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Lost Time Full Album Lyrics

Sunterra - Lost Time cover art

Lost Time

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-12-29)
1. Fields of Pain (6:46)
the sun has woken me up
ray of sunlight burned my eyes
I stood up and looked around
wide fields without an end
I walked through and turned around
the same fields started to burn
bloodstained earth under my feet
I heard the screams of hundred men

see us going down - face the fear
crawling along this fields of pain
weùre on the brink of disaster
where fireballs want to catch us
I closed my tired eyes again
hoped that this dream would be gone
woke up with tears in my eyes
back in my time and dimension
but I felt myself so cold
I took a look into the mirror
my own reflection dissolved
and spoke by the voice of another

2. Lost Time (4:18)
tired to watch out for my lost feelings once I had
(my mind was lost anywhere in other dimensions)
tired to think about all my mistakes I have made
(time is not moving, the time is creeping, it makes me sick)
once Iùve done all for you but now I have enough
(when will I have my time to sleep for a while)
flowing tears - I canùt see the light
will somebody catch me - if I fall
kiss my lost time good night
because the black bird is calling
my mind was lost anywhere in other dimensions
(now break this peace destroying all my memories)
time is not moving, the time is creeping, it makes me sick
(I know I canùt remake all the things I loose)
when will I have my time to sleep for a while
(I would live this lost moments I choose)
so my heart is standing still
if I canùt feel the tenderness
without your love inside of me
I would leave this world in loneliness
3. To a Friend (5:30)
a time ago my friend you are gone
thereùs no chance to turn back time
my unspoken words youùve never heard
take your last ride and wait for me
I can see you there from far away
and Iùm waiting to speak the unspoken words

youùre inside - never forget you
so much time - weùve spend
my lost soul - no pain
helping hands - protecting you
there are many words Iùve never said
and thatùs the reason I feel so sad
Iùm so sorry for things I did
and I hope that you will forgive
donùt worry about what happened before
I am here for you and will forgive

when my time arrives
I will follow you
into another world
a place without pain and sorrow

4. Out of the Dark (Falco cover) (5:09)
Ich krieg von dir niemals genug
Du bist in jedem atemzug
Alles dreht sich nur um dich
Warum ausgerechnet ich

Zähl die stunden, die sekunden
Doch die zeit scheint still zu stehn
Hab mich geschunden, gewunden
Lass mich gehn

Was willst du noch
Willst du meine tage zählen
Warum mußt du mich
Mit meiner sehnsucht quälen

Deine hölle brennt in mir
Du bist mein überlebenselixier
Ich bin zerrissen
Wann kommst du meine wunden kssen

Out of the dark
Hörst du die stunde, die dir sagt
Into the light
I give up and close my eyes
Out of the dark
Hörst du die stunde, die dir sagt
Into the light
I give up and you waste your tears
To the night

Ich bin bereit, denn es ist zeit
Fr unseren pakt ber die ewigkeit
Du bist schon da, ganz nah
Ich kann dich spren
Lass mich verfhren, lass mich entfhren
Heute nacht zum letzten mal
Ergeben deiner macht
Reich mir die hand
Mein leben, nenn mir den preis
Ich schenk dir gestern, heut und morgen
Dann schließt sich der kreis, kein weg zurck
Das weiße licht kommt näher, stck fr stck
Will mich ergehen

Muß ich denn sterben
Um zu leben

Out of the dark
Hörst du die stunde, die dir sagt
Into the light
I give up and close my eyes
Out of the dark
Hörst du die stunden die dir sagt
Into the light
I give up and you waste your tears
To the night
5. Symbiose (2:00)
6. Metamorphose (5:09)
sËÜe verg”nglichkeit - never run away
muse der verwandlung - never turn around
im schmerz geboren - burn the past
im Wahnsinn erstickt - burn all memories
den dorn im fleisch gefunden
cast off my ugly bad wrap
erblËht im licht der verwandlung
a wonderful new life is born
sch„ner als das licht - youùre my destiny
gefesselt an deine liebe - youùre the reason to live for
nahe der vollendung - itùs the end of the world
nie endende passion - end of every pain
dann werden schmerz und tod
where heaven is waiting
verg”nglich wie einst das leben
then a new star is born
all deinen sËnden wird vergeben
wenn du bereit bist daraus zu lernen
nur der glaube wird dich retten
deine seele nicht zu verlieren
7. Silent Observer (6:11)
I observe I inspect - to satisfy my delight
you canùt hide your thoughts from me (Iùm everywhere)
I lie next to you during you fall asleep
I examine my sweetest puppet
take your soul suck my breath
nest me inside your thoughts
you canùt run away from me (Iùm everywhere)
love to play with your live Itùs so easy to see
(youùll never find out)
but you will never know my sweetest puppet
(so your way of live is certain)
Iùm the leader of your mind, youùre the perfect sacrifice
never rest and never stop, to have a pleasure with you
Iùm the leader of your mind
youùre the perfect sacrifice
never rest and never stop
Iùm the silent observer
ich nehme dir den atem
und dann deine seele
ich raub' dir die gedanken
denn ich bin Ëberall
und spiele mit deinem leben
8. Living Death (5:51)
are you able to feel my pain
have I ever seen the light in my life
I canùt remember the days once I felt
felt the fear and lost control
I have never seen lovely people
only war we make to all of us
only hate and destruction of every life
I donùt want to live here any more
my body is a prison
I canùt feel I canùt see
show me the way out
I want to feel I want to see
my life is not what it used to be live in sadness
spending time with waiting waiting for an end for the light
there is no chance for me to live
praying all the time for changing things
but nobody have ever heard this words from me
I am forever damned
see the angels flying away
take my soul with them on their way
but none of them takes care for it
none of them have heard my painful screams
my body is a prison
I can't feek I can't see
Show me the way out
I want to feel I want to see
9. Thank You (4:57)
Oh my friend where have you been so long
Iùve been waiting for you
noone makes me feel the way you do
you don't have to love me all the time
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