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A Lethal Dose of American Hatred Full Album Lyrics

Superjoint Ritual - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred cover art

A Lethal Dose of American Hatred

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal, Hardcore Punk
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-01-03)
1. Sickness (3:05)
Sweating, freezing, itching, bleeding, selfstyled, poison,
A Lethal meeting, face down, helpless in 48 hrs


Revolting, distorting, and changing for worsend, no one will
Reckognize exactly what’s wrong. You are denying and lying;
No truth - pull up - You've lost you’re old friends they’ll never
Return again, even when your senses return, again
Sickness, self desired, self assured, with staff infection
Nauseous and bloated, your best behind you now, irritate,
Amputate, four burning lines,
A blood coated ending to your life’s story


Paranoia, schitzophrenia, resembling, a picture of disabled fear
The future is pestilence under your skin


As gravity pulls you down and then under, the pain, it increases
With every step you’re begging for the ending,
The dragon is sending you - messages from the frin reapers plans
Sweating, freezing, itching till bleeding, self styled poison
A lethal meeting, face down and helpless, terror engulfs us
The sickness that saves us is killing us now
2. Waiting for the Turning Point (1:27)
Its inside, I felt it then, I feel it now, I feel it now
The turning point, waiting for it, a time bomb, I’m waiting for

The turning point, to lead my life from endless rage, to rip out

The page, expect the worst, you get the best, I’ll wait out the rest,

The turning point. Waiting. Endless is waiting
It will be just for me, not her or him or them with hands out

Breaking free of the family, of the lawyers and the vampire

Half wits - waiting for the turning point...
Waiting for the turning point...
I’m waiting; I’m fucking waiting

Laid out, planned out, on my own it works out, frightful

Desperate, unpredictably turns out. Desperate, frightful,

Laid out, planned out, on my own it works out, waiting for

The turning point to drive into me
3. Dress like a Target (2:45)
Infamously marked by every generation known
Somehow they look like, the dicks from generations old -
But they're new!

No one in here is trusted
To kill everyone is to love everyone, do what you can till your busted,
Then keep the word, then keep the word...


Never to be trusted, to kill anyone is to love everyone,
Rise up and never be busted, so keep the word, so keep the word..


Infamously hated, kill every generation known, it’s stupid that
They look like, the generation fucking old, but they're new!
They're new because the media says so
They're new because the media likes it
They're new because the media sucks up
Grow your hair as long a hippies
But we're not hippies
We're slippys!
Like the Manson family
Dress like a target, target us
With massive and sweatin hands
Target us. 'Cause in your minds I'm afraid of you you don’t exist
We're rising up
4. The Destruction of a Person (4:25)
I had some friends once before,
whose not much my friends anymore
I was very influential in their lives (so they say) , and when I lost my
Mind, they followed me though multiple deaths

(Because) there we were on the floor, slumped over and
sliding downward, with syringes hanging out of our arms,
another night, anyway we could. I said TRUST ME
The Destruction of a person builds character, invisible

Another so called group of friends,
can't seem to get off the needle now again
Should I blame myself cause I introduced some of them to the devil?
Or just realize the lord of light,
fallen from heaven works also in mysterious ways
5. Personal Insult (4:11)
Personal Insult till multiple Injury is in store for you not me
They simply had to be calling out, calling out to me
Blacked out, I blacked out with a hatred, I hate enough to see
Personal insult leads to multi-injury
Damn the eyes
The ultimate fix is in, crawling though diease and ruins
Enslavement of man begins, only the strong yet scared are
Spared an early death

Personal insult, till multiple injury
Personal insult, destroying
Personal insult to multiple injury
Personal insult, on your, crushing

