judge and jury • Beyond the nowtemporal • I do not intend to stay here.
8. The Cocoon Sphere [June] (5:09)
Foetus speaking to her : • "Still trapped in here • This cocoon sphere I'm bathing in this liquid clear • Wait for her to have courage •To bring us together. • I do not want that life outside! •There are so many things to hide • From the shallow and the fickle • When you're alone mankind means nothing • Just like wind pushed through the trees, • The void is total, bears no pleas. • I want to stay inside warmday • I'm isolated far away -All is dark here inside • I'm being soothed by her heartbeat... Sometimes I speak my mind • In my thoughts her I find • She loves me, then I see •A dim light flickening in front of me • Glacial cold invades me, being eaten by the light • It's as if I'll cease to be, nothing else matters

•No will, no fight." • -end of transmission-foetus'heartbeats.
9. The Biological Clock [July] (4:50)
No chance to return to the world where I was born • The moment has to be right-To move on into that dim light- I'm waiting forthe moment...

• No wish to fall back into cubes and powers! • My biological clock has a voice • It's seems that it holds my last choice. • It's time to reunite us.

• The barrel of the gun on this rounded womb • The spark of the life, inside me entombed • I write my last thought • Before I merge with this glimmer I sought • That lives only in my mind. • No turning away from the glean : It obsesses • In ghastly mime • I pull trigger first time • I'm waiting to be free • No anguish in me as I sprawl on the floor • I use my last breath to end it all. • I turn the gun towards my face • Please grant me some warmth; evergrace • She : "I I'm so sorry..." • forgive me... She : "jesus..." I don't have the choice anymore... • Forgive me, I'd rather die, remember me, goodbye...
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