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Ectoplasm Full Album Lyrics

Suffer Yourself - Ectoplasm cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFuneral Doom Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-01-12)
1. Ectoplasm (10:32)
- S.G. -

The light is streaming out of the clouds…
The black abysmal madness is rising.
I open my eyes and see a dream.
Forgiven be this world for ever and ever.

The whisper of the unseen creatures
Dandle a cradle full of bones…
And today a pile is going
To flame up high in the altar again.

The shutters are closed,
So is the circle.
The dead are all around me
In their amorphous flesh.

My veins gradually fill with
Slimy fear.
My weak body feels
The crawling ethereal cold.

A thousand souls’ cry, the Evil primeval
The quiet footsteps and roar of a thunder
My body is covered in grey clouds of smoke
Emanating the ectoplasm

I know you’re here. I know you’re close to me.
Through the inexorable dust of time
I can feel
your breath.

Vulnerant Omnes, Ultima Necat

A path through the perished reality
Leads to forgotten catacombs of decay
The eyes will see the oozing wounds
Of the nightmares of the past

I will touch you
And cease to exist in a flash...

I hear the heartbeat
Feel the pulse of the stars
Immortal are the feelings
Wake me up...

- Lovecraft -

Slumber, watcher, till the spheres,
Six and twenty thousand years

Have revolv’d, and I return
To the spot where now I burn.
Other stars anon shall rise
To the axis of the skies;
Stars that soothe and stars that bless
With a sweet forgetfulness:

Only when my round is o’er
Shall the past disturb thy door.
2. Abysmal Emptiness (16:30)
- S.G. -

Once, when the stars freeze
O’ll disappear in the deep night
To follow shadows
Of my forefathers.

Feeling the abyss,
I open the salvatory with my distresses,
A gift I no longer need
Staring through the ancient branches
Into the grim sky.

Look at the water
Do you see the reflection?
This time the Abyss looks inside
Your helpless spirit

The ecstasy of the last moments
Snowfall of bloody and rotting souls.

Passing through the oceans of destiny,
My flesh is burning!
And burning out in lonely murk

And again.. we ‘ll rise!..
From timelessness
From the Oblivion!

Injection into dreams
Surge of emotions

Once, when the stars freeze
I shall turn and see myself.

Smashing the hands,
Glorifying the Gods,
Killing the Foes,
Cutting the Flesh...

I’m lurking
For absolute truth
(which is not existing
for the primitive minds)


I hear the call trembling
Delusions fall apart
Shall I enter the sacred realm?
Necrotic stasis everywhere.

Blessing the stars I pass away
to nowhere...

I see the Sun!
..but the world is fading, turning to ashes
In my hands...
3. The Core (7:15)
- S.G. -

Indifferent, demolishing energy
Kept well into the Core
A Day will come
And no more bounds left.

The Star will rise,
But not in to the sky
Just a reflection
Of eternal mourning.

Flesh will burn and rot
Nuclear ash is blown away
Silent, stone-carved cry
Is only what remain

I’ll paint my name
On the abandoned walls
To come back in thirty years.

- Nika Turbina -

Я — полынь-трава,
Горечь на губах,
Горечь на словах,
Я — полынь-трава...
И над степью стон.

Ветром окружён
Тонок стебелёк,
Переломлен он...
Болью рождена
Горькая слеза.

В землю упадёт —
Я — полынь-трава..

- (translation) -

I am the Wormwood,
Bitterness on lips,
Bitterness in words,
I am the Wormwood,
And the moan over the steppe.

Surrounded with wind
The small stalk is thin,
It is broken...
Pain gave rise to
The bitter tear.

To the Earth will fall —
I am the Wormwood....
4. Dead Visions (19:25)
- Poe -

Thy soul shall find itself alone —
Alone of all on earth — unknown
The cause — but none are near to pry
Into thine hour of secrecy.

Be silent in that solitude,
Which is not loneliness — for then

The spirits of the dead, who stood
In life before thee, are again

In death around thee, and their will
Shall then o’ershadow thee — be still

For the night, tho’ clear, shall frown:
And the stars shall look not down
From their thrones, in the dark heav’n;
With light like Hope to mortals giv’n,

But their red orbs, without beam,
To thy withering heart shall seem
As a burning, and a ferver
Which would cling to thee forever.