Unholy war you will get, you can get, it’s just bullshit

A holy war you will get, you can get, jihad is a joke

Fight us, the American public, the most pissed off motherfuckers in the world.
6. Never to Sit or Stand Again (5:14)
Call to the Darkness, the Wrath of the desert, skulls piled in
A row, why didn't you see? Carry me back, drag me by foot
Saving my life, slitting her throat, salting her wounds, never to
Sit or stand again, one time
One more mouthful fills it up, like a pig you're scared to swallow
The torture is endless,
Its mental as well as physical designed to last a lifetime,
Within tarot cards that you've been delt.
The wisdom of the usurpers, multiple stab wounds.
Crawling out from underground
Falling out, falling down, dimming lights, hollowed out bloodless
Manaquin reveals the truth,
Even though plastic all emotion is shown.
Drive out, the demons of endless time, the ends of time
Never to sit or stand again.
Calling to something of ever unending, darker than infernal pitch,
Holding us down with rusted cruel nails,
A nail though my cock holds me.
Hanging. Never yielding to the pressure forever something to the
Wolves. Kicking and fighting, forever to the last, mastered by occult.
From the past, die for me every second counts, die for me and learn
To live with out, die for me buried where you stand.
Die for me
The ritual of the damned, kill yourself.
The ultimate wave of battle, lay under the ground, attack from below.
Killing with eyes wide, yesterday was the day.
Brutality marks the end of simple times,
The American smoke screen.
The simplest task forgotten
There's no way to fight when there's nothing to fight for.
Bask in your life today, for tomorrow is the madman's turn, predictions
Will soon begin to unravel quite quickly
Never to sit or stand again.
7. Death Threat (2:10)
I flipped a switch, I know it wouldn't take long, you could
Time me like whore. If I had six, you'd swear I had
A Thousand, you can mop me up in the morning

Cold, then fire, then cold, it's relentless
The headache of old, is the last of the importance, i'll have
And their then another, it’s to late to stop the glut.
I'll go till my eyes roll shut, I'm fucked.

Desperate buck, a spinning room, awake lost, across the street
Pathetic luck, split lips, a broken wrist, a death threat.
8. Permanently (3:24)
We're taking on, too much at once, tables turning, the traps are
Set, we're sticking our big dick, into the business that hardly
Concerns us, he's ignorant
We're pissing off, our biggest rivals, with a shrug or a
Shoulder. If we're going into this half-cocked we'll
Get cold cocked, clean clocked.

To Permanently kill yourself. To permanently kill your family
To permanently kill your god, to permanently kill the rest of the
Fucking population

Malaise, contagious cadaver, indisposed of flowering bacterial
Death display, some will cry that this is the vengeance of
Death, and only to death, no great rewards

Destined to lay, suspended like a fetus in the womb, your death
Experience is common and sobering, to the radiating children
Of the dead god
9. Stealing a Page or Two from Armed and Radical Pagans (3:27)
Congregation hear this, know this, the time will come, when we must
Rise; we must be known. We're clearly heathens, not catholic, not
Christian, not communist, (we're) barbarians
and dangerous the absolute dark horse
Anti Jesus Christ, no more of the coward muhammeds, extermination of
The catholic guilty (thought suffocation),
taking no pity on the Jewish elitists
The calling, side ways, undetected, if might is truly right
Joint us, help us, create an army of to rival china, pagans,
Satanists, anarchists, and punks
A heathen's war lies up ahead.
10. Symbol of Nevermore (5:05)
We'll never see, the light of Eyes, the twist of might, the
Loss of sight, contracted Gate, reward of hate, forgotten
Wisdom, the grinding flesh
My god beats the fuck out of your god
The father of plague, fallen from heaven
For war, the ultimate war, the ultimate transgression
Several times over, your safety compromised, the hated
Race, the simple Emotion.
11. The Knife Rises (3:50)
A blunt knife, kept out of sight, should be mandatory.
To end a life (that's) a waste of time, a murder in the making
Misunderstood, opposed to most, stock piling ammunition
Unplugged, media, and mass confusion,
That should keep us uninvolved
I'm asking, what you are asking, the pressure on you all
No balls, with out a soul, makes for no one,
You're a nobody; don't act like a somebody, like everybody.
A momma's boy, a fool's world,
No contribution, to a world ruled by ignorance
No drive
It's calling, it's falling, it's falling, it's falling on top of me
You broke your soul again.
You murdered your only friend, a speck in the
Atmosphere, killed and you'll never leave here
A Knife Rises up from hell
Come to my grave, and be saved, for I am the lord of the dad
Menstruated blood gives me live, awakened by occult abuse
12. The Horror (1:17)
Blind yourself, then visualize, a startling end with no tomorrow.
The horror is the virus it travels faster
It’s what embodies, the random fuck, the sleeper,
The horror is the virus (it travels faster)
One short fuck does the trick
13. Absorbed (5:44)
Reading what you write alone, the ever-present fucking phone,
Being what your not seeing, self centered in bad lighting
Near sighted to a fault, with every day a grain of salt
Rarely reliving it
Sculpting statues of yourself, empty brain and stolen wealth

Absorbed, in yourself, absorbed
Lowly creature, fighting vainly crumbling inward, no lights
Left to shine,
Absorbing will that's inside
Keep somewhat low until night
Then come back for more

Stay low
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