- S.G. -

Взгляну в последний раз в глаза твои
Зная, что завтра не будет
Нет “завтра” для человека, познавшего рай.
В тончайшем отблеске моря, в глубине этих глаз
Я увижу навечно застывшую боль...
Развеется пепел страданий
Черный океан поглотит свою жертву
Сожрет страсть, что рвет тело на части.
Нет больше сил ждать
Нет больше сил верить...
Допьем последний бокал вина
Мечты, как картины, проплывут
В театре теней.
Никогда еще тоска не была так близко
Наполняя пространство
Сухим шелестом тощих костей.
Никогда еще кровь
Не возвращалась обратно
В изрезанные горечью руки...
Обниму крест на твоей могиле,
Как старого друга
Прижму к сердцу черные кружева
Так никогда и не воспетые
В сотнях мыслей
Обращенных на север.
Доплыть бы, добраться
До причала всех судеб.
Хотелось бы догадаться
Кто всех нас разбудит...

- (translation) -

One last time, I will look into your eyes
Tomorrow never comes, I know
Tomorrow is no more for those who beheld paradise
In the slightest glint of the sea, in the depth of these eyes
The pain I see, forever frozen
The ashes of suffering will scatter
The black ocean will devour the prey
Swallowing the passion that tears the body apart.
No more strength to wait
No more strength to believe…
Let’s drink the last glass of wine
The dreams will flow like paintings
In the theatre of shadows.
Never was the sorrow so close
Filling up space
With rustle of feeble bones.
Never before did blood
Flow back
Into the arms cut with bitterness…
I will embrace the cross at your grave,
As an old friend
I will clasp the black lace to my heart
Left unpraised
In myriads of thoughts
Bound for north.
I wish I could reach
The harbour of all fates.
I wish I could guess
Who will wake us all...

- Z. Gippius -

Не страшно мне прикосновенье стали
И острота и холод лезвия.
Но слишком туго кольца жизни сжали
И, медленные, душат как змея.
Но пусть развеются мои печали,
Им не открою больше сердца я...
Они далекими отныне стали,
Как ты, любовь ненужная моя!
Пусть душит жизнь, но мне не душно.
Достигнута последняя ступень.
И, если смерть придет, за ней послушно
Пойду в ее безгорестную тень:-
Так осенью, светло и равнодушно,
На бледном небе умирает день.

- (translation) -

I’m not afraid of the touch of steel
Nor of a blade’s cold sharpness
But life’s rings clutched me tight
And choke me slowly, like a snake.
But let my sorrows vanish,
I won’t open my heart to them…
For they have become so distant,
Like you, my useless love!
Let life choke me, I am not choking,
I have reached the final stage.
And if death comes, I will obediently
Follow into its sorrowless shadow:
Thus, in autumn, light and careless,
The day dies in the pale sky.

- Poe -

But ’twill leave thee, as each star
In the morning light afar
Will fly thee — and vanish:
— But its thought thou can’st not banish.

The breath of God will be still;
And the wish upon the hill
By that summer breeze unbrok’n
Shall charm thee — as a token,
And a symbol which shall be
Secrecy in thee.
5. Transcend the Void (7:31)
- François Bilodeau -

Deep. Deep is the sea. Deep is the sigh of the crushing waves
against the ebony sand. The thickening atmoshere unravels its
subtle and fiery ether. I drift alongside my warped mind, wandering
across spheres of misty grey. Not an everlasting waft, but a brief
glimpse of eternity.

Winds gather. A smell of storms to come. Ravens flee and I am left
alone with the ever standing trees. My mind is accursed; an
amorphous silhouette stares at me from afar. Feeling the coldness
flow in my veins, I lie down and prepare for the impending events.

Facing the black sky, entering the void, I’m lifted from the moist
ground. A tar-covered mask is gently placed on my eyeless face.
My senses are numb, but my soul is awakening. An unfathomable
sensation is filling my bones, as if the marrow was being substituted
with a new organic entity.

Suddenly, I see.
“Je suis libre! Je diverge de la nécessité corporelle et de la nuisance humaine!”
I’m surrounded by novae and quasars, dark matter replacing every
cell of my being as I become the universe. The last endeavour.

This pale fragment of a spirit slowly floats away from my reach and I
see it disappear among the inescapable effulgence of a billion stars.
The silence is overwhelming; my breathe, a neverending gasp. A
turmoil of insubstantial thoughts gather in an ultimate nebula, the
pinnacle of my existence.

Deep. Deep is the infinity of space.
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